7 Ways You Can Make a Donation to Charity

People often confused the term charity with financial donations only. But the truth is, apart from donating money, there are several other ways to help the charitable world. From sharing your skills with someone to giving time, and donating your gently used stuff, changing the lifestyle of needy ones is not difficult. Depending on your convenience, preferences, and size of your wallet, you can make a difference.

Whether you are on a tight budget or want some more handy ways of donations, here are seven ways to donate to charity.

1.      Donate your Mildly Used Stuff

Don’t underestimate the value of used household items. Your mildly used things can bring happiness to the faces of those who need them. Several charities willingly receive your used furniture, kitchen appliances, clothes, and more to help the individuals or families. No matter if it's about a poor immigrant family, a woman escaping abuse, and other such cases, your unwanted things can be important for others. Take some time to find the things at your home that are no longer in your use. Consider finding reliable charity organizations in your city and ask them if they can get benefit from your used items.

2.      Share your Skills

Reaching out to the charities to whom you can help with your skills and expertise is another great way to donate charity. For example, you can join a local literacy program to help and teach children, illiterates, or newbies. Several communities, shelters, and other organizations often looking for persons to support their campaigns and projects. You may get wonder at the range of skills the charity organizations are in search of. Such skills include good communication skills, writing, computer and graphics designing skills, and so on. Visit the charity websites and see if any of your skills are matching with their listed requirements.

3.      Donate to Charity Online

As the internet increasingly becoming today’s necessity and everything going online, fundraising should also keep up with the latest trends. Donating online is although not the basic mean of giving to charity, the trend has been rising so fast. It’s the most convenient way of donating to charity as it saves a lot of donors’ time that could be spent in visiting the charity organization physically. Giving online, if done collectively can make a difference significantly. Not only giving online is a comfortable way for donors, but also the preferred way for millennials as the trend fits their lifestyle.

4.      Donate your Blood

Nothing can gratify you more than saving the lives of multiple people by donating your blood. It only requires one or more hours to donate blood and save the lives of injured ones and those suffering from a serious disease. The need for blood can arise at anytime and anywhere. To donate your blood, you can visit the blood banks, operation theaters, or medical care centers to help the ones who urgently needs blood. Several healthcare centers receive donations for the wellness of those suffering from any physical, mental, spiritual, social illness and more.

5.      Give Your Time

Donating your time to the causes by volunteering in a charity organization is the best rewarding experience for the donors. By volunteering, you can share your time, skills, and talent to the group of people. Several local communities need your assistance to run their campaigns smoothly. You can join such communities based on the skills you have to share with them. For example, if you love to work with children, go for volunteering in children's hospitals, in a children's daycare program, and more. Similarly, if you love to help people with your teaching skills, go for volunteering in a literacy program.

6.      Setup a Foundation for Charity

You can also establish a private charity foundation for donations if you are a regular charity donor. Such types of foundations can be easily set up and intended for the betterment of the public. Charities can serve for several purposes such as for health, animal, education, religion, human service, art and culture charities, and so on. A private foundation is run by a small group of people and they use their funds in gifting to public charities or other good causes to help the public.

7.      Use Your Checkbook

Donating to charity using a charitable checkbook is an ultimate way of making the most of tax benefits. Not only it is the most commonly used way of donating to charity but also a simple and handy way too. The way of donating money by writing a check allows you to directly give money to an organization rather than handing over your credit card to online donation. Although, the trend of online giving is rising the value of checks is still the same. 

Ready to Make a Difference?

In the light of above-mentioned ways, an individual should choose the way that best matches his preferences, convenience, and satisfaction. No matter what method you choose, the crucial thing is that you should never stop giving to the people who need a good cause.

Are you ready to see how your donations can contribute to improving the lifestyle of people? Use any of the outlined ways and get a fulfilling, rewarding experience that you have always desired. Get in touch with 8 Dimensions of Wellness to donate!

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