Vivo NEX 3 5G Review

VIVO NEX 3 5G Review: 99.6% screen ratio is just the tip of the iceberg

  1. What genius unbounded waterfall screen? What are the highlights in appearance?
  2. What is the world like in Oreo? What else is new in filming?
  3. How is the 5G performance of this phone? Is it worth buying a 5G phone?
  4. Life time without any pressure
  5. How is the Hi-Fi performance of this phone?
  6. Is the performance of the NEX series a short board? Sorry, no 
  7. Interpretation: Innovation is not Apple's label vivo leading the future
For a conventional upgrade, such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, without any highlights, I silently read Apple's embarrassing and bad copy writing, and said "Oh" silently. Yes ah, now the smart phone market seems to have turned waves can not afford any of it. However, when I saw the launch conference of Vivo NEX 3 5G on September 16th, I found that the backwardness of the technology company is the original sin, and the imagination that Apple does not have has been drawn by the vivo NEX 3 5G in the palm of your hand.

Why do you say that? Because the vivo NEX 3 5G integrates today's Qualcomm flagship SoC Snapdragon 855 Plus, an unbounded unbounded waterfall screen, the industry's highest 64 million main camera, and a pressure-sensitive button design that replaces the side physical buttons ... It is sighing that vivo has a strong impression on this flagship machine.

Such mobile phones do not need to worry about "shortcomings", let alone worry about so-called "homogenization". Since vivo breaks the rules with NEX 3. Today we also broke the rules and talked about what is the vivo NEX 3 5G from the points that everyone cares about.

01/ What genius unbounded waterfall screen? What are the highlights in appearance?

The appearance design of the product determines the user's first impression of the product. The first thing that attracted me to the vivo NEX 3 5G was this unbounded full screen.
  • Unbounded full screen

The NEX series has experienced the evolution of three generations of products. The unbounded full screen of vivo NEX 3 5G has made a further breakthrough on the basis of the full screen of zero bound: NEX 3 5G extremely boldly chose to bend a left and right display area of ​​a flexible screen directly downward. To a nearly vertical state-the unbounded waterfall screen. 

Many people are attracted by the smooth transition edge transition of vivo NEX 3 5G as soon as they get started, because both the appearance and holding of the unbounded waterfall screen are very points, and the screen like the unbounded waterfall screen must be a flexible OLED.

Behind this innovation means that vivo needs to overcome a series of technical bottlenecks such as strength, stacking, and disassembly, so that the display areas on the left and right sides of a 6.89-inch FHD flexible screen are like two waterfalls, giving NEX 3 5G products aesthetics. highlight. Many people will worry about the accidental touch of the unbounded waterfall screen. To this end, we have made a test.

From the moving picture, we can see that vivo has optimized the NEX 3 5G's edge mis-touch, which can effectively reduce the edge mis-touch. Therefore, friends who are worried about mis-touch need not worry. In addition, NEX 3 5G reduces the upper and lower bezels, which in turn makes NEX 3 5G the highest screen ratio in the industry: 99.6%.

In addition to the high-quality feel brought by the unbounded waterfall screen, how is the quality of this screen? The maximum brightness of this 6.89-inch FHD (resolution 2256 * 1080) flexible display is 600nit, so that the high brightness can be clearly seen in the sun. The minimum brightness of NEX 3 5G screen is up to 1.9nit, which makes users' eyes more comfortable when reading. If only the brightness adjustment range is wide, it is not a top-level screen.

In addition to adjusting the brightness range sufficiently, a top-level screen must also have wide color gamut support. The official claims that this screen covers 100% of the P3 wide color gamut and supports HDR10. What is HDR10? The screen that supports HDR10 can provide very amazing screen colors and contrast under low light conditions; in the strong light environment during the day, the screen's high brightness configuration can also clearly view the details of the image picture.

