Social Walls for events - What is it and How to leverage it

If you are a brand, social media manager or an event organizer, you should be very well aware of the social walls for events and their use. A social wall can be your ace card in hosting any business event as it maximises the interaction and engagement with the attendees.

What exactly is a social wall and how it can be used in different ways to make the best out of it? A live social wall is a type of digital screen that displays social content aggregated and curated from various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn etc with the help of hashtags, mentions, usernames and tags.

With the social wall, you can increase the engagement of your brand with the attendees as well as connect with the online audience in real-time. This way your event’s reach is maximised exponentially than a brand could ever have through advertising and promotions. There are multiple ways to use a social wall that has the power to make any event unbeaten.

There are myriad ways to make use of social walls before the event to promote your event. Some of the evolved use of social walls includes:

  • Social walls at public places

Digital signages loaded with the social wall is a great way to make your audience know about the recent event happening. It’s a great way to influence your audience through social media posts, images and videos being displayed on a social wall. Social presence speaks it all for you! It also helps in influencing buying decisions if you deal with e-commerce. Displaying user-generated content at such places can help in building the brand’s trust and loyalty. Also, social walls at malls, airports, stations repeatedly come in eye’s view of the users and can imprint your brand’s name in their minds thus spreading awareness about your brand.

  • Boost employee morale

It is quite bewildering to read how social walls can improve employee morale. Its true social walls are used by people operations to boost employee morale. This is done by showing them positive customer feedback on their products and services through social media content. Social walls can easily collect all the useful user’s comments and content that instils in employees a will to perform better.

  • Monitoring

Social walls are used not only for keeping your attendees engaged in the event, but it can also be used by companies to keep a watch on their online activity because of throwing an event. It can also help in providing instant customer support too. You can also use a social wall to monitor your event as well.

Some of the creative ideas that can leverage social walls for events include:

  • Sponsorship

A big event is incomplete without a few of the sponsors. Sponsorship no doubt helps in generating revenue when partnered with a social wall. Sponsors can also maximize the reach of your hashtag campaign and make it a social buzz. The sponsored posts can help in promoting the hashtag camping by letting users know the type of content they need to post and share. Sponsors help in making your social media wall effective. Also, the social wall acts as a medium to let your attendees know about the event's sponsors very well by advertising them digitally.

  • Collaborate with speakers

Have you marked the checkbox of inviting speakers at your event be it motivational, directors, or influencers? Not yet? Go and collaborate with them and create a buzz about them with the help of a Social Wall. You can let your audience know about the potential speakers being called on the event with the help of a social wall. Also, during the event, you can engage your online audience with the speakers by live-streaming the speaker’s speech.

  • Organize contests and quizzes

Social walls are a perfect medium for organizing contests and quizzes. It makes quizzes and contests to be held at a large scale easily with wide engagement. Also, with the help of a social wall, it is easy to feature contest winner’s social media account which further adds to the creation of user-generated content.

  • Polls

You can also run polls with the help of a social wall. How? You just have to post the poll question of your social media accounts and ask your attendees to get engaged with it. This helps in creating UGC which is further embedded on a social wall easily. Polls help in knowing the likes and dislikes of your target audience and adds fun to the event too.

  • Q&A

Conducting Q&A sessions through a social wall is fun and exciting. It helps in throwing light on certain good topics and also helps in answering the queries of the audience. You can use the social wall to answer questions on a real-time basis thrown at either the speakers or related to the brand in general. This is done by making your online audience posts questions through their social media accounts and adding a unique hashtag at the end of their question.

  • Speaker’s content on display

Displaying the collaborated speakers tweets on your social wall is another way to lure the attendees.
So, this was all about the social wall, how its usage has been evolved and how you can leverage its use in events to create a social buzz.