Tools To Measure Your Brand Reputation

Did you know that a brand can have a pedigree, just like a purebred dog? This is brand reputation, made of news and judgments that reassure the customer about the company and the quality of the product. The value of the business grows thanks to a good reputation, because it gets the market estimate, differentiating itself from the competition. And customers increase exponentially. Discover the tools to measure your brand reputation right away, running for cover if you need to reclaim it.

Brand reputation, what it is. On and off line, this is what it is all about and why you have to grow it to get more customers

The reputation of a product or an activity is an ancient idea: it can be said that it was born with the trade of the Sumerians and has always been based on two essential factors:
  • The concrete experience of the product by the buyer
  • Opinions and judgments arising from that experience

But be careful not to confuse the image of the brand (always in transformation), with the reputation, which instead must remain stable over time and is long to build. It expresses the culture, values ​​and personality of the company organization, in other words its credibility.

You will have understood that the brand reputation has to do above all with the quality: a listed product, yesterday like today, is not based on crap, but expresses an unalterable value with the passing of the years. A famous example is the products of Ferrero, which continues to rank first in consumer estimation statistics around the world.

To know how to get a good reputation for your brand you have to start from marketing; obviously it has changed a lot since the Sumerians to today, but it is still based on the same mental dynamic of the consumer, which has always followed the same steps:
  • Desire to satisfy a real or imaginary need (dream-need)
  • Push to search the market for what can satisfy them
  • Feeling of trust towards a brand, chosen among others apparently the same
  • Decision to purchase the chosen product

The process does not stop there, we must also consider a fourth step, given by the test of the product and the final judgment on it. This is the key to the success of the brand: in fact, the customers will be really satisfied to promote, more than any other advertising operation, future sales, communicating trust to others who do not know anything yet. Thus they will build the reputation of your brand by talking about it well, and they will get you to the final goal, ie more sales.

The communication process, which was once the "word of mouth", has evolved a lot with the Internet, so today we even talk about online brand reputation, detached from the offline one. What are the differences?

  • The offline brand reputation refers to the reputation television or in print with reviews, articles, testimonies, interviews, reports, statistics, and video programs
  • Online brand reputation is the way in which the brand is evaluated on the web, on social pages, blogs, forums, articles on web magazines, specialized platforms, summarizing the widespread opinion of the various consumer groups.

Even a small company that wants to keep the growth of its customers under control needs to have a Press and Communication Office that controls the brand reputation, engaging:
  • A PR officer (public relations) who best represents the activity outside
  • A manager for the protection and protection of sensitive corporate data, online identity and brand reputation from online libel cases and web privacy violations
  • An oblivion law consultant who knows the procedures to remove and de-index the content of your brand, repositioning it at the top of the web, in case negative judgments have been released.

You suspect that your brand reputation doesn't go very well. Here is a list of tools to use to run for cover

If your business still lives only offline, the time has come to give it a digital identity, in order to better govern all the information on the web and build a solid reputation from that planetary market from scratch. To activate the digital transformation of the company you need a consultant or expert on advertising with Marketing Video Production In Dubai, which relates conversational index (conversational index) and corporate reputation.

In a nutshell, you need a figure who can get in touch with consumers in the area you are interested in, through blogs and social media, to exchange ideas about your product, talk and poll opinions. In fact, many brand reputation grows as the quality of the company's knowledge grows. Not only that, but to be successful, your business must enhance and make its heritage known, that is the particular element that the competition will never be able to imitate.

According to the Reputation Institute estimates, this uniqueness of companies accounts for 67% of consumer choice, influencing brand reputation. Beware though: if huge advantages come from the web, they are threatened by fake news of all kinds. After consolidating the digital identity of your brand, the figure of the reputation manager enters the scene: he is a consultant who saves the good reputation acquired online with so much effort, avoiding that he falls due to negative factors. Here is the list of tools to measure your brand reputation, constantly used by the reputation manager to ensure that the activity is always worthy in the eyes of customers:
  • Historical analysis of your reputation, whose data is printed and stored in a dossier to be analyzed continuously
  • Constant monitoring of online dialogues, using keyword access to qualified sources
  • Daily alert with an email summary, which tells you if harmful content has been posted on the network or simply dialogues that talk about your brand or product in a bad way
  • Strategic Insights, protection of unauthorized access to strategic information used to develop your business
  • Web monitoring, i.e. multilingual monitoring and web analytics data up to real time
  • Social monitoring, multilingual monitoring and data analytics of social media dialogs
  • Analysis of the competitor, of its positioning on the web, of the reputation of its products with respect to the sector, to keep unfair behavior under control
  • Analysis of emerging trends in the sector and identification of new forms of communication, such as participation in events or charity projects, an excellent means of influencing the brand reputation index

Is your company ready for a new online brand reputation and increasing its customers?
To sum up, to get a brand reputation that is most useful to your business, you need to take care of both the construction and control phases, engaging competent figures.
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