Vivo Z5x Review Performance Like Little King Kong

SmartPhone Vivo Z5x Review

  1. Appearance
  2. SIM Card Slot
  3. Performance
  4. Game Box Helps Boost The Experience
  5. Vivo Multi-Turbo
  6. Center Turbo
  7. Endurance
  8. Specifically
  9. Photographing
  10. Bright light
  11. System
  12. Express Center
  13. Versatile Sweep Function
  14. Share Cloud Album
  15. Assistant
On May 24, 2019, Beijing time, the vivo Z5x came out with a crown of "performance strength". What is surprising is that this machine has brought the "drilling screen technology" to the price of one thousand yuan, and it is also equipped with a large power of 5000 mAh, which is also a rare hard core configuration in flagship machines. Of course, the other configurations of this machine are not inferior, let's take a look at the full evaluation of the "vivo Z5x" today.

Appearance: High Battery Life Can Maintain The Appearance

For vivo Z5x this machine, the bigger bright spot is the digging screen design. To put this into perspective, this may be the cheaper digging screen model on the market. In actual tests, the hole diameter of the vivo Z5x camera is about 4.59mm. Compared with mainstream Samsung Galaxy S10 , Honor V20 and other flagship models, the size is basically in the same dimension.

The vivo Z5x is equipped with a 6.53-inch "selfie extreme full screen", which largely makes the body design more integrated. The screen ratio has expanded to 90.7%, and the screen contrast is 1500: 1. In terms of visual perception , it has a clear advantage over the full-screen phone of Liu Hai . At the same time, placing the camera in the left corner does not affect the user's normal photo taking.

Compared with mainstream water drop screens and bangs screens, pole screens have unique advantages: Vivo Z5x compared with the same price of the Redmi Note 7 Pro water drop screen, the screen size seems larger, the screen ratio is higher, even the thickness of the upper and lower borders, vivo Z5x is also narrower, the former is more advantageous than the latter, visual The impact is still much stronger. It is worth mentioning that around the hole digging of the vivo Z5x, there is not a small black shadow that often appears on the hole digging screen.

Therefore, the screen ratio of the whole machine is slightly better at the same price. The top of the vivo Z5x has a handset opening, and no screen sounding unit is selected. It is estimated that the screen resonance and sound quality differences are considered. In addition, the cheaper sound effect of the screen sounding unit is not ideal.

I believe many users care more about the screen quality of the Qianyuan machine. vivo Z5x uses 1080P LCD and has 394ppi. In actual tests, the maximum brightness of the machine is 400nit, which belongs to the normal level of LCD screens at this price. The light distance sensor is embedded in the gap between the screen and the frame by the vivo Z5x.

The system supports the global eye protection mode and the gray mode suitable for turning on at night. The color temperature can also be adjusted. In terms of the adjustable options on the screen, the vivo Z5x is rich enough.

The overall sensitivity of the screen is quite good. Whether it is left-right swipe in daily use, or vibrating on Weibo, the obvious twill smear is not seen during two days of use.

Vivo Z5x SIM Card Slot

Vivo Z5x has two color options to choose from, Aurora Black and Aurora. I got Aurora Black. In general, the integrated body brings a simple and integrated whole, plus a new gradient stain light and shadow texture, appearance Quite delicate.

In the upper left corner, there are three vertical cameras + rear fingerprints, and look at the feeling of a flagship machine. The outer circle of the Z5x main camera part is made with a bright tomographic texture, the fingerprint module is in the middle, and the logo of vivo is below. The weight is 201g and the thickness is 8.9mm. Although it is not thin, it is also mainstream at the same price as Wu Fan, product manager of vivo before the conference.

And don't forget, this is a machine with 5000 mAh power. In order to increase the 1500 + mAh power, and sacrificing the thickness of the 0.5mm body, I think it is definitely worth it.

