Travelling With Your Furry Friend

Pet Travel is a real thing now. A lot of airlines are making special arrangements for their passengers to fly with their furry friends safely. All these airlines not only comply with IATA Live Animals Regulations but also keep reviewing their own internal policies from time to time to ensure your beloved pet is transported to you in good and safe condition.

Other than Airlines, Pet Relocation Agency like us is here to guide you through the entire process of relocation of your pet. We highly recommend people to start planning the travel way in advance to avoid any last minute disappointments and stress. Every country has different rules when it comes to Pet Travel and some countries like Australia or New Zealand requires 6-7 months of wait before your pet can join you.

Many of the Pet Parents are curious about mode of travel of their pets. There are three ways your pet can fly depending on the policy of the airlines and rule of the destination country – Fly in Cabin, Fly as Accompanied Baggage or Fly as Manifested Cargo. While we understand many Pet Parents would like to fly their furry friend with them in the Cabin, however, this is not always possible due to the size and weight restriction on pets in cabin. The standard rule that most airlines follow is your pet should be up to 8 kgs with the cage. The other two options are dependent on your travel plan. There is a lot of fear around pets travelling in hold, but let us assure you millions of animals in the world travel in holds and it's completely safe. In fact its quieter compared to Cabin and most pets would sleep peacefully during the travel. The airlines ensure the temperature, pressure and oxygen is regulated for a live animal to travel safely.

Other than the above, Pet Parents need to ensure their pets vaccination is up to date & they are medically fit to travel. Please ensure you inform your Pet Relocation agency of any underlying medical issue to give you the best advice for safe travel of your pet. We recommend visiting your vet few days before travelling to ensure your pet is healthy and fit for the travel.

We also recommend Pet Parents to avoid booking their pets travel during extreme temperatures (Especially if your pet falls in the category of snubbed nose). Most airlines due to their safety policies will have embargoes on travel during such periods however, we advise parents to be mindful of the same keeping in mind the safety of their pets.

Lastly, a good crate for comfortable travel of your pet is a must. You can read more about how to choose the right crate in our next blog.