When, Where, and How to Find an App Developer for Your Business

App Developer for Your Business

  • 4 Must-Use Techniques to Find an App Developer
    • Extended networks
    • Local colleges & universities
    • Freelance outlets
    • Use defined criteria to judge each developer
  • 9 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mobile App Developer
  • When you shouldFind an App Developer

Couple of years back I found many people playing Pokémon in Singapore, traveling in train, shopping malls, even in the restaurants while waiting for their food. A question clicked in my mind, “How this game would have beendeveloped?”

As, digital marketing and an app expert, I completely how much work must have went into the making of Pokémon app. To make an app or game company come up with a solid idea, conduct market research, wireframes, and a launch strategy.

Obviously, it’s done with the help of a team of people but the mobile app developer key player.

According to EvansData website, there are 5.9 million, Android developers & 2.8 million iOS application developers in the world.

Let's review When, where, and how to find an app developer for your business.

4 Must-Use Techniques to Find an App Developer

1. Extended networks

Business owners often overlook how vast their personal network really is. When I was in start searching for an app developer, the first person I connected with was the friend of my friend. She wasn’t interested in the project but had some powerful questions that enabled me to further express my vision. The key factor to utilizing your network is to notify people of what you’re trying to do & whom you are looking to connect with.

2. Local colleges & universities

Entrepreneurs most of the time forget about these potential hot spots for mobileapp developer. Though joining and posting your requirements at Harvard or Stanford social media groups, the best way to find smart students is through the professors. Reach out to them directly, as professors are always looking to search real-life experiences for their class students. Working with their best &genius student will also keep your costs down –No doubt working with students requires more time for development, because they have to balance their time for classes.

3. Freelance outlets

Two great resources for business men looking to develop mobile apps are Upwork or Freelancer. On these platforms you can hire best rated freelance talent for economical rate. Freelancer is helpful if you need android app development or iOS app development at small scale. For bigger apps go with companies no single freelancer.

4. Use defined criteria to judge each developer

It’s veryimportant to have a list of criteria set you're using to judge each app developer or an agency you talk to. That way you can have valuable meetings and get your all questions answered.

Consider criteria such as:

  • Reviews & references
  • Experience
  • Specialty
  • Programming tool kits
  • Development process and lifecycle
  • Legal process/contracts
  • Project management
  • Communication

9 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Mobile App Developer

  1. Do you have reviews & references of past and recent customers I could read and/or reach out to?
  2. What type of applications have you worked on in the past?
  3. How much experience do you have? Can I see your work samples?
  4. Name programming tools do you use to create an app?
  5. What is the complete development process like for you?
  6. Would you be willing to sign an NDA or a contract?
  7. How do you handle project management?
  8. What will be the medium of communication during the development process?
  9. What are your charges?

When you shouldFind an App Developer

Once your paper working or concept is drawn or written somewhere and you've completed your research, you can start looking for an app developer.

Create a sketch or wireframes for your app or idea so that developer should understand it completely.

When you get to this point, it's probably the right time to find an app developer to work with.

Finding an app developer is a complex task. But if you follow the guidelines provided above then the process should be fairly straightforward.

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