Performance: Snapdragon 710 is as powerful as Snapdragon 835

In terms of processors, the vivo Z5x continues to focus on performance. Last year, most of the price of the Snapdragon 710 machine was above the 3500 price point, which is a more common flagship SoC for mid-to-high-end models. This year, the vivo Z5x uses the Snapdragon 710 mobile platform, which really boosts the overall performance and price-performance ratio of the mid-range machine. At the same time, the capabilities of this SoC are comparable to the previous God U Snapdragon 835.

The Snapdragon 710 uses the same Samsung second-generation 10nm LPP process as the Snapdragon 835, which provides stronger performance and lower power consumption. The official said that the power consumption when playing 4K videos and games is lower than that of the Snapdragon 660. 40% reduction in video streaming power consumption by 20%.

However, when users have n’t been “addicted” to the Snapdragon 710 SoC, the upgraded version of the Snapdragon 710AIE has been launched. The difference between the ordinary Qualcomm 710 and Qualcomm 710AIE. AIE's processor supports artificial intelligence. For example, it can wake up the phone by voice, scan and translate the camera, or recognize the price of the photo. In other words, 710AIE is an AI based on 710 engine.

First of all, simply understand the parameters. This processor is positioned between the high-end 800 and mid-range 600 series, which meets and exceeds the mobile experience brought by the current high-end smart phones. The 10nm LPP process uses an eight-core design and provides an output frequency of 2.2GHz.

There are many factors that affect the processing power of the processor, such as process, clock speed, architecture, bandwidth, etc., and it does not increase proportionally with the increase in the number of cores. From the current point of view, the demand for mobile phones is not very large. In quad-core phones and octa-core phones, only a small number of cores are often used. At this time, the key to running speed depends on how the single-core processing capacity is.

However, compared to the Snapdragon 660, the Snapdragon 710AIE has a more powerful single-core processing capability, which is better reflected in games with single-core performance. On the GPU side, the Snapdragon 710AIE is equipped with a Kryo 360 CPU. In order to get stronger graphics performance, the main frequency has been raised to 1.2GHz. For specific performance, see the actual evaluation below.

Under the support of 10nm process and 2 A75 large cores, the fluency and temperature control effect of daily use are not bad. Geekbench run sub-score at 1848 points mononuclear, polynuclear score of 5915 points; Ann rabbit run is divided into sub-173798; 3D Mark run points 1829 points.

In the game test session, the entire scheduling of the Snapdragon 710 mobile platform was not bad. Playing the Peace Elite in the high-definition high-frame-rate mode can maintain long-term smoothness and no stall.

The average frame rate of the game is about 39 frames, and the degree of sustained strength of the GPU and the large core is relatively good for the same-priced models. Two hours of gaming, which consumes 24% of power, is relatively stable.

Vivo Z5x Game Box Helps Boost The Experience

Performance strength not only has blessings in hardware, but also has strong related optimizations in software . While you are playing the game, you can still answer the phone, which shows that the game is optimized.

The game magic box is also a great feature of the vivo Z5x. It can create an exclusive experience and creative space for gamers, and serve users from the perspective of game content aggregation, experience optimization, and visual data, including game assistants, game space, etc. Core functions.

I like the 4D game shock function in the game magic box. After opening it, whether it is "Peace Elite" or "Survival in the Wilderness", you can simulate the vibration when shooting. The kinetic energy in the thousand yuan machine really excites me. Extremely, indeed, 4D gaming shock is also rare for flagship devices.

Vivo Multi-Turbo

The sub-flagship performance of the vivo Z5x is not only reflected in the hardware, but also in the system acceleration optimization. vivo Multi-Turbo optimizes the experience from multiple dimensions such as gaming, cooling, AI, gaming and the underlying central core resources. The new ART ++ Turbo also further enhances the system's operating efficiency from the level of the compilation system. It is a powerful hardware Configuration brings better performance.

