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How to Claim Your Dream Username If It Belongs to An Inactive User

  • Should You Have The Same Username?
  • Claiming your Username 
  • Claiming Your Username Without Trademark
  • Purchase The Account
  • Contacting The Account Holder
  • Followers and Posts
  • Choose A Different Username 

Suppose you are just starting to get on Instagram and have come up with the perfect name to go with your account, a name that reflects your brand’s individuality. In that case, you may face a situation where your dream Instagram name has already been taken, yet the account is inactive now. Here in this article, we will discuss how we can get your desired name from the inactive account.  

  1. The two types of inactive Instagram users
  2. Now there are two types of inactive accounts:

An account belonging to someone who has your desired username but has not been sharing anything at all since weeks. This account is still visible, and you can go to the account. You cannot claim the username of these accounts since the username is already in use.

An account was belonging to someone who deleted their account from Instagram or maybe got their account suspended. Here you cannot see the said account, but Instagram will still not let you obtain the username.

Should You Have The Same Username?

Instagram crossed the one billion monthly active user mark two years ago, which means it’s really hard to get yourself the exact username you want. But the thing is if you own a company or a brand then it’s crucial you have the same username across all your social media accounts. This practice is now integrated into marketing since social media websites are now the face of advertising.  

TV advertisements are a thing in the past since the advent of social media accounts. The new young generation doesn’t sit in front of the TV anymore; instead, they go to YouTube and Instagram. Brands are judged by the number of Facebook likes they have, and you can tell how good or bad a movie is simply by looking at its IMDb score. The power the internet has over companies and brands cannot be underestimated.

Claiming your Username 

Claiming an Instagram username is not easy, and there is a list of steps you would need to follow in order to obtain the username.  

Instagram has an online form that you can fill that says that the said account is in violation of your trademark. This can get you your desired username.

Be patient and wait for Instagram to take back the inactive Instagram username since the update might have affected their database. They might also purge inactive accounts, so their database reaches better levels of optimization.  

Claiming Your Username Without Trademark

For a simple answer, you can’t. You can only wait for Instagram to clean up their database and remove fake or inactive Instagram accounts. This optimizes their database. If you are one without a trademark, then this is a route you can follow, waiting for the perfect opportunity to get your desired username.   

If you have a followers count of more than 5000, then you can see how many Instagram followers you have and if suddenly your account loses many of its followers in a single day, it means that Instagram has removed inactive or fake accounts from their database.

Purchase The Account

One more route you can take to claim your dream username is to contact the owner of the account and see if they are ready to sell them. Surprisingly, some people are ready to sell their accounts without any problems or conditions.

Contacting The Account Holder

Now the question is, how can contact be made? Since they are inactive on Instagram, their DMs and notifications won’t do much good.  

If the account was a business account, they might have their website link in the bio or maybe an email address through which you can find their contact information.  

One more thing you could try looking for is their other social media sites, they may have it in their bio as well or maybe try searching for the name on Twitter and Facebook.

For example, imagine the username you are trying to obtain is “noodles”. Now you need to search for the term “noodles” on Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Facebook, and all other social media sites you know.

Followers and Posts

You can also find the owner in their followers and mentions list. If you can see their followers, contact them, and try to get the username’s contact information. This will work best when the account has few or limited followers.

Once you have successfully contacted the owner, now you should see the value of the account to you. How much worth is the account? Or will the owner embrace the offer?

If you are a larger, more established brand than adding a ‘real’ or ‘official’ at the end of your username can work. This makes your username distinct among the other fan pages. Huge artists who have common names, often do this.

Choose A Different Username 

This may seem quite apparent but if you really want to change the username then change it to a similar version of the logo you desired. This simple yet effective way will set up your Instagram account and be ready to go in no time.

You have a lot of options to choose from, to make your username is different from the taken one. You have up to 30 characters long space limit, and the username can contain numbers, letters, underscores, or even periods. These options offer you flexibility in your choice ahead so you can get your dream username. All you need is a little imagination.

If you are in charge of a brand or business, then include the city or your business location in the username. Surnames and other names can be edited in the same way. This can give you a unique username while allowing you a local identifier that the people will appreciate. The type of business can also be added to the name.

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