ZTE Tianji Axon 20 Review

ZTE Tianji Axon 20 Review, the first under-screen camera phone, goes on sale again

  • Under-screen cameras
  • Fashionable, super 5G
  • Very cost-effective and it is worth starting

At the beginning of September, the world’s first under-screen camera phone, ZTE Axon 20, officially met with you. At present, a new round of sales of this phone is coming soon. I have learned from Jingdong Mall that the price of ZTE Axon 20 starts at 2198 yuan. September 17 Buy it again at 10 o'clock and enjoy 12 interest-free issues. Don't miss it if you like it.

The world's first mass-produced mobile phone with under-screen cameras

Since the term "full screen mobile phone" began, the front of the mobile phone in an ideal state is a 100% full-size screen, instead of the digging holes, bangs, water droplets, etc. we see today, but due to technical barriers, it has been unable to Achieve 100% screen display, but now it's good, ZTE Tianji Axon 20 is here!

According to official information, ZTE mobile phones have overcome industry problems such as the balance between the screen display function and the camera function, the brightness balance of the main display area and the under-screen camera area, and AI optimization of the camera effect, thus achieving a clear and transparent front Photographic imaging quality.

In addition, ZTE Tianji Axon 20 adopts multiple technologies such as under-screen light sensing technology, under-screen fingerprint recognition, and screen vocalization to truly achieve zero screen openings and bring users a better screen visual experience.

The design is younger and more fashionable, and the 5G super antenna guarantees surging "power"

ZTE Tianji Axon 20 5G follows the thin and light design of the Axon series. The thickness of the body is only 7.98mm. The grip is very good, and the back also has a 3D curved glass design. After 36 craftsmanship, the back is more delicate. The look and feel is excellent.

In addition to the very "beatable" light-weight feel and high-profile appearance, ZTE Tianji Axon 20 also brings users a 5G super antenna.

According to the official introduction, the 12 antennas adopt a 360° surround integrated design to the outer surface of the middle frame of the mobile phone, keeping the antenna away from the main board and internal components, reducing signal interference, while also making signal reception more sensitive and network search faster. Even on a fast-moving high-speed rail, it can quickly switch between the high-speed rail private network and each base station network to ensure high-quality calls. It can also maintain a stable network signal in weak signal environments such as elevators and underground garages.

The comprehensive configuration is very cost-effective and it is worth starting

ZTE Tianji Axon 20 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor. With the support of the full-scene AI system engine, it can make common APP start faster, and watch videos and play games more smoothly.

In terms of battery life, ZTE Tianji Axon 20 is equipped with a 4220mAh battery, supports 30W fast charge, and can increase battery life by 35% in 5G superior power mode.

At the IFA 2020 exhibition not long ago, ZTE Tianji Axon 20 won the "Best Mobile Phone Innovation Award" and the "Best Cost-effective Mobile Phone Award" in one fell swoop. When mobile phone manufacturers desperately wanted to change the screen form of their products, ZTE took the lead in opening the era of "true and full screen". This is a global blessing. It deserves everyone's praise for ZTE and Tianji Axon 20.

I have learned from JD.com that ZTE Tianji Axon 20 will be snapped up again at 10 o'clock on September 17 and enjoy 12 interest-free periods. If you like it, don’t miss it.

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