8 Positive Effects of Gaming on Mental Health

Back in 2018, the World Health Organization recognized video game addiction as a disorder. However, views are changing. Very recently, academic papers and other studies are showing video games could be therapeutic.

Who doesn’t love video games? Don’t take my word for it, hear it from the statistics themselves. Hollywood Reporter says that the video game industry has slaughtered the rest of the entertainment industry. The tickets sold for movies in 2018 grossed $11.9 billion as compared to video games which were $109.8 billion.

If you have a pre-teen or teenage boys in your home, they must spend most of their free time and weekends on their PlayStation, right? My kids have requested to upgrade our Internet speed to enjoy a better gaming experience. Here I am exploring options Hughesnet Internet plans to upgrade the speed of our current plan.

The interesting thing is that gaming has a positive on mental health. So parents, don’t stop your kids from playing. Here are some ways this form of entertainment can promote positive wellbeing:

1: It’s Therapy

The Journal of Pop Culture performed an academic study. They examined patients with traumatic brain injury. These patients attended a 1-hour game group therapy session weekly. Researchers found that video games helped improve their behavior, social skill, and self-awareness.
Another study says that videos can also help those struggling with bulimia. Games have positive effects when they are used in combination with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The patients who received CBT and played games at the same time went into partial and full remission after the treatment.

2: Better Cognitive Skills 

Video games strengthen cognitive skills. The benefits include better memory, reasoning, perception, and spatial navigation. Shooter video games are the ones that particularly improve the capacity of the player to think about an object in 3 dimensions.
Cognitive skills have critical implications for education and career development. They are very useful for achievement in engineering, science, technology, and mathematics.

3: Improved Memory 

Video games provide engaging and enriching experiences. They take you to a 3D virtual environment. Such games provide our brains with meaningful simulation. Hence, you do better on follow-up memory tasks.

4: Reduction in Anxiety  

Games help reduce anxiety. It’s a great way of relaxing your mood and calming your nerves. As you start playing video games, your mind focuses shift to a specific activity. You are able to have fun and forget about the stress that was bothering you.

5: Better Coping Mechanism

Many people play games as a way of coping with things. Hospitals let their patients play games to calm them down when they are feeling anxious. They use their mobile devices to play video games for coping with stress.
A great thing about game apps is that you have them with you all times. You don’t have to plug a cord to make your mental state better again.

6: It Makes Kids More Active

You must be thinking my kid doesn’t leave the couch to go to the restroom when they are playing a video game. How can video games possibility make them active?
Well, even if your child is not leaving their seat, they are still good. Games promote the interaction of the whole body. Even if they are holding a handheld controller, this is leading to some physical activity.
The best part – when your kids play tennis, basketball or any other outdoor game, they practice the same skills there.

7: Better Decision Making Skills

All parents want their kids to make good decisions and I am not talking about life decisions. I am referring to decisions they need to make daily by perceiving the information at hand. Video games help them adapt to quick decision making.

8: Curb Cravings

If you have some bad habits you want to let go of, video games can help you. It could be drinking, smoking, overeating or anything else. So, this positive effect is not just for kids but adults.
When you have a controller in your hand and all your focus is on the game, it helps reduce the desire for a vice. By getting your kids a PlayStation, you could be keeping them from bad habits and bad company.

Final Words

Who would have thought video games could have such positive effects on our health. To enjoy a smooth experience, you will need good Internet speed. 100 Mbps would be enough. Wondering how fast is 100 Mbps Internet? It offers 25 Mbps minimum download speed. By the US standards, this qualifies as high-speed Internet.

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