Best brands of men's watches: a stylish accessory

A good watch can turn a classic outfit into one full of style and sophistication. Visit for Watch Brands, models and much more.

The watch is a symbol of undisputed elegance: it projects the character and style of a man, in addition to being an excellent complement to the costumes. When choosing, it is essential to consider the personality of who will use it, in addition to their habits. I went through some good options and models of the best watch brands.

As never before, a good watch has become fundamental in the masculine look, and has become an accessory that men change according to the occasion, adapting the style to each outfit and time of day.

Men's watches are large and resistant and there are many options: from sports models with seconds and stopwatch and the new Smart watches to executive models, more sober and elegant, there is much to go.

Watch brands for men

One of the first issues that we must address when buying a watch is the brand. There are some firms that alone send sophistication and guarantee a few years of duration. We tell you what the best brands of men’s watches are.

  • Rolex

Without a doubt, Rolex is the first on this list. While it is a classic, it is still an excellent choice for those who want an imposing watch. The key to the success of this brand is that it works as a status symbol and is of very high quality. For example, all its models are resistant to dust, water, are made of stainless steel and make the date change automatically.

However, they are very expensive pieces and it is not easy to access them. The counterpart of quality and efficiency is a very high price. Therefore, although it is the best brand in the world, most people prefer to Buy Watch Online.

Types of men's watches

In addition to the brand, we have to consider what style of watch is aligned with the person who will use it. In general, wristwatches are divided into:
  • Classic watches: traditional watches are the most elegant and are perfect to combine with fine clothes. Most are analog with quadrants in neutral colors and metal box. It is usual for them to have a metal bracelet or leather strap. Some models include sophisticated or novel details such as double dial, calendar, among others.
  • Sports watches: men die from this type of watches, because they are comfortable and very cool. They are usually made of ultra rigid crystals, can be submerged and withstand great pressure and shock thanks to their robust boxes. The straps can be made of rubber to tolerate the effects of water, but there are also metal models. Many of them have rotating frame and stopwatches, since they were originally intended as an instrument panel for athletes.
  • Military watches: they look sporty but have a much defined aesthetic. These are models initially designed for military use, so they have a box and a very resistant glass, which shows the information in a clear and unmistakable way.
  • Space clocks: as the name implies, they are clocks that were intended for astronauts and were all the rage between the sixties and eighties. These clocks incorporated the way to visualize the time in 24-hour intervals instead of 12. In addition, they work without problem in zero gravity, a quality that we will never need while we have our feet on the ground.
  • Technological clocks: we did not want to leave out this new status symbol. They are the watches that have altimeter, barometer and compass. They provide data with precision and are very impressive.
  • Skeleton watches: they are nothing more than analog clocks with the "skeleton" outside. That means they show their operating mechanism. They are very attractive and in general they are expensive models, so they are a status symbol.
  • Trendy watches: these types of watches are not for life but they try to take advantage of a trend. They are very common in haute couture houses that do not specialize in watches.
  • Smart watch: a smart watch is a smart watch that performs much broader functions than telling time. Run applications, monitor our health, about notifications of the most diverse, send emails and WhatsApp messages, allows you to search for information on the Internet, works as a GPS, allows us to connect to social networks and, with the most modern ones, you can even pay on the supermarket without taking out the wallet. Find out which is the best smart watch in the market.