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Trendy young 5G selfie phone Huawei NOVA6 5G comprehensive evaluation

  1.  Probably the best selfie performance currently
  2.  5G is a Life Attitude
  3.  Kirin 990 provides surging performance for mobile phones
  4.  Endurance: Get rid of endurance anxiety, no stress for daily use
  5. Appearance: dual camera pole full screen + aesthetic trend color matching
  6.  Fully upgraded rear camera module
  7. EMUI 10 is easier to use and beautiful
  8. Huawei terminal 5G first to hit the commercial differentiated experience

Recently, Huawei nova6 5G arrived as scheduled. As the first 5G terminal product of the nova series, Huawei nova6 5G not only inherits the value proposition of the "nova" of the nova series of Huawei, it is the first to create the first selfie flagship in the 5G era, whether it is the stylish appearance and color matching, or 5G full Netcom The ultimate user experience is the industry-leading front-facing "105 ° wide-angle dual camera". It can be said that nova6 5G is the perfect choice for young fashion people in the 5G era.

Since this is a 5G trend phone that focuses on "selfie" , today we will start with the selfie and talk about the changes brought by Huawei nova6 5G from every touching detail.

Before looking at the evaluation, let's look at the price:

  • Huawei nova6 4G full Netcom version 8 + 128 version
  • Huawei nova6 5G full Netcom version 8 + 128 version
  • Huawei nova6 5G full Netcom version 8 + 256 version

01 is  probably the best selfie performance currently

The front camera module of Huawei nova6 5G is a 32-megapixel autofocus lens (IMX616 sensor, f / 2.2 large aperture, equipped with Close loop motor) + 8-megapixel 105 ° ultra-wide-angle lens.

Huawei nova6 5G is equipped with a close loop motor for the front main camera. What does this motor do? Generally, the front camera of a mobile phone is a fixed focus lens, and people who are too close or too far away from the front camera will be blurred. The Huawei nova6 5G is equipped with a Close loop motor autofocus for the IMX616. In conjunction with Huawei's exclusive algorithm adjustment, it can achieve self-timer effects with a distance of 20cm to 120cm (selfie stick scene), and achieve a self-timer picture effect that is "clear in both far and near".

As we all know, a good photo straight out of a mobile phone also needs the support of top ISPs. Huawei nova6 5G has a new self-developed Kirin ISP 5.0 image processing technology built in, which improves throughput by 15% and energy efficiency by 15%. Strong support for selfies.

In the portrait mode of Huawei nova6 5G, it can deal with wrinkles, eye bags and other defects, retain skin details such as lying silkworms, smiling muscles, and highlight the three-dimensional sense and facial features of the characters, making the skin clear and translucent, and the overall effect is outstanding.

What we can see in this selfie is that Huawei nova6 5G automatically judges the skin color of the younger sister during the photo shoot, intelligently adjusts the skin color in different light to the most realistic and transparent state, and in the face detail processing, the facial texture More even, skin condition is more textured.

Through this group of portrait proofs, we can see that the details of the girl's lips, eye corners, hair, etc. have been optimized. The skin was also beautified, details were repaired, and appropriate operations such as microdermabrasion, sharpening, and softness enhancement were performed according to the overall style.

What if I want to take a selfie in a dark environment? It does not matter, Huawei nova6 5G built-in portrait Super Night Scene 2.0. Huawei's exclusive AI beauty algorithm combined with powerful Kirin ISP 5.0 image processing technology, the self-timer effect of Huawei nova6 5G, even in the dark, the effect is as good as the self-timer in the daytime environment.

The front 105 ° ultra-wide-angle lens is very useful when taking selfies with friends. When the Huawei nova6 5G front camera recognizes that three people are in the camera range at the same time, it will automatically mobilize the front ultra-wide-angle selfie. The front ultra-wide-angle camera can accommodate a wider format, and taking selfies never has to worry about not being able to fit everyone.

This 105 ° ultra-wide-angle lens will automatically call Huawei's AI layered distortion correction algorithm when taking a selfie. By segmenting the portrait, the scene will be processed separately. Use perspective projection to deal with background distortion, and use spherical plane projection to deal with face distortion, to achieve super wide-angle self-timer effect with excellent scenery.

In terms of front camera selfie, Huawei nova6 5G supports 4K 30fps video recording, with advanced AI beauty algorithm and 32 million pixel auto-focus lens, it can easily shoot short videos and vlog works with clear and beautiful portraits.

Relying on its comprehensive self-timer strength, Huawei nova6 5G's DxOMark self-timer evaluation scores up to 100 points, and its self-timer photo and video scores top the list.

In terms of self-timer, there is a word: the girl shot by Huawei nova6 5G is beautiful.