The actual measurement results show that the DCI-P3 color gamut coverage of this screen reaches 99.8%. In other words, this screen can provide perfect color reproduction for high-quality content, such as movies, which are now increasingly using a wider color space than sRGB. In terms of color gamut alone, the screen quality of NEX 3 5G is already very good. And this time NEX 3 5G's screen is E3 screen material, which can effectively reduce blue light radiation.

In addition to effectively reducing blue light, the NEX 3 5G screen also adds DC dimming support: changing the screen brightness through the Dimlayer masking algorithm, dithering interpolation algorithms to optimize the transition effect, and color compensation algorithms to optimize the color consistency to fit Realize the adjustment of screen brightness and display effect. The advantages of DC dimming are well known: it can reduce eye fatigue caused by low-frequency PWM dimming.

Simultaneously. In order to ensure the integrity of the unbounded waterfall screen, the NEX 3 5G continues the design of the lift camera of vivo. As for the selfie effect, we will mention it later.

Considering that there is an under-screen fingerprint recognition that is accurate and sensitive at the bottom of this screen ... this screen is undoubtedly top quality. Partially speaking, this screen gives me a new visual and tactile experience. On the positive side, there is no problem with a perfect score. Such an unbounded waterfall screen design necessarily conflicts with the right side button of the entity. So, how does vivo solve the problem of the side button?
  • Side pressure-sensitive buttons replace physical buttons

Unbounded waterfall screen is very easy for mobile phones to achieve "symmetric aesthetics". If the "symmetric aesthetics" is strictly implemented, then the side physical buttons must be cut in the design: either the left-right symmetrical physical buttons or the side physical buttons can be cancelled. Vivo chose the latter, replacing physical buttons with side pressure-sensitive button designs.

The feedback of the pressure-sensitive buttons is the analog feedback of the linear motor built into the vivo NEX 3 5G, which simulates the touch of the physical buttons. This design makes the vivo NEX 3 5G not only have the beauty of symmetry on the front side, but also the symmetrical aesthetic design on the side. This avant-garde design seems to come from the future.

The top of the vivo NEX 3 5G is a lifting front camera, which will shrink tightly into the body when not in use. The right side of the top of the body is a 3.5mm headphone jack. This is very rare in the flagship market. I believe it will Capture a large wave of loyal fans of 3.5mm. vivo NEX 3 5G supports Hi -Fi. I will explain the specific Hi-Fi functions in detail below. On the left side of the top of the fuselage is the emergency switch button.

The bottom of the vivo NEX 3 5G body from left to right is the SIM card slot, USB Type-C interface and speakers. Next, we turned the phone and looked at the back.
  • Three rear shots were included in "Oreo"

At the first glance of the back of the fuselage, the obvious one was the "Oreo" three-shot. The vivo product manager revealed on Weibo before the press conference that the rear three-shot design of the NEX 3 5G was inspired by mechanical watches.

The three shots are respectively arranged at 4 o'clock, 8 o'clock, and 12 o'clock in this "Oreo". The center of the "Oreo" is a faintly visible "64MP", which represents 64 million pixels in the main photo. From the front, side to the back, vivo NEX 3 5G follows the "symmetric aesthetics" design.

The advantages of the rear three-shot arrangement can not only strictly follow the "symmetric aesthetics" design and are accepted by everyone, but also ensure that each camera has sufficient light input during operation, thereby ensuring the color and light input of each camera. Consistent, better picture. Having said that, everyone will naturally be curious about the camera level of the NEX 3 5G. Don't worry, come right away.

02/ What is the world like in Oreo? What else is new in filming?

NEX 3 5G uses a multi-camera solution: 64 million main camera + 13 million wide-angle / macro + 13 million 2x telephoto lens, supporting a maximum of 20 times digital zoom. This multi-camera solution makes the NEX 3 5G have powerful full-scene shooting capabilities. It can cover most of the focal length of photography, and easily meet the shooting needs in more scenes. Among them, the 64 million main camera is a 1 / 1.7 -inch large sensor, which can easily capture the details of the picture and improve the expressiveness of the picture.