Center Turbo

Further optimize the priority of the system framework. In the case of crowded backgrounds, open fast channels for apps that need to be called urgently, so that the front-end response speed of the APP is increased by 30%, and the anti-drop frame rate of the game is increased by 73.07%. By deeply optimizing the resource allocation of background applications , the foreground experience speed during background downloads has increased by 43.6%, enabling the Z5x to run smoothly under background multitasking.

Of course, there is the joint blessing of ART ++ Turbo compilation enhancement, Game Turbo, AI Turbo, Cooling Turbo, and Net Turbo.

Endurance: 18W fast charge plus 5000 mAh battery

The vivo Z5x breaks through the structural design difficulty of digging full-screen mobile phones. It is equipped with a rare 5000mAh large-capacity battery in a full-screen mobile phone, which has nearly 1/3 more power than a 3000mAh battery in the market. It is full of conscience and Sincerity (   about 1.5 times the iPhone X battery capacity), it is not easy to wrap this 5000mAh large battery in an 8.55mm thick body.

And thanks to the good processor power performance brought by the 10nm advanced process, and the underlying optimization of Funtouch OS 9 in terms of power saving, the overall power consumption of the vivo Z5x is much lower than the previous generation , and it was concluded through five-hour heavy testing The vivo Z5x can meet users' daily use needs for two days. After all, not all flagships have a power of 5000 mAh.

Specifically, the 5 hours here consist of the following:

  • 1 hour of music playback, 1 hour of microblogging,
  • 0.5 hours of game play for a total of 2 hours, 0.5 hours of reading e-books, 0.5 hours of browsing the web, 0.5 hours of watching local videos, and a call 0.5 hours, total 5 * 0.5 = 2.5 hours

  • Others include playing WeChat for 15 minutes, taking pictures for 15 minutes, and a total of     more than 0.5 hours
  • is 5 hours.
  • After a five-hour standard test, we were able to get a preliminary picture of the battery life of a mobile phone.

  • After five hours of severe endurance testing under full power, the remaining power of the vivo Z5x was 42%. In the charging stage, the performance of 22% charging in 15 minutes and 43% charging in 30 minutes is enough to make the vivo Z5x an endurance monster in the same price range.

Photographing: Clearer rear three cameras than comparable models

In terms of cameras, the vivo Z5x uses this rare three-camera design, and the rear uses an AI ultra-wide-angle three-camera solution consisting of a 16 million HD main camera, an 8 million ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2 million depth-of-field lens. Super wide angle supports 120 ° frame shooting. Compared with other 5 million triple-camera cameras, the vivo Z5x's 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle secondary camera is obviously more sincere.

Let's feel the quality of this phone's camera through the actual proofs.

In terms of the daily imaging of the main camera, the comprehensive imaging quality is remarkable. After all, it is a 16-megapixel CMOS blessing. The control of the details is quite in place.

Of course, like other flagship models of vivo, the vivo Z5x is also equipped with Super HDR technology. Under extreme backlight conditions, it can cover a dynamic range of up to 12.3EV, easily outputting good photos with rich light and dark details and natural tonal transition. Super HDR has also been specifically optimized for backlit portrait scenes, to ensure that people are naturally brighter, and to preserve background details to a large extent.

The vivo Z5x can easily cope with various light conditions. The subtle reflections on the building, especially on the outside of the complex light tower, the glyphs and characters at various details are clearly visible, with a high tolerance.

Bright in low light

First look at a set of proofs. To be honest, I have been engaged in evaluation editing for many years. For models below 3500, I have rarely tested models that do not break when shooting night scenes, especially when focusing on lights. Of course, the vivo Z5x is one of the few Not many.    You can't feel it at all in the dark. In low-light environments, the vivo Z5x will enable three-shot soft light synthesis, which greatly increases the brightness of the picture, which can make the picture beautiful and the colors more vivid. And the synthesis of the same price models will often be overexposed, and the loss of noise and resolution is also serious.

