Design Tools Used for Web Design That is good as Good as Professional

Design Tools Used for Web Design That is good as Good as Professional

  • Display language / English
  • Sketch
  • Textastic Code Editor
  • Slicy
  • Correspondence / Start on each browser
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If you are a busy web designer, studying web design, why not take your eyes off CSS and programming and review your design tools?

There are many tools that can dramatically change the work you have been doing and the work that took a long time to visualize. Stop chatting and take a look at the tools below. It will surely make your web design comfortable in the future!

"Webflow" is a recommended tool for those who are confident in design but are not good at programming. You can intuitively design the web, and you can also output the created design to a file or publish it on the web. Programming edits are required for fine-tuning, but webflow does most of the work for you.

Display language / English

It is a free tool provided by Adobe for responsive design. It's free but easy to use, and you can check the preview of your design in cooperation with Google Chrome. It's a great tool for beginners in responsive design. You can check the detailed explanation here .

  • Compatible / Mac
  • Display language / English


"Sketch" is said to have been increasing in number of users in recent years. This software specializes in webdesign agentur production and UI design, and is used by overseas web designers. Photoshop and Fireworks are more famous than Sketch in Japan, but from a web design perspective, Sketch is rated as an easier tool to use (by webdesignerdepot

  • Compatible / Mac
  • Display language / Japanese available

coda 2 is a text editor that supports all programming languages. You can also edit the file directly on the server, and you can check the structure, add tables, edit data, etc. with the MySQL editor. Downloads can be purchased from Panic or iTunes.

  • Compatible / Mac, iPad, iPhon
  • Display language / English

Textastic Code Editor

"Textastic Code Editor" is a text editor that supports more than 80 programming languages. You can work with DropBox and an FTP server while viewing HTML and CSS previews. It will be a tool that allows you to easily edit the design on the go.

  • Compatible / Mac, iPad, iPhone
  • Price / 3,600 yen
  • Display language / Japanese
  • Free trial / Yes


"Slicy" is a tool that dramatically smoothes the process of exporting coding materials after creating a design. Open the PSD file you want to export as material, add extensions such as ".png" and ".jpg", save the PSD file, and D & D to Slicy, and the export will be done automatically.

  • "CSS Hat 2" for exporting CSS
  • Compatible / Mac, Windows + Photoshop CC 2014 only
  • Display language / English

If you're not happy with Photoshop's CSS export capabilities, CSS Hat 2 is the tool of choice. It supports syntax highlighting so you can see the code right away. It also supports Sass and Less as well as regular CSS.

Just click to adjust the color and gradation, and the CSS code for the gradation will be generated automatically. Since it is completed on the browser, it can be used to check gradation and color.

  • Supported / Mac 10.7.x or later, Win 7 or later, Linux
  • Price / Free
  • Display language / Japanese
  • Free trial / ―

Google Web Designer (GWD) is a tool that outputs HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript that works on any platform when you create animations with various graphic tools and timelines. Instead of a one-way black box that automatically generates unreadable code, the code editor has all the features. Web designers have a good reputation for the intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Supported / Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP

If you are familiar with Microsoft products, "Microsoft Expression Web 4" will be intuitive. Operate like Word or Excel to create web design. You can also perform visual image processing operations, but it is a tool that is relatively suitable for people who enter code by themselves. It also supports PHP, HTML / XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET or ASP.NET AJAX, so it is a specification of tools that can be used not only in web design but also in various situations.

  • Correspondence / Start on each browser

It is a service that can process images without installing software like Google Web Designer and Microsoft Expression Web 4. You can process images on your browser just by accessing Pixlr Editor.

  • "Infogram" for charts and graphs
  • Correspondence / Start on each browser
  • Display language / Japanese
  • Free trial / none

Infogram is a service that supports data visualization. It's easy to create charts and graphs, and it's a great help in creating compelling web designs. It has a good reputation for ease of use such as cooperation with Google Drive and sharing with teams.

  • "Material-UI" for Google Material Design

This site publishes CSS such as icons and buttons based on Google Material Design. It is a site that can be used by beginners of web designers as it will be arranged based on a flat design.


What did you think? Were there any design tools that could be useful? Each tool has abundant functions, and the more you use it, the more useful functions you can discover, which improves the work efficiency of web design.

It may be a little painful until you get used to the tools you are not familiar with, but once you can use it, you will improve your skills and gain confidence. Let's use useful tools to send out interesting designs!

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