At the software level, there is an algorithm specially tuned by vivo, which adds more scene recognition, more powerful adjustment effects, and stronger picture recognition capabilities, and then fine-tuned parameter adjustments for different shooting scenes, so that people who do not understand photography You can also shoot "big movies" with NEX 3 5G. Below we directly look at the proof performance.

We can see that in the default mode, the sample contrast is full and the photo has a three-dimensional effect. Even in indoor complex light environments, color reproduction is very accurate, and vivid colors can be accurately represented. Let's take a look at the performance of night shooting.

At night, the vivo NEX 3 5G instantly becomes the "night vision device", which can take care of the exposure of the dark and bright parts at the same time, so that "some targeted" brightens the overall picture, highlights the details of the dark parts, and at the same time suppresses the highlights. In the night shot screen, the proofs are very good for detail display and noise control, and the screen also maintains a certain level of sense.

The vivo NEX 3 5G has an ultra-wide-angle lens, which can bring a "ultra-wide + ultra-micro" photo experience. Therefore, we can easily take pictures of large scenes that can only be taken by professional-grade equipment through vivo NEX 3 5G.

In the real shot, you can find that the ultra wide-angle lens effect of the vivo NEX 3 5G is very shocking. Then we look at its macro performance.

A closer look at the vivo NEX 3 5G macro proofs reveals that the macro detail resolution of the vivo NEX 3 5G is amazing, and the details on the flowers are clearly visible.

The front camera of the vivo NEX 3 5G is 16 megapixels and is equipped with portrait Hyper-HDR technology. This technology can calculate a more realistic dynamic range of the human face to the brightest place, and restore rich details between highlights and shadows.

The high-precision algorithm combined with the Snapdragon 855 Plus's AI processing module can intelligently match the beauty scheme according to the user's gender, skin quality, skin tone, and scene light, and present a variety of user styles, allowing users to bid farewell to the stereotyped "living beings."

We have finished the conventional photography. Next, we will talk about the 64-megapixel camera of NEX 3 5G .
  • 64 megapixel main camera

Although we know that a high pixel does not necessarily mean that the picture must be good, if there is not a large enough base to support, ultra-high pixels will become a burden. At this time, another parameter required in photography-the unit pixel area needs to be valued.

Generally speaking, the larger the unit pixel area, the more information will be received and the better the imaging quality will be. If you have the advantage of large pixels without support from the outsole, when the ambient light is not sufficient, the unit of pixels can receive very little information, and the image quality will plummet, even if your sensor pixels are as high as you can The quality of the imaging does not help either.

For this 64-megapixel CMOS used by vivo NEX 3 5G, another big advantage is that the bottom is large, reaching 1 / 1.7 inches. The big advantage is that there can be more light entering at the same time, thereby ensuring the imaging quality of the photo. The 64 megapixel mode is opened in "More"-click on "64 megapixels". Let's take a look at the 64-megapixel proofs of the NEX 3 5G.

64 million pixels have two real benefits for users.

First, the size of the photos is around 20MB, which provides sufficient latitude for later editing; second, 64 million are verified by repeated polishing of vivo, and the performance in details is amazing. Based on such powerful hardware, vivo has developed software suitable for the mobile era, and AI matting is one of them.
  • AI matting

AI matting is based on the character background separation function of hair-level portrait segmentation technology, which provides users with more new ways of playing.

AI matting can accurately identify the people and background in the picture, remove people / objects and fill it according to the picture style, or change the background, and the effect is natural. AI matting can also cut out people or objects from other pictures and add them to a picture, or perform operations such as size scaling, copy mirror processing, and position shifting on separate portraits or objects.

AI can also process the main objects in the video separately, such as adjusting the filter of the portrait or the background separately, and can also cut out people or objects in other images and add them to the video. In a personalized way, NEX 3's AI matting function gives users more video creative inspiration.

In the era of Vlog for all, how can there be less AI editing function?
  • AI Clip

NEX 3 5G can intelligently identify the characters' protagonists and highlights in the video, and automatically edit and generate exclusive short stories.