02: 5G is a Life Attitude

As a 5G mobile phone of Huawei nova series, Huawei nova6 5G supports the full band of 5G NSA + SA. Now many 5G mobile phones only support 5G NSA single-mode, and 5G SA networks are frequency bands that domestic operators will focus on in the future. 5G mobile phones supporting 5G SA networks will not only have a longer service life, but also perform better on 5G networks.

So what is the speed of 5G at this stage? Not much nonsense, we bring you a fresh 5G network experience.

At present, the 5G network has entered the initial stage of actual use. The network speed test (test software Speedtest) is performed in the area covered by 5G in Beijing. The speed limit of Unicom's 5G card package is 500Mbps. The actual test of Huawei nova6 5G network speed can basically reach the upper limit.

In a 5G network environment, Huawei nova6 5G software download speed performance is also very good, stable around 50MB / s, 1.5GB games, downloading within one minute.

In terms of game detection on the 5G network, the delay of both " Glory of the King " and "Peace Elite" remains in a good state of delay. It is worth noting that this is only in the case of 5G NSA networks. After the large-scale promotion of the Internet, the probability of a large delay in the game will be further reduced.

At the recent World 5G Conference, major manufacturers showed us the changes brought about by 5G life. After the 5G ecosystem is gradually built, it will inevitably change our lives. The significance of 5G is far more than just changing our daily lives. A high-performance 5G mobile phone is a new way of life, and Huawei nova6 5G is a very worthy 5G mobile phone.

Huawei nova6 5G uses dual "core" configuration, equipped with the industry's first 7nm 5G dual-mode full Netcom chip Baron 5000 and 7nm SoC chip Kirin 990. The 7nm process Baron 5000 is small in size, high in integration, and powerful in performance. Huawei nova6 5G mobile phone not only shows excellent 5G charm, but also backward compatible with various network standards such as 4G, 3G and 2G.

Huawei nova6 5G fully supports two mainstream networking methods, SA and NSA in the 5G era. It also benefits from the performance advantages of Baron 5000. No matter which type of networking method is the 5G network, Huawei nova6 5G can be perfectly adapted. Brings a fast and enjoyable 5G experience.

Antenna design, Huawei nova6 5G has 6 5G antennas, a total of 13 antennas. Summary The 5G performance of Huawei's nova6 5G phone is the stage when Huawei's commercialization of 5G mobile phones has reached maturity and incubates differentiated 5G mobile phone products.

The 5G era requires more powerful mobile phone performance as support, and the Kirin 990 chip provides surging power for Huawei nova6 5G.

03: Kirin 990 provides surging performance for mobile phones

Kirin 990 uses TSMC's 7nm process, two super-large cores (based on Cortex-A76) + 2 large cores (based on Cortex-A76) + four small cores (Cortex-A55). The frequency can reach 2.86GHz. The GPU has changed from the previous 10 cores to 16 cores, and the integrated 16-core Mali-G76 GPU has achieved the largest GPU scale of Huawei mobile phone chips.

The Kirin 990 also integrates a self-developed DaVinci architecture. The NPU large core achieves high performance output for large computing power scenarios. The NPU microcore is responsible for ultra-low power consumption applications. In short, the DaVinci NPU gives the phone a smart brain.

Similarly, Kirin 990 integrates the fifth-generation self-developed ISP. The new ISP 5.0 has a 15% increase in throughput and a 15% increase in energy efficiency, comprehensively improving shooting capabilities. Kirin 990 optimizes the video noise reduction capability in dark light. For the first time, the dual-domain time-domain + space-domain video noise reduction technology is implemented on the mobile phone chip. The video noise reduction ability is increased by 20%. For the first time, BM3D professional-level hardware noise reduction is implemented on the mobile phone chip. Technology, photo noise reduction ability increased by 30%.

For Kirin Gaming + 2.0 launched for gaming scenarios, Huawei nova6 5G uses a newly upgraded AI frequency modulation scheduling technology, and adds game-related thread optimization technology to dynamically sense performance bottlenecks. At the same time, Kirin Gaming + has established a precise Kirin Gaming + game performance power consumption model by studying large game data of more than 1 million frames, and refined performance power consumption scheduling into each frame of the game to achieve high frame rates Stable operation, more realistic and immersive experience.

In the game test session, "Glory of the King" turned on the highest picture setting, and the real-time frame rate of Gamebench was stable at 60 frames. The surprise of this Kirin 990 is the stable frame rate display throughout the process, and basically no frame drop or frame rate fluctuation occurred.

"Peace Elite" in Huawei nova6 5G can be opened up to HDR HD + ultra high frame rate (40 frames), under the default maximum screen performance, can run at full frame.

