Why It Is Significant To Consider Travel XML API Integration For Travel Agencies?

Being highly depends on updated records and information; travel agencies are a significant industry contributing to GDP. Companies with less updated information encounter low recognition, fall in sales and market position. It does not matter how much you have invested in promoting your products if you are not doing it the right way. Existing travelers have been plundered for options by well established online travel agencies. Users are able to look for information regarding flights, hotels, things to do, excursion and vehicle hire throughout the world. Everything will be perceived with real-time charges updating that further allows immediate booking even with mobile devices.

With the enhancement in search engines and online travel businesses, people demand real-time data. If they don’t get the details of what they are looking for, there are chances that they will choose another service provider. Travel XML API integration is the element that supports in providing all the real-time information in one place. it brings out the best travel technology for online travel business operator.

Let’s assume any of your website users looking for a flight for different destinations on your website and the search results display no result found, he will immediately move to the next customers.

What Raises The Demand For Third-Party Content?

As the travel industry is a highly growing industry, its customer base will be advanced too. Major users have initiated to utilize the internet for their travel requirements. It became really significant for travel operators to ensure they deliver their users with the right information to fulfill their requirements. Travel API integration service provider supports the businesses by integrating their booking system with the database of information using an API key. The scope of information does not matters if you have initiated the business or you are operating a business on a smaller scale.

In this situation, you need to connect with some regional vendors. But if you want to experience a rise in your business, holding a great catalog becomes necessary to accomplish this goal. You will find times when you need to be in touch with enormous suppliers offering services in different areas.

Reasons Where You’re Travel Affiliate Program May Be Lacking

Apart from travel XML API integration, one can combine with the white-label of an online travel operator to market universal inventory on their portals. This may include Expedia or Booking.com. Implementing white-label will ultimately direct the user to the supplier website providing a white label. On the other hand, a travel company will gain by commissions received every time a user initiates reservation on their website.

Most of the suppliers also offer an iframe code that can be fixed on your website. In this situation, the customer stays on your website but the payment is received by the distributor and you receive a commission.

In both the situation you will get no authority over the booking system or the payment. You have to follow the prices offered by the supplier and you cannot fix the margin or provide concessions. It highly relies on the area and kind of travel operator. If you find changes in the commission derived, you need to put request to supplier only that can take time.

So fortunately there is another way that offers complete control over payments and inventory and that is XML API integration.

What Exactly Travel APIs define?

According to the layman, an API offers you to combine third-party content such as inventory data to the reservation system of your website. Once a customer will browse to reserve a flight or hotel on your website, they will not be directed to other websites and only you receive the payment.

Similar to suppliers offer APIs to offer you permit to their inventories, banks and payment gateway, they will also offer APIs to implement their services. Travel API integration service provider helps companies in combining these elements with ease. By merging payment gateway API, your customer will be able to do payment reliably utilizing their credit card. You don’t require combining a payment gateway if you receive online payments.

How Travel APIs Are Beneficial?

  • With the travel XML API integration, travel companies can combine margins for their travel operators and final users.
  • Travel business collects the payment straight away from final users.
  • It offers profoundly effective information passed from the XML web pages.
  • Significantly less time is required to manage content and it ultimately gives companies time to concentrate on their important responsibilities such as selling and designing packages

Now the thing is how this beneficial integration is started and ended so here are some significant steps that are included in the API Integration process

Steps to be Followed

1) Choose Supplier- While selecting a supplier, conduct some studies to ensure you select a supplier that perfectly suits your business, depending on your area, their charges, presence, terms, and conditions, etc.
2) Contract Signing and Release of API Document- On selection of Supplier Company need to sign a contract explaining all the details of your product and business. On checking your details supplier will issue an API document to your technology service provider.
3) API Document Evaluation And Modification-  On receiving the API document the travel api integration service provider will check the suitability for your business and ensure the need for fresh XML connector.
4) Confirmation And Final Integration- Once the XML connector is generated it will be sent to the supplier for confirmation. It takes some time and on receiving approval the test API will be converted into live API.
5) After Completion of Integration- it is the time to check how the integration of API providing results. Whether the same is matching the expectation or need some consideration.


Travel API is significant to run a travel agency effectively. This is what demand for consideration before choosing the right travel API provider. In case of no knowledge of API seeking guidance from professionals can help travel businesses a lot.