In the video editing mode, multiple sets of filters, music, subtitles, and fast and slow special effects provided by NEX 3 5G are more stylish. At the same time, NEX 3 5G's AI album can also help users gather the essence, shorten the time, and easily share the video to any social application with one click. How can we only use the rear lens? The front lens should also be developed.

Vivo uses the 16 million front camera to develop "my skin".
  • "My skin"

The vivo NEX 3 5G comprehensively detects the user's skin quality, records the skin texture change trend, provides a full set of skin care solutions, and gives skin care and suggestions for the entire scene based on the user's skin quality.

At the same time, NEX 3 also brings convenient services such as skincare knowledge search and makeup management, which is convenient for users to better skin care.

Well, we have finished the exploration and application of vivo on the camera. The external part of this phone comes here first, and then we turn to the inner part of this phone-5G.

03/ How is the 5G performance of this phone? Is it worth buying a 5G phone?

The 5G era is on the way, but we are already surrounded by 5G propaganda reports. I believe that many friends will have more or less such questions: What kind of experience is using 5G networks? 5G really reflects the speed of mobile phones? Not much to say, we use vivo NEX 3 5G to test the current 5G network.

The first display is the download speed of 5G , and the app used for detection is Speedtest.

The speed of this gallop we have already experienced on the iQOO Pro 5G version of vivo's first 5G mobile phone , and on vivo NEX 3 5G, we also experienced the same surprise. This time, the peak network speed of vivo NEX 3 5G reached 1164Mbp. , Replaced by our general network speed is 145MB / s. Downloading a 3GB HD movie at this rate is more than half a minute.

Next, we use the vivo app store to measure the download speed of large games.

The speed of downloading "Breakdown 3", "Xunxian" and "Ghost Story" reached 78MB / s, 69MB / s and 74.5MB / s respectively. Why not use ordinary apps? Because the download has not ended yet.

What is the performance of game latency under 5G network? We tested with the game network latency detection inside Glory of Kings .

In the actual game screenshot, we can see that the in-game battle delay of King Glory is 45ms, which is greatly improved compared to the delay of 70ms under ordinary 4G networks.

If these are not intuitive enough, we can visually check the delay changes of the game in "Tencent Mobile Game Accelerator ".

According to the software's response, the delay performance of "Glory of the King" in NEX 3 is controlled at around 50ms, and the delay is more than 60ms only once; while the game delay of the real-time gunfighting game "Peace Elite", which has more game delay, is stable at around 35ms Only two delays exceeded 40ms. Any adjectives are pale and weak in this delay.

During the dragging process of 5G network online high-definition videos, the video dragging has almost no buffering, and it truly achieves "what to point to and which to hit", and the video viewing experience is extremely comfortable.

In general, the speed experience brought by the vivo NEX 3 5G cannot be overstated with the word "subversion". So, for the average consumer, isn't it worth buying a 5G phone?
  • Is it worth buying a 5G phone now?

The answer is yes. First of all, as a consumer, "buy early and enjoy early" is always correct. After trying 5G's fast network speed, it is difficult for users to go back because you will find that the current 4G network is really " Not enough. "

Secondly, 5G mobile phones are backward compatible with 4G, 3G, and 2G. This means that if your city does not have a 5G network now, you can enjoy the 5G thrill when the 5G network is deployed. At the same time, the service life of a 5G mobile phone is long enough, and the 5G network is laying down faster than you and I imagine, we can wait for the arrival of 5G.

Many people worry that Qualcomm X50 chip only supports NSA 5G single network mode, and it will not be available after SA network. This "rumor" has been repeatedly clarified on the Internet. No matter what kind of 5G network system, it can bring users a pure 5G network experience. Therefore, friends who like 5G need not worry.

Many people do not buy 5G because they are worried about the endurance of mobile phones. So how does the performance of the vivo NEX 3 5G endurance?

04/ Life time without any pressure

4500mAh battery, this battery capacity is the first echelon level in the mobile phone camp.