After being cracked by a third party, a 59-frame game screen effect can be achieved on Huawei nova6 5G.

Judging from the actual game tests, the gaming performance of Huawei nova6 5G can be said to be the first echelon of the current Android camp, and this is inseparable from the outstanding thermal performance of Huawei nova6 5G.

Huawei nova6 5G uses D8 heat pipe and D2 heat pipe for dual-heat pipe liquid cooling and heat dissipation. Among them, D8 heat pipe is an ultra-thin heat pipe with a diameter of 8mm. It is the thickest heat pipe in the industry at present. The diameter of the tube is also 3mm larger, and the area covered by the heat source can be directly increased by nearly 60%. In addition to the two heat pipes, the Huawei nova6 5G uses a multi-layer heat dissipation design to ensure stable performance and no heat generation when the mobile phone is heavily used.

Many people will ask here: What is the endurance performance of Huawei nova6 5G?

04: Endurance: Get rid of endurance anxiety, no stress for daily use

Huawei nova6 5G is equipped with a large 4200mAh battery and 40W (10V4A) Huawei super fast charge. Play games, tremble, and chase dramas with ease and stress-free.

In the 5-hour heavy use battery life, the photo test (30 minutes), video playback test (60 minutes), social test (30 minutes), instant messaging (30 minutes), web browsing (30 minutes), game test (60 minutes) , Online music (30 minutes), e-books (30 minutes), the final Huawei nova6 5G remaining power is 53%, and the 4200mAh battery capacity advantage is undoubtedly revealed.

In addition, Huawei nova6 5G is equipped with a new generation of 40W Huawei Super Fast Charge, with a charging conversion efficiency of up to 98% and a charge of 70% in 30 minutes. It can be seen that Huawei's super fast charge has high conversion efficiency, and supports 15 layers of security protection. It has obtained TΓΌV Rheinland's authoritative safety certification, which makes charging faster and safer.

05: Appearance: dual camera pole full screen + aesthetic trend color matching

In the official warm-up of Huawei nova6 5G, we have long known that Huawei nova6 5G uses a front-drilled screen design. The real machine can find that the more accurate name should be "6.5 7-inch dual-camera full-screen". This is a 6.57-inch LCD screen with a screen ratio of 20: 9, a resolution of 2400 * 1080, 400ppi, 96% NTSC, and supports DCI-P3 color gamut.

This LCD screen has passed the German Eye Protection certification. When the eye protection mode is turned on, it effectively controls blue light radiation and reduces eye damage. The LCD screen has no flicker. In terms of detail resolution, the LCD is also finer than the OLED screen.

On the border control, Huawei nova6 5G's screen is approximately the same width on the left and right sides, and the width of the black border and chin is better.

The top of the phone is the opening for the distance sensor and noise reduction microphone. Huawei nova6 5G adopts the side capacitive fingerprint + power button two-in-one design. The physical fingerprint unlocking guarantees fast, ruthless and accurate unlocking of mobile phones . The width of this fingerprint recognition module is 2.4mm, which is the narrowest in the industry.

With the cooperation of 3D glass back panel and edge arc, Huawei nova6 5G large 6.57-inch mobile phone can still hold a soft feel in the hand. In terms of body color, Nova has refreshed people's imagination of mobile phone design and technology. The Huawei nova6 series has four color schemes: Provence color, honey red color, bright black color, and Suyin blue color.

The color matching concept of the Huawei nova6 series is "mirror of the illusion". The four-layer effect of light, texture, color, and space, while the depth of light and shadow effects and color transformation is deeper, the sense of hierarchy blooms vividly.

06: Fully upgraded rear camera module

The rear camera module of Huawei nova6 5G is also one of the highlights of the upgrade of the nova series. The rear camera module of Huawei nova6 5G is: 40 million pixels super-sensitive main camera (1 / 1.7 inch) + 8 million pixels 3 times Optical zoom lens + 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens (supports 120 ° ultra-wide-angle) three-shot combination, and a laser focusing module is equipped near the flash.

This 40 million main camera uses a CMOS that is different from the general RGGB array CMOS. It uses the Bayer pixel array combination and pixel quadruple function of RYYB. It replaces the traditional RGB subpixel array with red, blue and yellow sensors.

Because the yellow sensor will absorb red and green light at the same time, RYRYB's CMOS can use 40% more light than traditional RGB arrays to obtain clearer photos in low-light environments. The ISO is increased to 204800 in one fell swoop to capture light. Capability has become the biggest advantage of Huawei nova6 5G when shooting.

In night mode, the overall brightness of Huawei nova6 5G photos will be significantly improved. The major change brought by the RYYB sensor is the ability to capture more details in the dark, and the night scene performs better.

