Detailed explanation of high-end skills and play ideas in "PubG"

Detailed explanation of high-end skills and play ideas in "PubG"

1. A practical quadruple mirror gun. I believe you will not want to use the basic mirror again after I use the quadruple mirror gun. 

What kind of quadruple mirror pressure gun can't keep your dpi low pressure? 

Please open and set the quadruple mirror to increase the sensitivity of the mirror a little, but your quadruple mirror attack will have an impact and adapt step by step. 

What to do if the quadruple mirror pressure gun can't hold it down? 

There are no problems with closing the mirror after 10 rounds, and so on. What can I do if the basic mirror cannot be held down? It ’s as simple as closing the mirror after 20 rounds and then turning it on.

2. Squat down will be much more stable if the medium range fire can't hold the gun down. The ballistic stability is particularly high, but it is easy to give a headshot.

3. Great God's New Year's marksmanship is easy to use and handsome. The New Year's marksmanship means crouching crazily when shooting from the waist. Actually it is not so easy to use but handsome.

4. Warn 98k players: 98k is not as strong as you think you are.

5. Warn the players: Sniper is not as weak as you think.

6. When you are fighting in the city, you are very comfortable to persuade the fight. They have reduced staff after the fight. Even if there is no staff reduction, they will lick the pack and fight with their teammates.

7. When I do n’t have 98k, my sub gun will choose uzi or spray gun.

8. Uzi's gun is seriously underestimated. Including me before, attacking the stairs with the first perspective is invincible, and the face is not vain except for any guns.

9. Do n’t aim at uzi, shoot with the waist, do n’t uzi if you are 50 meters away.

10. The flashing gun method works wonderfully with the spray, in fact, it works wonderfully with any gun. If you have a bunker and use the rifle and flash gun method to hit the opposite sniper, I suggest you not to fight, you can change the bunker crazy.

11. Please switch to the middle button of the mouse wheel to switch the firing mode. The b key is almost anti-human.

12. Don't use 98k when others are moving in the distance. Use a high-powered rifle to fight.

13. How to hit a person who moves laterally in the distance, the theory of 1: 100 is pushed by a mathematical formula. In short, the person playing 100-200 is one position ahead, the two positions are 200-300, and so on.

14. What? You don't know how to judge distance?

15. Two snipers in four rows are enough. You can take uzi or spray respectively.

16. There are basically two kinds of play now, early and late, and early and late. And I am more powerful, from beginning to end. And those lyb are more powerful, from beginning to end.

17. What to do if I licked a lot of bags all the way to kill people, throw away all the painkillers, hold all the drinks, and I didn't feel safe when the bottles were not full.

18. Many people in the medical box think that they are chicken ribs, and they just hit it casually. They don't know that this is a sharp weapon for the sniper finals. Everyone knows that adrenaline is the chicken rib.

19. The new map is not very fun, but the best thing is that there are too many bunkers in the finals and it is not too hot to touch the people. The old maps have a circle to eat vehicles and the new maps are not used.

20. There is a pair of people in the city who can't find their place. The two teammates pretend to fight and wait for persuasion. This corresponds to Article 6.

21. It is not recommended to adjust to zero within 400 meters, and it is not recommended to hit from 400 meters away.

22. Waist shooting is particularly good, slightly high-end players will not open the mirror when they stick to face targets. And at the high speed you have a cold knowledge, there are two forms of waist shooting, people on the right and people on the left, the angle of view is different. Most of the time, people use the waist shot on the right side, but sometimes you will have people on the left side, and the perspective is different, which will cause you to die. The q or e you press before the waist shot determines the shape of the waist shot. It is strongly recommended that you press e before preparing the waist shot to make people on the left. Most people don't know about this one. I figured it out for myself and it bothered me for a long time.

23. When you see a person closer, shoot at the mirror first.

24. It is very important to grasp the center point of the screen.

25. The central point grasps the importance of it. For example, when you rush towards a sheltered person in an open place, the central point is facing where he may come out. Cooperate with 23 more words, and then turn on the nearby voice and you will get the dead words.

26. Article 25 You learned will be endlessly used, believe me, this one should be the best one of all my skills.

27. When the game really starts, when you open the umbrella, you must remember where the attachments are, where there are people, and where there are no people.

28. Someone landed with you. He is in the building next door. If you see a gun within 5s, go directly to him. Note: The pistol also goes.

29. In the case of single or double row, if I play this game in the early part of the game, if someone searches for a rifle, I wo n’t search for it. I go to persuade or find someone to fight. You have to believe that the three-level suit eight times and the good equipment are in other people's bags.

30. If you want to practice your skills, go for a single row.

31. The advance gun is particularly useful. For example, when you are in the third person to see someone rushing at you, shoot in advance and then move out to hit someone. It is especially useful to shoot in advance when attacking a building or bunker.

32. In the case of 1v4 and 1v3, it is best to change the bombs depending on the situation. A short range of 10 rounds will definitely knock down a person. In the case of more than 1 dozen, do not replenish people.

33. The advantage of playing high and low is like a father beating his son. So think twice about forcibly rushing to the high, and the spiritual points you can hit can be far away.

34. The circle is very small and the two full formations are driving each other. However, if you are close to the safety zone, you can sacrifice a teammate to directly kill which team in the poison. The command must learn something.

35. When the people in the new map mansion finish fighting and searching, they will go to the warehouse to the right of PubG Game.

36. m249 This gun is very strong, I don't know why someone will not pick it up.

37. 1897 This sprayer is better than s686 in most cases, and it is also a severely underestimated gun. Spraying as much as possible to the waist, I feel the damage is relatively high (not confirmed).

38. Most people now play in the finals with a poisonous side or a card player. In the new map, I always go to the highest point of the center of the safe zone and drive. If you can choose the golden target, you will be in the finals. Killing ten people is not a problem. Every time I refresh in the next circle, I will drive to kill some people. The purpose of what to do and what to do in this game must be strong.

39. It is no longer necessary to get out of the bunker quickly. You can cut 2 or 4 horizontally and get off at 30-40 yards.

40. If you hit someone when there is no cover next to you, when you are sure that there is only one person, run directly with him against the gun.

41. It is very important to play a motorcycle well and it is very simple. There are four keys to control the motorcycle when it is in the air. q, e, ctrl, and spaces. ctrl is the head of the car, and the space is the head of the car. If the speed is too fast, you can go around the small slope and press the space. Many people will die because their heads are not pressed when they are stuck in the air.

42. People with high scores know the role of smoke bombs. Each person in the four rows picks up more than two. In a single row, I will take more than three. When the teammates fall to the ground or hold a gun, they will lose the smoke crazy.

43. The vehicle played a very important role in the final wheat field circle, or in the case of no cover in the final circle. The jeep is a mobile bunker with its back against the poisonous edge. It is better if there are trees like the left and right. The car stopped horizontally in front of you and exploded. This is a very safe bunker. You can hit the bunker crazy.

The above is a detailed explanation of the high-end skills and gameplay ideas shared by players. Many are more practical, but some depend on the player's situation.

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