We used Zhongguancun Online for 5 hours to use the battery life model for testing: camera test (30 minutes), video playback test (60 minutes), social test (30 minutes), instant messaging (30 minutes), web browsing (30 minutes), games Testing (60 minutes), online music (30 minutes), e-books (30 minutes).

After five hours of severe testing, 53% of the electricity remained. This endurance result is enough to look down on the mobile phone camp. Usually go out all day, even if it is used heavily, you don't need to worry about losing power. 44W ultra-fast flash charge, the actual measured charge in half an hour is 79%, in other words, vivo NEX 3 5G charged in 3600Ah battery in half an hour-you know that the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max battery capacity is only 3500mAh.

According to the actual measurement, it only takes 52 minutes to fully charge, which can be said to be a very violent charging speed. With such a charging speed, even if the user has only 5 minutes or even 10 minutes of fragment charging time, the power can be greatly improved.

In addition to the highlights of battery life, vivo NEX 3 5G is also a Hi-Fi phone.

05/ How is the Hi-Fi performance of this phone?

Hi-Fi is the gene of vivo. In the context of many mobile phone manufacturers canceling the 3.5mm headphone jack, vivo still holds fast to the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is very commendable. It can be concluded from the experience that the Hi-Fi function of the vivo NEX 3 5G is beyond expectations.

Vivo NEX 3 5G comes with headphones, and with the Vivo NEX 3 5G's random headphones, let's talk about the sense of hearing.

First of all, the sound performance of vivo NEX 3 5G is very balanced, and the distribution of the three frequencies is very even, without obvious bias. And the overall sound has maintained good transparency and detail performance. With the blessing of transparency and mid-to-high frequency overtone performance, the overall sound style of this product looks very "valuable". After all, for many high-end equipment, transparency The three aspects of harmonics, overtones, and looseness are the most important criteria for measuring a good sound, and vivo NEX 3 5G does a good job in these three aspects.

For popular music, the mid-range part of the human voice is slightly forward, and we can hear clearer mid-frequency details and clearer singers' mouth shapes. For classical music, it has excellent low-frequency envelopment, beautiful high-frequency overtones, and overall relatively loose listening. And these detailed performances actually benefit from the balanced three-frequency distribution of NEX 3 and the overall tuning.

Of course, the music player is also a part of a HiFi phone that cannot be ignored. In addition to playing music, vivo NEX 3 5G also provides massive online music downloads (discover music).

This is not the end. In order to meet the characteristics of NEX 3 5G's Hi-Fi music, the system is also equipped with a "curve screen atmosphere light effect" (can be set to turn on or off in the settings), and every time the screen is turned off when playing music 2 minutes atmosphere light effect. The atmosphere is full.

Hi-Fi part is over, let's introduce the performance of this phone.

06/ Is the performance of the NEX series a short board? Sorry, no

Performance has not been the short board of the NEX series, vivo NEX 3 5G built-in Snapdragon 855 Plus. But in addition to the Snapdragon 855 Plus, vivo also prepared other surprises for us-up to 12GB of memory, UFS3.0 high-speed flash memory and up to 256GB super-large capacity. What kind of sparks will the Snapdragon 855 Plus encounter when it comes to the industry's top configuration? I tested it for everyone.

From the running points of view, Xiaolong 855 Plus is equipped vivo NEX 3 5G definitely one of the top performance currently available mobile phones, up to 471358 points of security Bunny ran points. In Geekbench's running score, vivo NEX 3 5G achieved a single core of 3536 and a multi-core of 11,124. Scored 5918 points in 3DMark 's Sling Shot Extreme. This kind of achievement is perfect for running mainstream games.

Next, let's talk about the vivo NEX 3 5G using UFS 3.0 storage chips. If you use UFS 3.0's powerful performance, running points can best reflect the problem. Let's take a look at the test results of AndroBench.

It can be seen that compared to UFS 2.1, UFS 3.0 memory chips have a leap-forward improvement in sequential read and sequential write performance. This also makes a perfect foundation for the performance release of vivo NEX 3 5G. Let's look at the game performance of vivo NEX 3 5G. The first is to watch "High Frame Rate" and "Super High" "Glory of the King".

