Ryzen: MAXSUN A520 Motherboard

MAXSUN A520 Chipset Motherboard AMD Ryzen

 AMD has finally launched a new generation of A520 motherboards that are positioned as entry-level ! The new generation of A520 not only supports the third-generation Ryzen 3000 series CPU, but also supports the Ryzen, which is codenamed Vermeer based on the Zen3 architecture, which is what everyone calls the Ryzen 4000 series.

    In the AMD specification, A520 no longer supports the first and second generations of Ryzen CPUs and contemporary APUs, but players may find that they are all AM4 interfaces. According to reason, there is no technical barrier between them. Maybe later Can be supported by some means.

As an entry-level product, A520 does not have CPU overclocking function and PCIE4.0 support, but Ryzen 3000 processor is fast enough in PBO automatic overclocking mode, and the lack of manual overclocking function will not have much impact on practical performance. As an entry-level motherboard, A520 supports all aspects of PCIE3.0 and can well meet the needs of the current stage.

    As the entry-level Ryzen motherboard of the AMD 500 series, there is no doubt that "price ratio" is the original intention of choosing this motherboard! Now for players who are pursuing cost-effectiveness, the gospel is coming-"the leader" Ming Sun's challenger A520M is officially released!

Challenger A520M has 6-phase enhanced power supply, "2+2" low-temperature Octopus MOS, and the combination of alloy MOS heat dissipation armor, which is enough for the Ryzen processor to run stably; the standard fast M.2 socket eliminates the traditional SATA interface hard disk routing processing, high speed and neat and beautiful.

    Of course, if you want to experience overclocking and higher performance, the helper still has a small gun-Terminator B550M.

    The power supply part of the motherboard adopts 4+2 phase digital power supply, 2 up and 2 down, a total of 24 low internal resistance MOS components. More importantly, the motherboard adopts the same PWM power supply control scheme as the mortar-Richtek RT8894! Such a mature and stable solution further improves the overclocking stability of the motherboard!

    4+2 phase digital power supply

Richtek RT8894

    In addition, this Terminator B550M motherboard has excellent performance in overclocking! The official RYZEN R5 3600 with six cores and twelve threads can be stabilized from 3.6GHz to 4.2GHz! The limit can reach 4.6GHz!

    Of course, in order to cope with the higher frequency of the RYZEN processor, in addition to the actual upgrade of the power supply materials and the use of stronger MOS, the helper B550 has also made considerable efforts in power supply and heat dissipation! The alloy radiator has been replaced with a new shape while increasing the heat dissipation area to adapt to the air duct.

    In terms of expansion slots, two PCIE X16 graphics card slots and PCIE X1 slots are provided. The graphics card slot is also equipped with alloy armor to better reduce the weight damage of the large-volume graphics card to the motherboard slot. In addition, there are PCIE 4.0-speed M.2 slots and dual-channel memory slots, which provide more possibilities for DIY matching.

    In terms of IO, the HDMI+VGA video output interface combination, Gigabit network card interface, and 6 USB interfaces, two of which are USB3.1, and some of the motherboard's USB interfaces can also support shutdown charging!

    In this way, players have more options for installation. Of course, on the premise of limited budget, Challenger A520M is a good entry-level dessert.

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