Romantic Destinations for Marvelous Honeymoon Tour

Passing through all the rituals of marriage and tiredness of ceremonies takes away all your energy. Marriage is the biggest event in the couple’s life where they get united for a lifetime. Now the time comes for rejoicing love with each other and the term used is a honeymoon. This is the time to rejuvenate your body by forgetting about the tiredness of marriage rituals. Every couple dreams of marvelous destination for their once in a lifetime moment and went through the honeymoon tour packages online. This is another trouble to finalize a destination that offers a blend of romance, adventure, and natural charm. A journey with your better half makes you explore another side of each other. You can relish the joy in your marriage by thinking upon India tour. This is one of the remarkable countries which is flooded with romantic destinations. Here every season brings something new to experience making it highly recommended among travelers. In summers you can explore water destinations for rafting and other activities whereas in winters you can be overwhelmed by the beauty of the snow-covered mountains. In freezing winter spending an evening in the warmth of your love what could be most delightful than that. India is the hub of such destinations and it may be difficult for you to find the best one for you. Here are a number of places that are considered a paradise for honeymooners.

Cherish Love by Journey to These Destinations


Every second person prefers Goa over other destinations for honeymoon. Being filled with enormous stunning beaches, thrilling stuff, lavish or comfortable stay, Goa is a heart-throbbing place for honeymooners. Peaceful seacoasts, majestic Portuguese buildings, endless options in drinks, joyful nights and vindaloo are few things which are encouraged by the travelers. Heaven in the coastal regions coupled with magical sunrise and sunset view turns it into magic for travelers.  This is a complete and great view of lovers. This is a perfect place to keep the charm of your newly married tag.

Pleasant Things to Explore- sunset view at Fort Chapora, limitless variation in drinks, calm beaches, joyful nightlife, bars, Massage, and Spa treatment, etc.
Ideal Accommodation to Stay

Resort Rio- This hotel offers direct access to popular beaches and healing Spa treatments.

North 16- This hotel is known for maintaining exclusive pool amenities in Goa. Along with this, you can enjoy the drink facilities around the beaches.

Andamans and Nicobar Island

This place is named in the top honeymoon places across the world. Recognized as an oasis for the beach lovers, Andaman, and Nicobar Island is the brilliant India tour for couples. Sun touched beaches, a reflector of magnificent history and a splendid place for water-based activities, this place provides an option to cherish their love. Now couples don’t need to worry about international destinations for the honeymoon as India has such bliss of islands. You may take the joy of watching lighthouse from your hotel room. apart from this walking tour of white beaches is the most awaited thing to explore here. Andamans are proving a perfect end for couples to attain everlasting love and allow a box of moments that can be relished for a lifetime.

Pleasant Things to Explore- fascinating candlelight dinner, romantic talk while looking at stars, water activities, and a pleasant sunset view.

Ideal Accommodation to Stay

Sea Shell- This is one of the remarkable hotel facing adorable beaches that you can see from the balcony.


Struggling in your brain to select one of the excellent indian honeymoon tour packages that must be comprised of evergreen hills, white streams, lakes, houseboats, and Ayurveda treatment, etc. Kerala is the perfect choice for you. Moving through the route stuffed with tea plantations coupled with a cordial environment and spend an unforgettable time in huts are the highly recommended things by the travelers. It does not matter how many days you have to invest in Kerala, you will never get bored of its beauty. Every day you will learn something new about it.

Pleasant Things to Explore- Ayurveda Spa treatment, Alleppey traditional houseboat experience, Wayanad journey, heartwarming sunset view with your soul mate.

Ideal Accommodation to Stay

The Tall Trees- This is one of the most elegant hotels in Kerala. It is recognized for its tranquil environment, natural vistas and exclusive Spa treatment, etc.

Leisure Inn- Le Coliseum- This is a marvelous stay accommodation and it is recognized for long-lasting nature and facility to plan a journey to Chinnar wildlife sanctuary.


Being loaded with a neverending panorama which is considerably more charming than Switzerland, Kashmir is bliss in honeymoon tour packages. The sparkling snow and pleasant weather situations attract married couples to enclose by the bonfire. Sitting around a bonfire with your better half adds more fire at the moment. Surrounded by the majestic environment can enhance the love in anybody. Beauty does not end here. Kashmiri cuisine, snow-covered mountains, romantic Dal lake boat ride are the elements that draw more visitors here. Explore the real wonder of Kashmir.

Pleasant Things to Explore- Gondola ride sky view, strawberry valley tour in Gulmarg, and dal lake boat ride, Srinagar.

Ideal Accommodation to Stay

Heevan Retreat- This hotel is famous for glorious topography and falls near Gondola ride.

Nedou’s Hotel- This is one of the most liked stay options in Gulmarg and located closer to the ski resort.

Udaipur, Rajasthan

Being recognized as the city of lakes, Udaipur is comprised of wonderful palaces, superbly preserved museums, and exceptional forts, etc. This is the place that is always named for an unbelievable India tour. Heading through the lanes of Udaipur one can visualize the way kings maintain their royalness in the past. Experience the age-long traditions and culture of Udaipur. This travel end has much more to offer to start from royal escape, ancient tales, authentic meals, and other elements. By taking a boat ride in the lake one can explore the ancient art applied in making the forts.

Pleasant Things to Explore- Majestic Palaces, exotic landscapes, picture points, Lake Pichola boat ride, and a rooftop view of Udaipur.

Ideal Accommodation to Stay

Ramada Udaipur Resort and Spa- This is one of the well-known resorts. It provides the best Spa treatment, options in drink, auspicious dishes recipes, and eco-friendly stay.

Purple seas Heritage Resort- This resort is famous for its elegant elaboration, lavish rooms coupled with jharokhas.  


India is considered as a paradise for lovers as it is housing lots of destinations where one can explore love. The above mentioned are some of the beautiful destinations for a mesmerizing honeymoon and are highly recommended. Must consider both of your interests before finalizing a single destination.