In this photo, we can see that the night shot of Huawei nova6 5G, while maintaining the details and color accuracy of the picture, the overall picture performance is pure.

For night scenes under complex lighting conditions, Huawei nova6 5G can still capture the details of the screen.

The benefit of the highest sensitivity of 204800 is that it can still take a clear picture even when the human eye does not perceive it well. The picture on the left is the Huawei nova6 5G adjusted to a similar look and feel to the human eye, while the picture on the right is the Huawei nova6 5G with night mode turned on, while the shooting picture is effectively improved in sharpness, it can also control exposure and reduce noise. Under extreme conditions, you can shoot night shots beyond the visible range of the naked eye.

In the default mode, the contrast of the picture taken by Huawei nova6 5G is full, the picture has a three-dimensional effect, and the picture color is vivid.

Under the complex light environment of the room, the color reproduction is very accurate, and the colors of the little yellow people can be accurately expressed.

In the real shot, we can find that the ultra-wide-angle lens effect of Huawei nova6 5G is very shocking, which is more than enough to accommodate a wider picture. Huawei nova6 5G currently supports up to 30x digital zoom. With 3x optical zoom and 5x hybrid zoom, we can get different views through Huawei nova6 5G.

In addition to the advancement of taking pictures, Huawei nova6 5G has also greatly improved its video recording. With EIS intelligent anti-shake technology, Huawei nova6 5G supports high-frame-rate, high-sensitivity, high-dynamic-range 4K 60fps ultra-sensitive video recording to meet users outdoors. Image requirements under extreme conditions such as motion and low light.

Whether it is taking pictures or shooting videos, Huawei nova6 5G can meet the creativity of photographers.

07: EMUI 10 is easier to use and beautiful

Huawei nova6 5G is equipped with the EMUI10 system. At the beginning, I felt that the system UI this time is younger than before. The rounded corner icons and colorful design in the settings make people look bright.

It is worth noting that the pull-down interface in the status bar is provided with a 5G switch, which solves a pain point problem in the early 5G era.

Huawei nova6 5G supports multi-screen collaboration. In the past, different computer systems of mobile phones caused file transfers to rely on data lines, Bluetooth, or third-party software, which required complicated operations and low transmission efficiency.

At the same time, Huawei nova6 5G is equipped with an innovative "One Touch" function to achieve revolutionary interaction between mobile phones and PCs. With a single touch, you can sync your phone screen to your computer (Matebook needs to support this feature). Support drag and drop files directly to break the system barrier. Whether you continue editing from the desktop to your mobile phone, or share the wonderful game record with family and friends, you can get it with one touch. You can also open the APP application on your PC, play mobile games on your computer, and flash videos.

In addition, Huawei nova6 5G brings a brand new unblocked call, supports 1080p video calls, and has a clearer definition than mainstream video instant messaging tools on the market. Compared with Facetime, the picture quality is higher and the traffic is less. Even in low-light conditions, the smooth connection will optimize the picture intelligently. One-click skin beautification can be implemented in the video to improve sharpness and brightness.

Huawei nova6 5G is also equipped with full-featured NFC.

In addition to HUAWEI Pay, access cards and transportation cards, Huawei nova6 5G fully supports NFC certificates known in the market.

The NFC functions supported by Huawei nova6 5G include the citizen network electronic identity card identification (eID), enabling minute-level air-time activation, second-level offline identity verification, and second-level online identity authentication for a high security experience. At present, users can apply the convenience brought by NFC in all scenarios through Huawei nova6 5G's NFC. In general, Huawei nova 6 5G's EMUI 10 takes the ease of use, practicality and aesthetics to a new level.

So far, many details of Huawei nova6 5G have been revealed one by one.

08: Huawei terminal 5G first to hit the commercial differentiated experience

After Huawei's first 5G mobile phone supports 5G full Netcom, Huawei has used its 5G hard power to build one after another 5G mobile phones, and each 5G mobile phone has its own unique characteristics. Back on Huawei nova6 5G, what we see besides 5G full Netcom, extremely high-quality selfie performance, and the extreme performance brought by Kirin 990. The experience in any aspect has reached the top level in the industry.

As one of the manufacturers setting 5G standards, Huawei considers the operation mode of 5G scenarios with a new idea. As 5G becomes more widespread, mobile phones will not exist as a single device. By then, as a starting point for the application of smart scenarios, Huawei nova6 5G has made its own differentiation, better selfies, longer battery life, and better user experience to create a new starting point for 5G mobile phones. What Huawei nova6 5G brings is Huawei's differentiated layout for 5G mobile phones. Among many 5G mobile phone manufacturers, Huawei is a big step ahead.a

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