The Best 6 Pinterest Marketing Strategies Working Today

Pinterest is a hub of discoverers and creators alike. And it is THE hub for people who are looking for these discoverers and creators. It is also well known that Pinterest is one of the top social networks for product knowledge. But did you know that it is also the best place for businesses to market their products? In the age of social media, many offshore outsourcing companies have turned to providing digital marketing services that offer an all-rounder approach when it comes to social networks. And Pinterest, an internet platform where people can post their favorite products and services for the people they interact with to see. We’re already excited. Let’s get to the deep-end of Pinterest Marketing strategies that you and your business need to employ today!

Some words on why Pinterest Marketing is the way to go…

So, you’ve got a Facebook page, a Twitter account and an Instagram feed, what on earth do you need a Pinterest account for? Well, why you wouldn’t need one would be the right question to ask here. It’s true that when it comes to Social Media popularity all the above-mentioned networks take much of the stage and spotlight, however the audience and demographic targeted by Pinterest makes it very valuable to target.

Let’s look at some of the best marketing strategies on Pinterest hand-picked by our experts.

  • Video Marketing

Get your best smile on and interact with the customer—on Pinterest. Yes, video marketing is one of the most engaging and effective way of marketing online and Pinterest is no stranger to that. The Pinterest-recommended time span for videos is between 6-15 seconds. Also, take care to include an ample amount of text within your video to ensure that users who generally browse through social media on mute can also be targeted

  • Remember to check for results

If you’re advertising on Pinterest, nothing can help you better than Pinterest Tag. It keeps an eye on how many people travel to your website by clicking on Pinterest ads and tells you how many of them browsed which ones of your webpages. This information is crucial for any future advertisement campaigns that you may run and will also help you improve the reach of these ads.

Many digital marketing agencies also offer these services, so you can calculate your ROI from Pinterest marketing and for necessary market research. You’ll know what content delivers better than the others and what products interest certain demographics.

  • Remember to keep up with the season

Remember Pinterest is an app that helps people plan. And what is planning best for? Holiday seasons of all kinds! Traffic on Pinterest increases significantly over holidays for specific season-related things and the key to using Pinterest to your marketing benefit also lies there. Pinterest even offers a calendar it calls a ‘possibilities planner’ to help you with scheduling your marketing campaigns.

  • Pay special attention to your hashtags

We’re not sure if we should be thankful about this one or not, but Pinterest hashtags work very differently from Facebook or Instagram’s. They are plainly mentioned on a post to signify what the post is about and its relevance to certain common search words.

Hashtags help users on Pinterest find trending items and to search for other ones. The more descriptive and specific, the better. You can also use Autocomplete to give hashtag suggestions.
Join group boards

Now Pinterest offers you a great chance to interact with other people and get engagement for your pins once you make a new account. These are called boards. Following some nasty business because of some inauthentic traffic generated by those boards, they have lost some value. However, they are still a great place to share your products, especially if you’re just starting out. The key is to choose general boards that are more specific and relevant to your niche rather than very generic, all-encompassing ones.

Optimize your Pinterest profile

At the end of the day all it comes down to is: Optimize, optimize and optimize. Make sure the keywords that you’re trying to rank for are included in your profile, your personal boards, everything. Compare your own profile with those of competitors who are doing well and try to pick out their keywords and their content formats. The Pinterest search feature is excellent for finding keywords.

So, put on your pinning gloves and head over to Pinterest!