Some of the Best Youtube Intro Examples so that you can also Engage your viewers like the Experts

Nowadays, most of the top youtube channels have their very own customized intro for themselves. These intros are nothing but the opening sequence of their videos on the online streaming platform. On these clips, they manage to put their signature elements in them. So, when the viewers of those channels see their intro, they can easily recognize the footage.   

All those videos have one thing widespread in them. They all include something that has struck our chords in some way or another. Some of the most famous ones are even visualizable. They are very distinctive to each other. That is the reason that we are so passionate about those things. We all have our favorites in them as well.

Now, if you also want to start your journey, then you should go for a video intro too. For creating your very own introduction, you can even use the video maker. These intro videos help the creator to share a lot of useful information to the audience. In this way, the viewers also can understand it better. Therefore, with this piece of writing, we would like to share some of the most beautiful and striking youtube intros for you.

Crash Course Physics

It is a youtube video channel for learning physics in a fun way. All of the videos by this channel are very much easy to understand. As the content of their medium, their intros are also very simple. The opening has a lot of elements.

In the introductory video, we see a girl travelling by train. It is like the girl is traveling through many phases of history. The journey includes the conception of physics with the law of gravity. After that, there are many instances which are significantly distinguishable and memorable. The intro ends with the touch of modern physics. In a mere ten seconds, it is like a time journey. 
All these elements create a great introduction to remember. 

For using such graphics and texts, you can also use the intro maker for youtube.  With the help of this application, you will also be able to create such an opening sequence for your youtube channel.

TVF - The Viral Fever

TVF stands for The Viral Fever. It is an Indian youtube channel which makes skits, sketches, comedy videos for entertainment. The name of TVF is vast in the Indian online entertainment world. Their intro is a great example where they show an old TV set, playing something. Then, in the next frame, the channel logo comes and falls over the television. 

This type of disruption over the old boring daily soaps shows the character of their house. These funny and yet witty intros do great for the image of their youtube channel. Suppose, you are creating your youtube channel for a similar purpose, then if you also should use openings which include such strong messages in a funny way. Then, this step will be an excellent start for your youtube journey. If you want to make your presence felt in the world of youtube, probably, this can be your approach.


When you are creating a youtube channel for yourself, you can always go with the example of Mariand Castrejon. She is from Mexico. All of her fans from the online social media and streaming community know her as Yuya. Hence, the name of her channel is Yuya. 

She speaks in Spanish. Her channel has a straightforward and at the same time, a beautiful intro. She is one of the most famous beauty vloggers that we have on Youtube. The intro sequence hardly has the length of the five seconds to ten seconds. 

In the video, the first thing that we see is her channel logo. The logo appears in a fading manner with a subtitle under it. Then, all of her favourite things appear in the next transition. The color combinations that she uses is also an excellent example for others.

Moreover, people who are wanting to become lifestyle vloggers, beauty vloggers, they can also take this style for their intros. The intros that use the same theme as she becomes elegant and apt for the viewers. This type of approach in the youtube community also helps the channel to grow.

Draw with Jazza

We always see a lot of content on youtube where someone shares their drawing. There are even ones where one tries to give tutorials on drawing and sketching. These types of channels concentrating on art can be anything. These arts can also be digital ones. 

Such a channel is Draw with Jazza. There, he uploads content very frequently. A talented artist, Jazza in his youtube channel, shares a lot of his pieces. Moreover, the content is suitable for everyone. In his video, we see a basic type of animation

In the whole opening sequence, we see that there is a person who is running. An animator in that frame is also creating many elements as the video plays. In the end, the person collides with cans of paints and colours. The intro goes from colorless to colorful in almost 5 seconds. The creators here deliver an extraordinary idea of incorporating colors into our lives as well.

If you are looking for means so that you can also create such intros, you can also take the help of Invideo. This online editing tool is an excellent option for everyone. With over a million users, using this application, you will also be able to create the intros like the above. In this application, there are more options to choose your style and themes for the video. This application also helps to suggest the changes so that you can make the Improvements in the current projects.

With all the above ideas, I am sure that you now will be able to create some of the best intros for yourself as well. You can also try to incorporate your ideas so that those sequences become unique.

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