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What are waterborne diseases and how a Water purifier can be helpful?

The sickness which occurs due to the drinking of contaminated water is called as a waterborne disease. There are various kinds of waterborne disease which can be fatal if not treated on time. According to the government data, more than three millions of people lost their life due to drinking of contaminated water.

In India, more than one lakh people lost their life due to waterborne diseases. The main reason for the water-related condition is the presence of harmful pathogens in water. As we know, water is one of the universal solvents which can dissolve almost everything in it. Due to this property of water, it becomes the home of several diseases causing pathogens.

Waterborne Disease-causing Agents

Water is the home of several heavy metals and microbes. The presence of an excess amount of minerals and microbes leads to various health issues. Although are multiple kinds of disease-causing agents here we have listed a few of them:


Water contains large numbers of the bacterium in it such as E.coli. Bacteria are considered as one of the most potential pathogens for causing waterborne diseases as it releases a toxic substance which causes several health issues.


The virus is the connective link between the living and non-living. It remains inactive until it gets it to host cell. To enter in their host cell, a virus needs a carrier, and no carrier is better than water. One of the common waterborne diseases, i.e., Hepatitis A & E is caused by Virus.


It is one of the most abundant microbes present in the water. As compared to the bacteria and virus, Protozoa is larger.

Types of Waterborne Disease

There are various kinds of diseases which occurs due to the drinking of contaminated water. here we have listed three common types of water-related disease which are:


In this condition, people experience watery stool more than three times in a day. There are three forms of this disease one is acute, chronic, and persistence. According to three governmental data, more than 300 children lost their life due to these deadly diseases.


This disease is caused by a bacteria called Vibro cholera. This bacteria is mainly found in food and water contaminated by the infected person. Once the bacteria enter into the human body, it starts releasing toxic material which causes healthy issues


It is the most common waterborne disease which is mainly caused by a bacteria called Salmonella typhi. According to the WHO data, more than 2 million people get infected by this disease every year out of the more than two lakhs people lost their life.

How To Prevent Waterborne Diseases?

As the waterborne disease is the result of the drinking of contaminated water; thus, it can easily be avoided by getting access to pure and healthy water for drinking purposes. Pure and healthy water is free form all the contamination; thus drinking of pollution-free water protects you from all kinds of waterborne diseases.

There are various methods of getting clean water, but nothing is better than a water purifier. A large number of water purifier is available in India out of all you need to choose the best water purifier for home. Thus install an excellent water purifier based on the advanced technology.

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