50 ways to change your life

50 ways to change your life

Simplify complex problems

No matter how great the journey begins, you need to know where you are going before you start. If you are very busy and have no time to choose, then you are likely to go on the wrong path without knowing it.

1. Learn to prioritize.

There seems to be a lot of things waiting for you to do in the new year. But if you scratch your beard and eyebrows together, in the end you will find that you have spent a messy year again. So at the beginning of the year you should have a plan to understand where you will start in the new year.

Experts suggest that after getting up every day, prioritize the things to do in a day, "label them a, b, c ..." Stephen said, "then you remove b and c and go to complete a, you You will feel very productive and relaxed on this day, and this is your day of success. "

2. Experience the fun of meditation.

Sitting quietly can not only purify people's minds, but also enable them to have a healthy body. Some recent research results show that regular meditation can not only relieve people's mental stress, but also effectively treat diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and infertility. More importantly, meditation can enhance human immunity.

3. Clean up your closet.

If you have clothes in your closet that haven't been worn for two years, throw them away or donate them. Get rid of your real "wealth" and you will find them right away when you need to wear something.

4. Donate unused things.

If you have something that you no longer need, you can donate it to charity.

5. Organize your photos.

Find out your previous photos from shoe boxes or other corners and pack them into beautiful photo albums or frames so that they will last longer and you can enjoy them in the future.

6. Items should be placed in categories.

Place your leisure products as the season changes. For example, put a sleigh and a snow parka together, and put a beach umbrella and a diving suit together.

7. Pack and store things.

Shoe box is not only used to store shoes. You can put some scattered daily necessities in the shoe box and mark it on the box so that you can use it next time.

8. Go to Bismarck and experience a new life.

Bismarck, the capital of North Dakota, is a small place with a population of 57,000, but the crime rate is low, the quality of school education is high, the economic development is stable, and the unemployment rate is low. In this town, you can rent a beautiful house for very little money, where you can enjoy the clear blue sky, convenient recreational facilities and delicious food. Most importantly, life is very stress-free here. In other words, this is simply a paradise for living. If you can't move here for various reasons, then find a time to come here for a holiday and experience the happy life here.

9. Freed from housework.

American women spend 358 hours of housework each year, learn to enjoy a less clean life, and occasionally lazy once and do no housework, you will have more leisure time.

10. Lost your current job.

John Dory is a 28-year-old banker who is a successful person by most people's standards. But who knows his pain? Overwork has severely "aged" various organs in his body. When he quit his job, he wandered around Central Park every day to see books such as "Honesty: The Happiest Moment of My Life".

"It's liberating to lose your job. You will become open-minded, you will have time to listen to your inner voice, and you will be able to hear many voices that you could not have heard before," said Udori.

Stay Awake

11. Exercise your brain.

Scientists have always thought that the human head is like a cabbage. A 20-year-old mind will not continue to "grow" in the future. From the age of 20, people's minds have inevitably declined: their determination has fallen, their memory has fallen, and so on. At about 80 years of age, a person's head is almost the same as pickles.

Before the 1960s, scientists also insisted that no new neurons will grow in the adult brain. But after 1988, scientists have had concrete evidence that adults can grow new neurons after exercising their brains.

This "continuing growth" of an adult's head comes from "entertainment." For example, play the "crossword puzzle" of the New York Times, play golf, play billiards and so on.

So, strengthen "use your brain", if you don't use it, it will be rigid, or even "rusty."

12. Plant a tree.

Planting a tree every year will not only beautify your living environment, but also bring you unexpected benefits. Horticulture expert Richard Martin said: "Your body will respond to the plants around you. If you focus on the green vegetation around you, you will feel less stressed, happy, and your immunity will be improved."

13. Play games with children.

Scientists believe that spending time with children playing games can improve adults' memory and cognition. For example, the popular game "Duck, Duck, Goose," etc. Playing with children can also make us live longer.

14. Listen to popular music.

We all liked pop music when we were young, but as we get older, we seem to be abandoned by this world. I don't know what music is popular today, and there is no common topic with young people. These are the problems that trouble parents who have children. If you don't want to grow old faster, why not try to listen to today's popular music, and you will become younger in the listening.

15. Read more.

Don't read for the purpose of improving your inner mobility, don't read for better knowledge than others, and don't just read for more understanding of the world. This is because reading is the most pleasant enjoyment in a person's life. Such pleasant enjoyment makes our lives more meaningful.

16, stay with your lover more

An American economist said after research that a good family and a happy couple life are happier than a job that earns $ 50,000 a year.

Therefore, some experts suggest that spending more time with your lover besides hard work, and the family's spiritual joy and happiness are more important than any important work for you.

Plan ahead

17. Learn to save.

Compared with weight loss, financial management is a task that seems easy but not easy to do.

Let's start with savings. If you can save $ 20 a week and increase it by 5% every year, you will have nearly $ 73,000 in savings after 30 years.

18. Optimize investment proportion.

You can't control the stock market trading, but you can control your investment allocation ratio. Experts suggest that various channels should be used rationally in investment and financial management. If you don't know how much to invest in the stock market, how much to invest in real estate, and how much to invest in insurance, you can ask those professional investment companies.

19. Re-evaluate investment areas.

At the end of each year, you need to re-evaluate your investment areas in the previous year. Find out which hotspots you can continue to invest in and which ones to stop. More importantly, you need to evaluate those potential and profitable investment areas in order to make a difference in this area in the new year.

20. Temporarily freeze your credit card.

Put your credit card in a plastic bag, and then freeze this plastic bag in water. When you have the desire to "splurge", at least you have to wait for the ice to melt.

21, save a sum of emergency money.

