Microsoft replaces 50 news publishers with Artificial Intelligence

The shadow of automation hovers over jobs of all kinds: Microsoft will not renew the contracts of 50 news production managers working on MSN. These positions will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence.

Robots not only threaten to replace blue-collar workers, factory workers, call center employees, waiters, or police - journalism, content production, and the creation of digital pieces could also take over algorithms responsible for performing once-human tasks.

This is the case of a Microsoft section: the technology company announced that it will not renew the contracts of approximately 50 news production contractors working on MSN. The firm said these positions will be replaced by IA, according to The Seattle Times. The company denied that the decision obeys the situation caused by the current pandemic.

“Like all companies, we evaluate our business on a regular basis. This can generate a greater investment in some places and, from time to time, redeploy them in others, ”explains the official statement. Last Wednesday, the dismissed employees received the news that Microsoft will not require their services as of June 30.

Full-time news producers will be retained by the company, but part-time producers will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence: Smart software will identify current news and optimize content just like flesh-and-blood employees did.

"It has been semi-automated for a few months, but now it is at full speed," one of the fired contractors told The Seattle Times. "It is demoralizing to think that machines can replace us, but there you have it." Another of the workers Microsoft dispensed with underlined a similar trend to The Guardian newspaper. "I spend all my time reading about how automation and artificial intelligence will take our jobs, and here I am: AI has replaced mine."

The individual also warned that replacing journalists with software was risky. Human workers may adhere to "very strict editorial guidelines" that ensure viewers are not given inappropriate content, something that is especially tricky with the younger segment of users, as AI is often unable to recognize objectionable or objectionable content. violent.

Journalists working on the Microsoft site do not generate their own news but curate content, select stories produced by other news organizations, and edit the content and headlines. Now algorithms have replaced much of this human capital.

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