Best 3 Ways to Convert GIF to MP4

Best 3 Ways to Convert GIF to MP4

Have you ever thought about converting your GIF files into the MP4 file format? Do you find the whole conversion process difficult to perform?  If yes, then fasten your seat belts, because we have brought up for you some methods to help you with how you can easily convert GIF to MP4.  GIF is the file format that is most often used for images and videos on various devices. Maximum images or the videos that are in your phone gallery are in the GIF format. 

There are no such hard and fast rules which you need to follow when it comes to converting your GIF files in the MP4 format.  We will teach you how is it possible in just a few minutes.  Right here we have 3 main methods which will let you know about how you can convert GIF to MP4:

Method 1: EaseUS Video Editor

Almost all Windows users have the benefit of availing some advanced based features and using superior applications in terms of processing. This is the biggest advantage for Windows users.  You can perform the image editing functions and can even mix your different audio files altogether.  This tool is known best to provide the functions of converting your files of GIF format into MP4 file version. 

Hence this tool is working as the video editing tool where it is best in giving all your basic videos an excellent touch.  You can even choose to use this tool for your file conversion processing as well.  Now let’s check out the step tutorial for starting a successful conversion process: 
  1. You need to, firstly use the tool of EaseUS Video Editor.  On top of the main area of home screen, you need to important basic file source by selecting the “import” option.  In any suitable area, you can also drag your video file. 
  2. Now you have to import your file by choosing the "Add to Project" option. 
  3. Moving to the third step, just explore your main file source.  The “Export” option is positioned on top of the main menu over the top.
  4. Now on the tab of main “video”, you need to choose the MP4 file format. 
  5. After you have selected the convert option, you will get the converted file straight away in front of you. 

Method 2: Onlineconvertfree

Next, we have which is another top best on-line device for the file and folder conversion process.  This device is free to use and has an exceptionally pleasant interface to make your conversion process handy to perform. This device will enable you to without problems convert GIF to MP4 or any different file format.  It gives you extra than 200 file formats in different versions.  Both beginners and specialists can use it.Now let’s check out the step tutorial for starting a successful conversion process:
  1. Beginning with, you have to choose your GIF file out of your Dropbox or Google Drive.
  2. Now pick the desire to add after which your conversion process will start.
  3. You prefer to pick the basic file format out of 200 where you can favor your GIF file to simply get changed in MP4 format.
  4. Click the option of “OK” so you can start your conversion timeline. 

Method No 3: Conversion of JPG to MP4 over MAC

Now let’s discuss how to convert GIF to MP4 with MAC! You can make the easiest use of the MAC system with different devices in which we have iMovie and Apple App. This tool hence offers the best option for you when it comes to video editing or creating some new videos.  It is compatible with MAC as well as iOS-based devices. Now let’s check out the step tutorial for starting a successful conversion process:
  1. Firstly make sure you have opened the iMovie app in front of you. 
  2. Now select “create new” option in case if you want to create the movie trailer.  You do have the choice in which you can even use this specific option for your conversion processing. 
  3. On top of the main interface, you can check out the option of “import media”. Click on this option and later on you need to select the GIF file within your Mac’s storage.
  4. Take yourself to that location where you have saved the GIF files.  You need to double click on that file so it can instantly get saved in your app.  You can also choose more than 2 files. 
  5. As the file has been uploaded, you have to click the option of “file” menu and then select the option of “choose” for exporting your main file. 
  6. Now you have to choose the “next” option so you can begin with the conversion process. 

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