3 Major Trends in Mobile Phones 2020

3 Major Trends in Mobile Phones 2020

5G + AI / Screen / Camera "Full Bloom"

As the vane of the technology industry, the cutting-edge technology will be seen at the CES every year. At the just-concluded CES2020 exhibition, not only saw the full bloom of black technology, but also revealed three major development trends in advance in the mobile phone field-5G + AI, screen form, camera lens innovation.

01 5G + AI continues its efforts: the new "battlefield" of global competition empowers more scenes

As the most cutting-edge technology in the current communications field, 5G has become a new "battlefield" for global competition. In addition to having a profound impact on industrial change, 5G will also completely change the way people live. With the same technology that can change the world, AI artificial intelligence has also shown its strong value on mobile terminals in recent years.

     Therefore, under the general trend that smartphones are the hub of "Internet of Everything", when two highly transformative technologies "combine"-what 5G + AI can bring, except for the eight scenarios enabled by Qualcomm In addition, there are more impossible.

As a global chip "big factory", at this CES2020, Qualcomm also specially held a communication conference, focusing on 5G chip applications, cloud AI chips, etc., and demonstrated three types of chips supporting 5G networks, which are used in mobile phones On the mobile side, there are Qualcomm 8 series Snapdragon 865 chips and Qualcomm 7 series Snapdragon 765 / 765G chips. At the same time, Qualcomm also showed its Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 series chip, which was born to handle cloud AI computing. The AI computing power can reach 350 TOPS. Compared with the current most advanced Al solution, the performance per watt is more than 10 times. Promotion.

     In addition to the "big factory" Qualcomm, many mobile phone manufacturers also joined hands with their new 5G mobile phones to debut at the CES2020 exhibition, such as Coolpad Legacy 5G, TCL 10 5G and other equipment, also added color to this exhibition.

AI smart speaker (Photo)

Samsung SelfieType (Photo)

In addition, the "mobile phone + AI interaction" mode has become a favorite feature of users. Whether it is the built-in AI intelligent voice function of the mobile phone or the mobile phone + AI smart speaker device mode, it is now a hot combination. Therefore, in addition to Qualcomm, that is, 5G mobile phones, many AI interactive devices at this CES, such as Amazon series smart speakers and Samsung SelfieType smart devices, have attracted people to stop. Among them, Samsung ’s SelfieType is your phone ’s invisible keyboard. It uses AI artificial intelligence and your phone ’s front camera to map your finger joints and convert their movements into keys, which is very interesting.

At this CES exhibition, we also saw more smart phones with the blessing of 5G + AI technology as the central trend. Mobile Internet, VR / AR, autonomous driving, and the "LoT" Internet of Things New changes and surprises brought by application scenarios / domains.

     According to the "5G Economy" report, 5G will create up to US $ 12.3 trillion in goods and services by 2035. Therefore, we also look forward to 5G + AI continuing to "live up" more industries, empower more scenarios, and bring Come more convenient.

02 Diversified screen forms: flexible screens / curved screens / folding screens

In 2019, we have already seen the shape of mobile phone screens, and finally changed from the three traditional forms (water droplets, bangs, full screen) from the earlier traditional, to more curved screens, folding screens and more. At this CES2020, we also felt the new trend in mobile phone screens.

During the CES 2020 exhibition, a flexible "screen tree" on Rouyu Technology's booth fully demonstrated the company's strength in screen technology.

Rouyu Technology (Photo)

In addition to the RoWrite2 smart handwriting notebook that can be bent freely, Rouyu Technology also exhibited Mirage soft-screen smart speakers with a wrap-around touch screen, automotive cockpit products based on the curved screen design of the flexible screen, and multiple A conceptual product that uses flexible screen technology in different scenarios.

TCL foldable concept phone (Photo)

In addition, TCL also debuted at CES 2020 with its hot foldable concept phone. This TCL foldable screen phone uses a 7.2-inch screen with a 2K resolution. Regarding the design of the folding screen, TCL said that it will have 30-40 different designs under consideration. Therefore, it is necessary to look forward to which solution to carry.

Dell Ori Concept (Pic)

The diversified and innovative forms of mobile phone screens have brought more intense visual and other sensory experiences, while also expanding the attributes and functional positioning of screen devices. For example, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold and Dell Ori Concept folding screen devices that appeared at CES2020. They can be either laptops, tablets, or mini desktops.

     So in the future, I believe we will also see more appearances of mobile phone screens. When you see them, you may ignore the boundaries of its phone attributes, so at that time, please do n’t be too surprised!

     03 Zoom is no longer the "king": the mobile phone camera is playing new tricks

     At CES2020, OnePlus introduced a new concept model, Concept One, which can be described as stunning. The biggest feature of this concept machine is the rear camera that can be hidden. It is inspired by the variable color panoramic sunroof of the McLaren 720s supercar. The camera will only show up when the camera is enabled.

OnePlus Concept One phone (Super running "variable panoramic sunroof" style camera)

     This Concept One's color-changing glass cover can achieve the ND filter effect and can adjust the brightness and darkness, so it has extremely strict requirements on the amount of light entering the camera. Fortunately, OnePlus optimized the optical module design to maximize the transmittance. Good effect, the process from black to transparent takes only 0.7 seconds, and the shooting experience is so cool that there are no friends.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Galaxy S10 Lite (Photo)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (Photo)

    In addition, Samsung, the world's largest mobile phone brand, also joined hands with the new Galaxy Note 10 Lite and S10 Lite to make a low-profile appearance at this CES. In addition to camera functions in the traditional sense, this new machine also made innovations in camera form / layout. Among them, the S10 Lite has added a new "SuperSteady" OIS mode camera, which can be obtained in dynamic photos and videos. Higher stability.

    The new "design language" brought by the above mobile phone cameras also brings new inspiration to the field of mobile phone imaging technology that currently uses optical zoom as the "king". We also believe that in the next 2020, there will be more new ways to "unlock" mobile phone cameras to bring us more shooting fun.


    Although there is not as much focus on the mobile phone field as the Mobile Communications Show, at this CES2020 exhibition, we still saw a lot of black technologies in terms of mobile phone functions and technologies. Nowadays, the global mobile phone market is becoming saturated. The emergence of emerging technologies has brought more opportunities and challenges for mobile phone manufacturers. On the basis of meeting user needs, upgrading user experience with cutting-edge technologies such as 5G + AI has increasingly become a mobile phone manufacturer's global expansion. New directions for the market. So, in the new year of 2020, let us look forward to new surprises in the mobile phone industry

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