The tartars are old, sick, and dead, and have cloudy days. You need to take precautions against a financial crisis so that you don't get caught off guard when you run into a fiscal deficit.

22. Control your credit risk.

Do your best when using credit cards.

23. Develop an emergency response plan.

Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other irresistible disasters do not know when it will come. Our property and even our lives will be seriously threatened. Instead of waiting for we should take early precautions. Once disaster strikes, you need to be able to survive within the next 72 hours. The American Red Cross recommends that you prepare an emergency kit at home that contains non-perishable food, suitable clothing, radios, flashlights, commonly used drugs, family member information, insurance accounts, and bank accounts and many more.

24. Computer data classification and backup.

After a long time, you tend to forget exactly where your daughter's picture is stored. If you back up the stored data by category, and store the data in categories according to the nature of the information or other criteria, you can easily find them when you need them.

25. Classify books, archives, and materials.

You may have had this embarrassment: When you need to reconfirm your credit card statement, you really can't remember where you put it. Many receipts, invoices, bills, and various book materials in our daily life are often placed somewhere we want, and when we need them, we often do not know where to look. Therefore, it is a good way to put these things into categories.

Body is capital

26. Take more stairs and take less elevator.

Your health is your most valuable asset, but people seem to be talking about the importance of health. Of course, it's not too late from now on.

Experts suggest that if you don't have a fixed amount of time to exercise, change some of your daily habits. For example, don't take the elevator up the stairs, park your car far away from your destination and walk to it, walk your dog, etc.

Most people walk less than 3000 steps a day, and if you can walk 1 km a day, you will find that your body is really changing slowly. So experts say that exercise is not difficult, as long as you change your lifestyle a little, you can get the purpose of exercise from it.

27. Go to bed early and get up early.

The latest research found that a good sleep will provide you with sufficient physical strength the next day of work and life, and even play a role in weight loss.

28. Quit smoking.

Smoking is really not a good habit. Surveys show that 430,000 people in the United States die each year from diseases caused by smoking, and that smoking is also prone to diabetes, asthma, and the like. You may have tried to quit smoking before, but you failed. Why not achieve the goal of quitting smoking successfully in this year? Many states in the United States have websites that help smokers quit, and can also provide online or telephone services. Of course, you should not try to quit smoking for a day or two. Follow the steps, keep the ashtray away, don't bring too many cigarettes with you, stay with friends who don't smoke, etc.

Healthy diet

29. Eat more black bread.

30. Try the melon.

This fruit is richer in vitamins a and c than apples, oranges, and bananas.

31. Eat less white food.

Such as rice, bread, cakes, cookies, etc. These white foods contain too many calories and carbohydrates. Excessive consumption can easily cause diabetes and heart disease.

32, drink less canned drinks.

33. Eat more vegetables.

34. Self-treatment.

Regular physical examination will find out early if some organs of your body have problems, and conscious self-treatment can also play a role in health care.

35. Get married.

The latest research from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that married people are physically and mentally healthier than bachelors. As U.S. Justice Justice Black Black put it, "Wedding is a process, and marriage is a result."

Safety first

36. Wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.

6.767,000 people in the United States suffer head injuries every year while riding a helmet, and wearing a helmet can reduce the risk by 45%.

37, be careful of animals on the road.

Driving on the road and colliding with animals such as deer kills more than 150 Americans every year, and it is even more vigilant at dusk and dawn.

38. Install carbon monoxide detector.

You cannot see or smell this deadly gas, so installing such a detector will ensure your safety.

39. Buy a paper shredder.

Thieves can get the information they want from the letters, cards, and other numbers you discarded. You can use a paper shredder to smash these things and then discard them.

40. There are bugs in dark corners.

Especially in winter, many bugs dormant in dark corners such as roofs, basements, and garages. Beware of bees and other dangerous bugs.

41. Learn to give up properly.

You know, you are not "Superman" or "Spider-Man", sometimes you have to know how to give up. When your life is threatened, nothing is more important than living.

Good habits

42, often use dental floss.

This will not only make your smile more charming, but also reduce the incidence of dental disease. Research has also found that using dental floss can also reduce the incidence of heart disease and asthma.

43, stretch your waist regularly.

If you don't have time to exercise, stretch your waist in the office, this will make your muscles soft

44, wear shoes that fit well.

45, take a deep breath.

If you don't have time to walk your dog outdoors, take 10 deep breaths a day.

46. ​​Take appropriate vitamins.

Relieve stress

47. Maintain a moderate level of self-expectation.

There are tens of thousands of ways to achieve self. You can not run for president, but you can be a successful businessman. Determine your own behavioral goals based on your actual situation. Maintaining a moderate level of self-expectation will make your success easier. In addition, reasonable venting can effectively relieve me Super manntal stress.

48. Participate in volunteer activities.

The study found that volunteer activities can not only help those in need, but also bring physical health and psychological pleasure to the volunteers themselves. There is also data showing that older volunteers can live longer than non-volunteers of the same age.

49. Give yourself a new set of clothes.

Why not give yourself a try this year? Change the type of clothing, try to wear clothes that you didn't like to wear before, and you will find that the world is really different, and your mood will change.

50. Forgive others.

In 1993, only 26-year-old American Stanford female student Amy Berger was tragically killed by a crowd of young students in South Africa. Amy's parents, Linda and Pete, then quit their jobs and moved to South Africa, where they founded a school named after Amy.

Today, two black South African students who participated in the killing of Amy are attending this school. They regard Amy's parents as their parents, and Linda and Pete regard them as their sons.

"I don't want to live a bloody life full of hatred and revenge, because it doesn't fit my mind. I think Amy will also support us because that's what she wants to see."

Forget about your personal suffering for a while, and associate your personal suffering with this complex world, you will slowly realize how rare it is to get along with others peacefully.

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