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Self Defense Weapons

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Self defense weapons are weapons that are used to protect yourself when you get into a problematic situation. This could be a robbery situation or even just a brawl on the street. If you have the appropriate type of weapons, there is nothing that can harm you. 

The concept of self defense has evolved to quite a bit in recent years. It has become so important to learn it and practice it. This can be done with the help of weapons and without them too. It has become an important thing to gain knowledge of due to the increasing number of crimes on a daily basis. 

You can learn the skills online, or you can have a coach that teaches you the skill.  The weapon types are also not limited; instead, you get to find them in a variety of types. The one that looks easy to learn must be the one you should be going for. All genders and all ages can use the weapons to defend themselves. 

Self Defense Weapons for Sale

When looking for a weapon for your safety, you will come across huge collections of the following Self Defense Weapons for sale:


The baton is a thick stick that you may have seen police and security officials carry and wear on their belts. It is mainly used to block attacks and block large groups of people; however, when needed, you can use it to hit the enemy with it. The collapsible baton and the extendable baton are two types of the weapon; you can increase and decrease their sizes accordingly. 

Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles are easy to carry a weapon that is used by wearing it on top of the knuckles of your own hand. As the weapon is made up of pure solid metal, you get to punch the enemy brutally. The knuckles are also known by the name of knuckle duster and knucks. The weapon comes with four finger holes, and it also comes in two finger holes, which makes it a top self defense for women. 


Wondering what to do after knocking out the enemy? Well, the handcuffs are what you need. You may have seen the police carrying the handcuffs, and when they get hold of the trouble maker, they lock up their wrists to prevent them from escaping. You can do the same with the tool. And you also get to buy thumb cuffs which are used for locking up thumbs. 

Pepper Spray

Another weapon that is used by the police is the pepper spray. It is a spray that is made up of capsicum and pepper. Once sprayed onto the face of the enemy, the spray causes a blackout by causing immense irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat. The enemy will be on the ground, and you can then get them easily caught. 

Folding Knives

Next on the list are the pocket knives. The knives are also known as the folding knives due to the ability to be folded they have. You can keep and carry them with you at all times. Just with the push of a button, you can get into action and can protect yourself. They are also noted to be the best self defense weapon ever made.

Stun Gun

Last but not least, on the list, we have the stun guns. The guns deliver electric current upon being triggered, which causes a halt in the bodily movement of the person you attack. It also produces a loud sound that is capable of alerting people around you. 

What is the Best Self Defense Weapon?

The knives are the best out of all as they can be easily carried and kept with you, and anyone can even use them for other routine tasks. 

Buy Personal Defense Tools

Now that you know about the importance of personal defense and also know about personal defense weapons, let us give you information on the pricing. 

The weapons are cheap. You can buy them in bulk to avail of even more discounts. Knifeimport stores offer weapons in a huge variety. You can even look online for them. Check out the self defense weapons in stores and buy yours.

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