Most Common Myths People Have Regarding Dyslexia

Most Common MYTHS People Have Regarding Dyslexia

  1. Reading and writing letters
  2. Signs are not clear in elementary school
  3. Trying hard
  4. Dyslexia is curable
  5. Vision problem
  6. Dyslexia associate with English kids
  7. Lack of exposure to reading
Dyslexia is a learning disability that is linked the language-based learning. People that face difficulties while reading, writing, or spelling can have dyslexia. The symptoms of dyslexia can vary from minor to severe, and it depends on the criteria that the professionals are using to diagnose dyslexia. Moreover, the people who suffer from dyslexia do not have prior notice of diagnoses. Dyslexia is prevalent around the world, and all the parents and tutors should be aware of the symptoms of dyslexia. For your assistance, the Law Assignment writing service has made a list of the most common myths regarding dyslexia.

  • Reading and writing letters

People believe that those who are suffering from dyslexia read and writes a letter in the backword form. But it is not valid, some people who are suffering from dyslexia can read and write the letter in the backword form, but some people may not. So, the myths people have that all those who are suffering from dyslexia read the letter in the reverse form, but it a myth, and it may or may not be a sign of dyslexia. Children in the early stage of their life often mix letter b and letter d or letter q and letter p. but if your child is still doing this at the end of the first grade, then he needs an evaluation of dyslexia. 

  • Signs are not clear in elementary school

People have a misconception that signs of dyslexia are not clear in elementary school, but these signs can show up in the kindergarten or the later stages of their life. The reason for this delay is that dyslexia has an effect on the language skills of the person, and these skills are crucial for reading. Students who are in nursery can show early signs of dyslexia, which can trouble while rhyming work or talking with other people very late. Also, the early signs of dyslexia are that the child gets confused between 2 different letters, which looks just the same. 

  • Trying hard

Some people believe that toddlers who are suffering from dyslexia have to put more effort while trying to read, but it is only a myth. The fact is that the brain of children who are suffering from dyslexia function differently, and this can also alter their reading ability with time. But there is no connection between putting more effort into it. The only thing which affects is how kids receive instruction. If the guidance is given in the right way, then patients of dyslexia can also gain while reading.

  • Dyslexia is curable

People believe that making the kid learn how to read is a way of curing dyslexia, but the truth is that it is only an intervention method. Dyslexia can affect the education of the kid, and it can have an impact throughout his life rather than reading. Patients who are having dyslexia can get is hard to interpret things and also finds it tough to read easily. It can also make it problematic for the child to understand what they read a few minutes ago. Moreover, the kids who are suffering from dyslexia still find it hard to spell, pronounce, or even read words they already know.

  • Vision problem

People believe that toddlers who are suffering from dyslexia also have a vision problem like other kids, but it just a myth. Researcher shows that kids are having dyslexia may or may not have a vision or eye problem. It can be possible that the kids may face a problem when they are visualising anything. This shows that they are facing a problem while recognising the specifications of the image and interpret what they are seeing. These things may affect the reading skills of the kids, but it is not a symptom of dyslexia.

  • Dyslexia associate with English kids

People believe that dyslexia is only linked with English born kids. But the fact is that it is present in every part of the world and non-English people can also have dyslexia. The important thing is that it is challenging to pick an issue in reading in kids who speak more than one language. The reason for this can be that the parents and teachers may think that these kids are facing trouble as they are learning a new language. The thing to note here is that the kids who are facing trouble while reading their first and second language show a sign that they need to be assessed for dyslexia.

  • Lack of exposure to reading

People believe that dyslexia happens due to the reason that the kids do not have enough acquaintance to reading, but it is merely a myth. Reading or writing at home is necessary for kids, but it has no connection with the occurrence of dyslexia. It is a condition that is linked with neurology. It happens due to the fact of how different brains function in comparison to others. People who do not know you may assume that you are not giving enough time to your child, and he or she is suffering from dyslexia.

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