Stable at 60 frames as smooth as a straight line. Then we tested the "Peace Elite" with "HDR" and "Extreme" frame rates turned on.

Being able to maintain such a stable frame rate, compared to many people will ask, what is the thermal performance of this phone?
  • Zero-sensing soaking plate for heat dissipation

The NEX 3 5G uses a new zero-inductance soaking plate heat dissipation technology. The ultra-thin liquid-cooled soaking plate and carbon fiber thermal interface optimize the heat dissipation performance of the NEX 3 5G.

Compared with common liquid-cooled heat pipes, the ultra-thin, zero-inductance soaking plate has a larger heat dissipation area and lower thermal resistance. It can cover the CPU and 5G Modem on the motherboard and extend to the appropriate length of the battery compartment to efficiently guide the heat from the heat source to the machine. The cold end of the body brings a more significant heat dissipation effect without affecting the battery capacity and structural strength.

The heat dissipation alone is not enough. The vivo NEX 3 5G also retains vivo's own "game mode"-through in-depth optimization in cooperation with mainstream game manufacturers, fully utilizing the performance of hardware resources to ensure the smooth running of the game. In order to create a more wonderful game time for mobile game enthusiasts.

07/ Fresh system color matching + smart life housekeeper Jovi

The vivo NEX 3 5G is equipped with Funtouch OS 9.1 system based on Android 9 and adopts a new UI design as a whole. It reveals a dynamic atmosphere both in look and feel. But what really began to take over the system experience was Jovi after the evolution. In the new system, from hardware to software, it was everywhere.

In the new Funtouch OS 9.1, the design of the whole set is simple and restrained, tolerant of rationality. Do not go to extremes, do not over-decorate, and do not let all design elements fill the entire field of vision. Combined with the appearance of the waterfall screen, the entire set is a software and hardware experience. The negative screen also uses a new UI design, from the original bold white and blue tone to the main white tone, simple and stylish.

The full-featured NFC function of the flagship machine is not absent.

After the user has opened the vivo bus service in the vivo wallet, the user can simply complete the bus ride payment experience by simply holding the phone close to the bus / subway credit card machine. Currently, it not only supports the joint transportation card, but also many local bus cards. At the same time, the government will also support more city bus services.

In addition to public transportation, the NFC of vivo NEX 3 5G also supports the citizen network electronic identity card identification (eID), which enables minute-level air-time opening, second-level offline verification, and second-level online authentication. At present, users can check in at more than 100 hotels in Shenzhen by using eID, and can also check in at 16 airports including Shangri-La, Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, and Changsha, Hunan.

Let's talk about our old friend Jovi. In addition to basic voice password operations, Jovi also has the ability to learn. In the "teaching order", a series of actions are triggered by one sentence. The smart scene brought by Jovi is my favorite and most dependent feature. It is very friendly to business people who travel frequently. For example, it will remind you in advance of the flight time, gate, weather conditions at the destination, and the characteristics of the destination. Attractions and more.

Jovi's teaching command function is simple to set up. You will need to demonstrate the action once, and Jovi can learn it instantly. Next time you just need to shout out a command and Jovi can do it directly as you teach her.

So far, I have revealed the questions about vivo NEX 3 5G.

08/ Interpretation: Innovation is not Apple's label vivo leading the future

At the same press conference in September, Apple and vivo presented us with two completely different attitudes: The oldest brother, Apple, had to let go of the "honorable" figure, and began to compare it with the Android camp phone. This is actually a dangerous signal, which means that the former "Wulin Leader" who had dominated the world had to pay attention to the threat from the Android camp.

In contrast, vivo, from the Red Sea in the market, has become a mobile phone domineering, and in this vivo press conference we saw a kind of outlook, a kind of outlook for mobile phones in the 5G era: Unbounded waterfall screen , 5G, Hi-Fi, side pressure-sensitive buttons instead of physical buttons, stunning design, and 64 million rear-mounted "Oreo" modules.

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