Best Tools to Embed Twitter Feed on WordPress Website

Top 6 Best Tools to Embed Twitter Feed on WordPress Website


Twitter has always been very influential for people all across the globe, but for quite some time, this social media platform has become the favorite of brands to grow their social impact.

As the Twitter platform is decked up with feeds comprising what's trending worldwide, the digital-savvy world is going gaga over this platform. 

Over the years, it has become a marketing place for brand promotions to advance itself by evolving to be a marketing place for brands to promote themselves.

Now you can see Twitter feeds on a website as it can be embedded using social media aggregator tools. You are going to know about all these t0ols that can help you embed Twitter feed on WordPress websites.

So, without any wait, let’s delve into this!

In this list curated to let you know about the tools, you will get to what they do. Keep scrolling!


Just like any other social media aggregator tool, Everwall also helps in beautifully aggregating Twitter feeds and embed Twitter feed on WordPress websites via hashtags, keywords, mentions, searches, etc. 

There’s no rocket science to integrate the Twitter wall on your website, as it requires no coding. 

Speaking of its features, there are multiple like Customization features to create a beautiful Twitter Wall so that you can engage your customers. 

With easy moderation, you can easily filter out the irrelevant keywords or phrases from your Twitter feed to make them look clean.

In short, Everwall allows you to have full control over your social wall.


Working in real-time, Twitterfall helps you integrate a fully customized Twitter feed on WordPress website. It also gives a variety of features such as insightful analytics to analyze the performance of your embedded Twitter feeds on your website.


This amazing social media aggregator tool allows you to collect & curate Twitter feeds in real-time via hashtags, mentions, keywords, etc. into a single feed. 

And you can embed this Twitter feed on WordPress website using various features like Customization. 

Using this feature you can apply different themes, backgrounds, banners, font sizes & colors, and more on your raw Twitter feeds.

On the other hand, the moderation panel filters out the unwanted content before displaying the final content on the website.

Also, it has an in-built robust analytics feature that helps in tracking the performance of Twitter feeds in terms of total clicks, impressions, etc. 

The features offered by the Taggbox widget plugin for WordPress doesn’t end here as it also has real-time updates feature, Custom CSS, Hashtag Highlighters,  and many more including:

You can also make social media content Shoppable by tagging the products. 

  • Fast and responsive plugin
  • Easy integration with no expertise requirement
  • Create hassle-free photo galleries or video galleries 
  • Active customer support and assistance

All you need is to generate an embed code and paste that embed code on the webpage. 

If simply put, all can make your Twitter feed wall more engaging and beautiful.


This Twitter-powered tool allows users to experiment with Twitter feeds by customizing the feeds and embed them beautifully on your WordPress website.


Another social media aggregator tool that helps in collecting, curating, and embedding Twitter feed on WordPress website is Tagembed. 

Offering features like Customization, Moderation, Analytics, and more- Tagembed widget are quite powerful. 

This tool makes you create a beautiful Twitter wall that provides a seamless user experience and therefore is a great choice to embed Twitter feed on WordPress website. 


With amazing moderation and customization features, Juicer helps you maintain the look and quality of your Twitter feed.

This Twitter aggregator lets you create and curate Twitter feeds via hashtags, mentions, keywords, and more. These feeds can be beautifully embedded on your website in real-time.

This means that the Twitter feed on WordPress website can be updated with the latest tweets as soon as they are posted on your Twitter handle.

Brands and businesses of all sizes and types can leverage this tool to boost their sales, site traffic, engagement, sales & revenue, and more


There’s nothing wrong with saying that Twitter feed adds a lifeline to your dying WordPress website. 

Not just this but this unpaid marketing also has a lot more benefits like an increase in Twitter handle followers and site users, enhance website vibrancy, boost traffic and engagement, and so on.

So if you want to grow your website’s overall performance, leverage any of the above mentioned social media aggregator tools to embed Twitter feed on your WordPress website.

There are more options for these aggregator tools that help you reach a global audience and get exposure for your brand.

So, what is still holding you back? Get inspired by this information and embed a Twitter Wall on your WordPress website.

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