Horizon Zero Dawn Review

About the Horizon Zero Dawn Review:

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  • Side Quests and Challenges
Horizon Zero Dawn is an action game. The developer of the game is Guerrilla Games. Further, Sony Interactive published it. While it is a single-player game. Initially, the player enjoys it on the PS4. The new version about to come for PS5.Certainly, The player reacts like a hunter. He overruns with the help of a machine. Additionally, he tries to find out his past. The player allowed to use weapons. Such as a spear. He uses stealth to combat enemy forces. However, the player gets a bonus and other abilities. A skill tree provides these features. Importantly, it is an open-world game. Many players like its story. The player praises its visuals and voice acting. Indeed, It is one of the best PS4 games. There are also more action pc games avaible here https://pcgamestool.com/. Gradually, the sale of the game is increasing. More than 10 million copies sold out of the game. Of course, The game won many awards.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, the player controls Aloy. The Aloy acts like a hunter in the world of the robot. She kills enemies in many ways. Also, she sets traps such as Tripwires. Further, she uses arrows to kill the enemy. The player survives with the help of gadgets. Mostly the player uses Electricity and Metal. There are many wild animals. She can repair weapons as well. Focus is a small piece of the head. It helps in scanning the machines. Focus helps to find a location. With the help of Cloaking Technology, she has the ability to hide herself.  A Dialogue Wheel connects you to the non-players characters.

Skill Tree:

The Skill Tree includes three types. The first one is the Prowler. It is used for concern stealth. Secondly, it is a Brave stage. It improves combat skills. Third and the last is Forger. It is helpful in healing.

Override Tool:

She can hack the machines with an Override Tool. If the player is not able to travel on foot, She can fly or swim.


The game attracts players with its features. Such as, fast travel and saving the points. Due to skill points, you can unlock many skills. As the game has a robotic creature, there are twenty-five related designs. To download the pc game you may visit here: https://pcgamestool.com/horizon-zero-dawn-pc/ There is also a feature of collecting medals. It includes Silver, Bronze, and Gold medals. You can collect any fifteen medals to unlock a weapon. Also, she can buy new weapons.

The Maps:

Horizon Zeroes Dawn contains a variety of maps. It includes maps of the forest and jungles. The Map helps to move during the mission. You need to follow the map if you go to the jungle or desert. You can also find out the map for Snowy place as well. It helps the player to complete the journey.

Side quests and Challenges:

Side quests are also part of the game. You gain scores by following them. Basically, there are sixty levels of the game. The Aloy gets extra points whenever she completes any level. She also gets points if she individually kills. You can complete the game within 40 hours.

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