Best SmarPhone: Samsung Galaxy Note10 Series Evaluation

Best Android Phone: Samsung Note10 Review

  1. May Be The Best Looking Flagship
  2. Excellent Read | Write Speed & Performance
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Samsung changed its single-version strategy for previous generations of Galaxy Note. In the early morning of August 8, the Galaxy Note 10 series of phones were released in New York . The Galaxy Note was divided into two sizes for the first time. The National Bank version was released on August 21, using the Snapdragon 855 mobile platform in the processor. We can see that Samsung is more flexible in the configuration and processing of the Galaxy Note series.

01: May Be The Best Looking Flagship

Founder's neat design language has always been the eye-catching logo of the Galaxy Note series. On the Galaxy Note 10, you can see that the screen curvature is further reduced, and it is almost difficult to see the trace of the curved screen at a glance in the vertical direction; the frame processing continues the Galaxy S10 The high level of the series makes the front screen get a very high screen ratio. The concise front screen makes the focus naturally focus on the top front camera. This front camera is really not small. In contrast, the front camera has a more harmonious visual perception on the Note10 + 's 6.8-inch screen.

The top of the body is the card slot, speaker opening and microphone. It is worth noting that the Galaxy Note10 only supports dual SIM cards and does not support micro SD card expansion. The Galaxy Note10 + is a dual card / and or card slot design; the bottom of the machine The openings are the microphone, data interface, speakers, and S-Pen. Surprisingly, the elements at the bottom of the Galaxy Note 10 have finally been aligned, and the arrangement of the openings at the top is more coordinated; the biggest change is that both machines have eliminated the 3.5mm headphone jack. Although the opening is naturally less for mobile phones, the long-lasting headphone hole of the Galaxy Note series has been ruthlessly cut off, which is a pity.

The color of the fuselage is one of the highlights of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 series. The author prefers the pure texture of Mish White, which is a clean white. In addition, there are two colors, Monet color and McQueen black, with a small detail. It seems that Samsung's preference for Monet can be positive: whether it is in the press conference or online announcement, Monet is used as an example for demonstration. In fact, the color of Monet's color is more metallic when it is handed, and the color performance when the light angle changes is very gorgeous; the black version is as stable and elegant as ever.

  • Samsung Note10 review Galaxy Note10 Monet
  • Samsung Note10 review Galaxy Note10 + McQueen Black
  • Samsung Note10 reviewGalaxy Note10 sRGB color gamut
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  • Galaxy Note10 screen bright mode

In the Galaxy Note10's vivid mode, you can see that the sRGB color volume exceeds 100%. Of course, this does not represent the top quality of this screen. In addition, the DCI-P3 color gamut has basically achieved 100% full coverage, ensuring a rich global picture. Color output. At the same time, you can see that the screen color difference is controlled to an average level of 0.16, which means that the color display of this screen can be more accurate.

Overall, due to the use of HDR10 + display technology, in daily use, you can feel that the screen of the Galaxy Note10 series is brighter and the color reproduction performance is better. It can be said that the screen of the Galaxy Note10 series still maintains the first-class level .

02: Excellent Read | Write Speed & Performance

Since the machine in hand is not the final released version, I only use the running score data to reflect the performance of this Snapdragon 855 SoC in the Galaxy Note10 series, although the Samsung Galaxy Note10 series does not use the Snapdragon 855+ but the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is still capable of security Bunny ran high score of 450,252, than other Snapdragon 855 phone much higher.

In addition, software such as Geekbench, 3D Mark, and AI Benchmark are also used here to test the hardware performance of the Galaxy Note10. It can also be found from the running score data that Geekbench's multi-core running is divided into 10972 points; 3D Mark Sling Shot Extreme- Vulkan runs 4923 points, AI Benchmark runs 26863 points.

Compared with the ordinary Snapdragon 855 mobile phone, the performance of Galaxy Note10 has many advantages. The reason is that the Galaxy Note10 series uses UFS 3.0 flash memory and F2FS file system. The smooth reading and writing speed and performance add a lot to the phone.

Thanks to UFS 3.0 flash memory, the read and write speed improvement of the Galaxy Note10 series is obvious, and the performance improvement will also be reflected in all aspects of daily use by users.

After one hour of continuous gaming, Fluke recorded the temperature of the Galaxy Note10's body. According to the data, the average of the back is 41.6 ℃, and the average is 39.7 ℃. The main point is that the overall heat distribution of the body is extremely uniform, and there is basically no local overheating. phenomenon. Under the blessing of Samsung's ultra-thin carbon fiber liquid cooling system, the overall gaming experience is relatively smooth, and the performance of the body temperature can be said to be in line with expectations.

  • Galaxy Note10 back temperature
  • Galaxy Note10 front temperature
  • 03 S-Pen adds practicality
The entire Galaxy Note10 series is equipped with S-Pen, which has also been enhanced in some functions, which is called an advanced version of S-Pen. Users can convert handwritten notes to text in Samsung Notes, and export them to multiple formats including Microsoft Word . Productivity attributes are further enhanced, and S-Pen can be used directly even when the screen is off. Scribble on the screen, eliminating the hassle of finding notes after unlocking.

