Top 8 features that you need to add in your app like snapchat

We all know how interesting and engaging pictures can be, they are the best way to convey your message across. Several applications used filters as a feature that allows users to appear differently. As per the statistics an individual spends at least 30 minutes on applications like snapchat every single day, video views have increased to 400% YoY and a single application has over 150 million users on it. Judging by these facts it is evident that apps like snapchat matter a lot and they have managed to become a part of our lives.

Messaging has been the core function of these applications however what they’ve done is added different features to make it multi-functional. If you have blocked someone by mistake then find out how to unblock friends on snapchat. Here are a few features that you need to include in your application like snapchat in manner to pull this through.

8 Must have features for applications like snapchat

  • Snaps:

In an environment where people are driven by the concept of taking pictures and sharing them on social media, this is one of the most important features that you need to consider adding to your application. The core feature is self-destructive, making the picture to disappear after a certain period of time. As a result, no one will be able to save your picture; your privacy will remain untouched and you will have a secure method to share your pictures with your peers and loved ones. However, whenever there’s an app clone, you need to make sure that you add an extra value feature to it so that you are able to grasp your user’s attention.

  • Stories:

You can broadcast your snap in form of a story that can be seen by those whom you’ve added. Although this feature only makes the story last for twenty four hours max, but it is in no doubt an interesting way to connect with people and keep the users of the application engaged. The story feature is continuous which means, stories will play back to back; from one person to another till they end on their own or the user stops viewing them themselves. Incorporating this feature is very important if you want to help your application to stand out from the rest.

  • Lenses:

Artificial intelligence have become extremely common in today’s world. They are being combined with machine learning as they help to boost the engagement within applications. Filters that have been given in the application allow users to change their facial appearance and that helps them connect with the audience in a better manner. You can introduce something similar within your application and make it even more unique by adding different sorts of filters. But you must make sure to use a significant number of machine learning models and those related to data as well in your application. This feature will make sure your users return for more. Especially if you keep on adding new updates.

  • Filters:

Apart from face tracking and imaging systems, applications that are similar to snapchat are popular for regular filters such as black and white ones or those that have minimalistic details in them. You can add such filters in your application to enhance the usage and create a bond between audiences. Visual stimulation is known to help humans at focusing onto something, this feature made by snapchat app developers is definitely going to make a difference. You will be required to check which filters work best for your application based on the hues.

  • Audio and video calls:

Making video and audio calls is important for people as they need to connect with their friends and people across the globe. With this feature, users can stay connected to people from different places present at different time zones, without having to worry about using big bucks on calls. Secondly, if they are offline; users will still be able to message them and call back once they are active on the application. This is a must have feature since users expect to be able to make video and audio calls as it makes it easier for them.

  • Chat:

People prefer chat application that allow them to connect through texts. Having a versatile application that allows calls and text messages is probably going to be the best feature about an application like snapchat. Chat allows users to send text messages when they cannot attend calls or connect directly.

These are most important features that you need to add in your application like snapchat. Once you have incorporated these, you will be able to have the key elements on your finger tips that influence users to opt for an application. It is best to stay ahead of all by adding features that are rare and different.