Under the dark light environment, from the picture described above, it can be seen that the vivo Z5x performs better in noise control and picture purity, and has better control of the astigmatism phenomenon, and has slightly better experience of the texture of brightness.

 In the self-timer mode, the vivo Z5x achieved a more natural beauty effect. In the dark light environment of the office, most of the details of the light and dark parts of the picture were retained to achieve better picture results.

The vivo Z5x is still relatively complete in terms of functionality, such as time-lapse photography, 4K video recording, and custom beauty. Some of the flagship games on vivo have the gameplay. Although as a thousand yuan price model, you can still find vivo's exclusive camera advantage on this machine.

System: More user-friendly Funtouch OS 9

On the system, vivo Z5x is equipped with Funtouch OS 9 system based on Android 9. The latest system version is a better optimization of the full screen for digging, leaving purer visual effects on the extreme full screen, re-optimizing the corners and strokes of the overly rigid machinery, so that the digital symbols and Chinese fonts are more integrated. .

Here are some of the more unique features of Funtouch OS 9:

Express Center

The shortcut center is a service center integrated with some shortcut function points. It can provide users with some convenient operations. It is still more interesting, for example.

vivo Z5x provides you with a shortcut in the shortcut center, called [Navigation to the company]. No matter where you are, you can "take the current location as the reference and navigate back to the company", and give taxi routes, bus routes, and self-driving routes. You offer to choose.

Of course, where you go, find a wonderful scenery or so and so, and friends who like to take pictures and send friends, [One Click to Send Friends Circle] can also provide convenience for friends who like to send friends circles.

The [Kitchen Counter] of the vivo Z5x is also a more convenient function. Generally speaking, 8-point eggs have the highest nutritional value, which can be cooked for about 5 minutes. Turn on the kitchen timer , set a time, and remind you that you can do both laundry and cooking.

There are some interesting places in the shortcut center, such as [Listen to Songs], [Voice Shorthand], [Tomorrow Reminder], etc., which can be customized to customize the "private shortcut keys" that users want. I personally think that this small setting is more used to navigate home and return to the company, which is more convenient to use.

Versatile Sweep Function

QR codes have become an indispensable shortcut in life. Pick up the vivo Z5x and pull down from the top of the interface to quickly scan Alipay payment codes, OFO / Mobike QR codes, Fengchao QR codes, etc. Shopping in kind, searching and solving problems, translating foreign languages, identifying flowers and trees, etc. are also easy to live.

Share Cloud Album

When we use a mobile phone, we often worry about a problem. This feature of vivo Z5x can store album data to its own cloud, manage photos and videos anytime, anywhere, and greatly save mobile phone storage space. In addition, you can invite family and friends to share albums. Generally, WeChat can only send up to 9 photos. Using this function can exempt this restriction. You can just send a few photos.

Vivo Phone Assistant

Of course, the Jovi assistant is also a highlight of the vivo Z5x. One of Jovi's great advantages is that it can achieve continuous dialogue. You can ask Jovi questions repeatedly without adding wake-up words. Another advantage is the comprehensive control of mobile phone software. In the past, we have seen too many mobile phone assistants that can check the weather and record things, but when it comes to the operation of other software, most of them run into a wall.

But Jovi can intelligently recognize speech, and select the software we want to use according to the needs of the speech to complete a series of operations. For example, check maps, make phone calls, set reminders, order takeaways, order movie tickets, check courier services, red envelopes, camera identification, and even let many stars call you on your birthday.

Overall, vivo has fully considered the needs of the user community: love scanning, sharing, and life. Then vivo is optimized one by one according to your needs, which is quite humane.

In terms of configuration, the vivo Z5x is really a high-end model with a high price / performance ratio in the mid-market. From the actual experience, the vivo Z5x has a great advantage in gaming experience. The 10nm strength sends the Snapdragon 710, vivo Multi-Turbo, and 5000. The blessing of high battery life has made this phone a "paradise phone" for the gaming party.

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