The handwriting input of S-Pen and the feedback effect when contacting the screen are relatively smooth. The lightweight S-Pen is very friendly to the user experience. Moreover, the control gestures can be further improved through customized settings. With subsequent software adaptation, users can then use mobile phone applications by creating custom controls.
  • Lightweight S-Pen hidden in the fuselage
At present, S-Pen ’s air gesture operation basically needs to be implemented with buttons. Press and hold the S-Pen button, and you can hover and shake to achieve song cutting. In the shooting interface, switch the camera lens up and down, and switch the camera mode from left to right. Click S -Pen button can complete self-timer; after setting, you can even zoom the camera by rotating S-Pen.
  • Switch music with S-Pen and gestures
Combined with the AR graffiti function, users can use S-Pen to add dynamic painting, effects and animation effects to photos; after recording videos with the Galaxy Note10 series, they can immediately edit with S-Pen on their mobile phones. The more versatile S-Pen also achieves longer battery life than before, and the color of the S-Pen is different according to the color of the fuselage. For example, Monet ’s S-Pen is very blue.

03: Dox's No. 1 Photo Hard Power

The hardware parameters of the Galaxy Note10 series cameras are slightly different between the two versions: The Galaxy Note10 + is equipped with a 12Mp main camera (S5K2L4, F1.5 / F2.4 dual aperture) + 12Mp telephoto (S5K3M5, 1.0μm, F2.1 ) + 16Mp ultra-wide-angle (S5K3P9, 1.0μm, F2.2) + ToF (IMX316) four-shot combination, while the Note10 does not have a ToF lens. The internal details are that the telephoto part has been changed from the previous generation S5K3M3 to S5K3M5, and the aperture has been increased to F2.1, and the other parts are completely consistent with the S10 series.

  • Galaxy Note10 + rear quad camera
  • In the DxO ranking list, the Note10 + 5G version ranked first with a comprehensive score of 113. The following are real proofs.
  • Weather: Poor lighting conditions on cloudy days
  • Note10 + real shot proofs

The Note10 series not only has a strong color expression at the photo level, the camera's guidelines will also guide the composition during actual shooting, helping users improve the shooting experience. As mentioned earlier, with S-Pen, selfies and dynamic selfies can be even more fun.

At the level of video shooting, users can also use the depth of field adjustment function to blur the background and focus on the subject; the "zoom microphone" can amplify the video volume frame by frame and weaken the background noise. AR technology and 3D functions are also integrated into the camera. After the depth of field lens on the Galaxy Note 10+ scans the object, it can also be converted into a movable 3D rendering.

04: ONE UI improvement

The most puzzling point of the entire Note10 series is that the unlock and volume keys are placed on the left side of the phone, which makes it necessary to adapt each time it is unlocked. Fortunately, the Galaxy Note 10 has upgraded the fingerprint under the ultrasonic screen. It is comparable to optical fingerprints and has better security.

The UI also adheres to Samsung's usual style. The Galaxy Note10 series has not changed much overall, but it can be seen that more attention is paid to the management of security permissions. The Galaxy Note10 series extends the functionality of the Samsung DeX docking station. Users only need to connect through a compatible USB cable to achieve the linkage between the mobile phone and the Windows system. At the same time, Samsung Knox can also ensure the security of mobile phone data.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10's Bixby voice assistant has been upgraded to include voice, vision, screen recognition and scene functions. For example, Bixby Vision can create 3D models and interact when taking photos; Bixby's smart scenes have 50+ smart scenes and 3000+ instruction. For example, after the user locates the area of ​​the home, the mobile phone will automatically enter the home away mode when leaving the home, which can be set to turn off music, mute, turn on navigation, etc. In addition, the most convenient point is the deep cooperation between Bixby and WeChat , which can quickly load convenient services such as WeChat applets.

Samsung Pay's service has also been upgraded. It currently supports three major electronic payments (WeChat, Alipay,, and supports 145 bank cards, improving the practicality of Samsung payment. In addition, Samsung supports 11 electronic cards in terms of transportation cards. Spread across 257 cities, it can also bring great convenience to the travel of the majority of users; smart card functions, support for community access and company access.

The Galaxy Note10 series has changed its conservative attitude in terms of fast charging, and the improvement is huge; the Galaxy Note10 supports 25W PPS fast charging, and the Galaxy Note10 + has soared to 45W; the wireless charging rate of the Galaxy Note10 series has also been increased from the previous 12W to 15W . In addition, the Galaxy Note10 series' wireless shared charging function can charge Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung Galaxy Buds or other Qi-certified devices.

05: Summary

The overall positioning of the Galaxy Note10 series is still high-end. The Galaxy Note10 8GB + 256GB version is priced at 6599 yuan; the Galaxy Note10 + 5G version is 12GB storage + 256GB storage, priced at 7999 yuan; indicating the ultimate high-end of the Galaxy Note10 series Positioning, top-level workmanship, configuration, and pricing, the Galaxy Note10 series sits firmly on the throne of the Android emperor.

For users who are looking for a large screen and deep experience, the Note10 + with full skills will be a good choice. After all, the Galaxy Note10 + should be more comprehensive in terms of camera and battery life, and the Galaxy Note10 + is the most comfortable big screen flagship this year. ,none of them. At the same time, the smaller size of the Galaxy Note 10 is more lightweight, and it can still get an experience comparable to the Galaxy Note 10+, suitable for users who are more sensitive to size and weight.

The Galaxy Note10 series released before Apple and Huawei and other brands will undoubtedly bring Samsung the biggest brand volume in the second half of 2019. Whether the previous Galaxy Note10 series can continue to lead, look forward to the performance of many flagship models that will be released next.

06: Samsung Galaxy Note10 Photos

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