How to Live in Italy without Getting Married


Recently, an Italian Court has recognized the Right of Family Reunification also for non-resident de facto couples. Lawyer Irene Damiani of the International Law Firm Damiani & Damiani explains well what happened, which has obtained a Historical judgment on unmarried partner non-EU of Italian citizen. Residence permit for family reunification

You may have met what you think is the man or woman of your life right now, but you don't want to get married right away, even if you already have in mind where you are going to spend your honeymoon, maybe in one of these romantic locations that we have indicated here.

In fact, before you get married, you prefer to live with your partner to see how life works together. If you live in the same country it is not difficult to do so. There is no problem with moving around. But if the person you met and struck you in the heart like a bolt of lightning you met by chance, perhaps during a trip or a business meeting and is an Italian national, it is very difficult to live together in beautiful Italy. 

Here is the solution for living in Italy and obtaining a residence permit for family reunification

The right to Italian immigration is quite restrictive towards non-EU citizens. However, it has always been possible to obtain a residence permit for family reunification by reviving the right to be able to live in the same house in Italy for family members. But until some time ago, the only way to be recognized as a family was through marriage between 2 people. After the marriage has been recognized, the Italian spouse could call the spouse from outside the EU back home. However, with the advent of the Law, which also reborn the concept of the family, the concept of the family has been extended to Civil Union and Cohabiting Partners and, therefore, a cohabiting couple formed by an Italian citizen and a non-EU cohabiting partner may have recognized the right to live together in Italy. 

Every problem seemed to be solved in this way and instead, many de facto couples were denied the right to live together. Because the Law only worked for de facto couples who were training in Italy, i.e. for those in love, one Italian citizen, the other non-EU citizen already in Italy for study or for a trip. After the expiry of the residence permit, the non-EU partner could renew it for family reunification after having stipulated a Civil Union with the Italian partner. 

But what if the non-EU partner is outside Italy?

In this case, there was no possibility for the couple to live legally in Italy, because in order to obtain a residence permit for the non-EU cohabitant, the latter had to already reside in Italy. But suppose I meet a beautiful Brazilian girl, meet her for work reasons, realize I love her and decide to live with her, how do I get her to come to Italy? It is now possible thanks to the ruling by the Italian Court that this right has been recognized by those who can prove that they live together and have a stable union even outside Italy. In this way, a stable couple formed by an Italian citizen and a non-EU resident cohabitant can apply for a residence permit to enter Italy and fulfil their dream of love.

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