Samsung A50s Reviews

Samsung A50s reviews light and mid-range machine with blessing from Orion processor

  1. Appearance Design
  2.  Game Performance
  3. After the photo, 48 million AI three cameras
  4. Endurance Test
  5. System Experience
Since entering the market, Samsung A-series mobile phones have become famous for their high cost performance. Recently, the Samsung Galaxy A50s , a new A-series mobile phone , was released, which brought Samsung's self-developed Exynos 9611 processor, 48 million rear triple cameras, outstanding feel and a large 4000mAh battery.

Many people will be curious as to how this mobile phone powered by Samsung's own Orion chip performs. Let ’s take a look at the comprehensive evaluation.

01/ Appearance Design

First look at the front of the fuselage. The Samsung Galaxy A50s uses a 6.4 -inch FHD + Super AMOLED water drop screen design with a resolution of 2340 × 1080 and a screen ratio of 19.5: 9. The width of the left and right and upper borders are very narrow. The chin is slightly wider, but the overall slender design style is still very high.

The front water drop screen has been optimized for watching videos, browsing the web, and playing games. There is no need to worry about occlusion, and the viewing experience is good.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy A50s also uses fingerprint recognition under the optical screen, which hides the fingerprint sensor under the screen, making it easier to unlock, while avoiding the fingerprint opening on the back, ensuring integrity.

On the back of the fuselage, the upper left is a vertical dual camera + flash. Corresponding to this, the upper center position is Samsung's LOGO. There is no extra design and it is very simple.

The left side of the fuselage is a SIM card slot , and the right side is the volume key and the power key. There is a Type-C interface and a speaker on the bottom of the phone, and a 3.5mm headphone jack is also reserved.

In terms of color matching, the Samsung Galaxy A50s added digital fantasy design inspiration. By matching different shades and digital patterns in a single tone, the 3D glass material reflects magical light effects under different angles of light.

Samsung Galaxy A50s currently has three colors: high-gloss white, prism black and geometric green. Each one is full of technology.

Finally, I have to talk about the feel of the machine. To know that in order to increase battery life, it is necessary to increase the battery capacity. Inevitable mobile phones have become thicker and thicker. Many flagships are more than 200 grams. Time is exhausting.

The Samsung Galaxy A50s weighs only 166 grams while it is packed with a 4000mAh large battery. With a 7.7mm ultra-thin body, the feel is quite outstanding.

02/ Game Performance

In terms of hardware configuration, the Samsung Galaxy A50s is equipped with a self-developed Orion processor-Exynos 9611, supplemented by 6GB storage and 128GB flash memory. I believe many people are more interested in the performance of this processor. Let ’s take a quick run.

From the results of running points of view, Samsung Galaxy A50s in Geekbench score 41,679 on a single core, multi-core 5453, security Bunny run sub-score of 184086 points, to deal with daily work, video games is not an issue. Next we measured " Glory of Kings " to see how the Samsung Galaxy A50s's gaming performance really is.

Set the game to super high quality with full effects. Measured through the 5V5 teamfight mode to see the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A50s' frame rate.

In the 5v5 team battle competition, the whole process is close to full frame operation, and there is not much frame rate fluctuation. The processor can "full blood" output, active performance scheduling.

From the subjective perspective, the release of various skills and sliding operations during the game are very easy to follow. Encountered special effects to render complicated melee scenes, Samsung Galaxy A50s is also easy to deal with, running "Glory of the King" performance is easy.

Immediately after testing QQ Speed , click to enter the game and set the game image quality and frame rate to the highest. The subjective feeling during the game is to follow the hand. Especially when the game is opened, the loading speed is very fast. The 6GB + 128GB storage combination guarantees the game running speed.

The measured game did not experience frame dropping or stuttering throughout the game, especially for operations such as drifting and acceleration. The entire fingertip of the Samsung Galaxy A50s followed.

The system ’s built-in game booster and image optimization solution make the game screen smooth and smooth. At the same time, by learning the user ’s usage habits, the battery, temperature, and memory are continuously optimized. The software and hardware collaborative optimization makes the game more immersive.

03/ After the photo, 48 million AI three cameras

Taking pictures has always been Samsung's strong point. The Samsung Galaxy A50s is equipped with a 48-megapixel main camera + 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens (supporting 123 ° wide-angle photography) + 500-pixel depth-of-field lens triple camera combination. The rear 48-megapixel main camera and F2.0 aperture can obtain excellent night scene imaging. Not much to say, let's look directly at the proofs.

48 million pixel outdoor night proofs


For outdoor night scene shooting (professional mode), the Samsung Galaxy A50s shows a strong resolution of the picture, color saturation and picture sharpness are maintained well, and the overall picture brightness is very high, inheriting the tradition of "night vision".

Indoor dark light proofs

In addition to composition and light and shadow, the most eye-catching thing is color. The Samsung Galaxy A50s has a good white balance when shooting lights of different colors. The imaging is real and natural, and the colors are not excessively saturated. What you see is what you see, two words-real.

8 million pixel super wide-angle proofs

Ultra wide-angle shooting can show the macroscopic field of view of the picture very well, giving people a very shocking visual enjoyment, and the picture is more durable. The Samsung Galaxy A50s ultra wide-angle lens supports up to 123 ° wide-angle shooting. After distortion correction, it is suitable for shooting large scenes such as high-rise buildings.

From the proofs, tall buildings are stretched and enlarged, from near to far, the picture is more tension. After turning on the ultra-wide-angle mode, more elements can be incorporated into the picture, so that the tall buildings are more upright and the visual impact of the picture is stronger.

Let's enjoy a few 48-megapixel day proofs

04/ Endurance Test

In terms of battery life, the Samsung Galaxy A50s is equipped with a 4000mAh large-capacity battery in a 7.7mm body, and supports 15W fast charging. Fast charging is matched with a large battery to ensure battery life.

After five hours of heavy endurance testing, the Samsung Galaxy A50s has 48% remaining power, and the 4000mAh large battery is the foundation to ensure long battery life. In addition, with the power saving optimization of the One UI system, it is not a problem for light users to charge for two days.

05/ System Experience

The One UI system on the Samsung Galaxy A50s has a simple interface and no extra complicated functions. At the same time, there are a lot of functions commonly used by users, such as the Bixby assistant, global night mode, gesture navigation and intelligent anti-tracking. The colorful + flat design style makes the interface of One UI look more lively and fashionable.

Compared to domestic voice assistants , Samsung's Bixby assistant is more powerful and easy to use. Double-click the power button on any interface to wake up Bixby. As soon as an instruction like "I want to watch a movie" is issued, Bixby will quickly start searching for the latest popular movies. You can also purchase tickets directly if you want to watch.

Simple and easy-to-use system operation logic can give full play to the true advantages of the full screen. If the appearance of the phone is the first point that attracts you, then the system interaction is what really makes you like it.

In terms of the system's normal navigation operations, One UI integrates full-screen gestures and traditional three-key operation methods. The use logic is simple, there is almost no learning cost, and the user is free to choose to meet the personalized experience requirements.

Write at the End

Samsung Galaxy A50s equipped with its own self-developed Exynos 9611 processor, 48-megapixel rear AI triple camera and 4000mAh large battery, and other highlight configurations, are sufficient to meet our daily entertainment and gaming experience. If you are a user who cares about the weight of your phone and likes stylish design, then the Samsung Galaxy A50s is a good choice for mid-range phones.

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