How to Embed Youtube Channel on Your Website

Once someone lands on your website, what makes them stay is the content of the website. If they think the content is not worth staying, they immediately leave. This is why the content matters a lot. More than that the form of the content should be edible by the visitors, nobody would want to read lengthy monotonous descriptions. Here enters the best form of content - videos.

Videos can be quite easy to understand and engaging for visitors. This gives you an opportunity to create and embed videos related to your brand and your products to attract more people. It can also help you to increase the dwell time of the visitors. This is the reason Youtube is such a big hit.

Youtube - A video sharing platform

It's been almost 15 years since Youtube launched, and at present, it has changed the value of video content and how people search for information. Currently, Youtube has over 2 billion users and counting. The reason for Youtube to be such a hit is the availability of audio-visual content.

Youtube is quite popular among content creators and provides them with an opportunity to monetize their content and showcase their talents. You can find all sorts of videos on Youtube

Why embed youtube channel on your website?

  • Trust and Authenticity

You must have heard the saying “You trust what you see”, so youtube is the best example for that. Videos being a visual and audio form of content help you trust things in an easier and quicker manner because you can see it. It becomes simpler to trust something you yourself have seen or experienced.

Videos also have the power to reach and wake your emotional quotient, giving them more power and authority over people. It can work exceptionally well if you use videos to promote and advertise your brand. It will help you gain the viewer’s trust and reliability. 

  • SEO Benefits

We know that videos are a more appealing form of content as compared to text and images which is why it keeps people engaged for a longer time. This is why videos can help you increase your website visitor’s dwell time on your website. 

A better SERP ranking can directly impact your exposure, traffic and conversion possibilities. 

  • Effective Promotion and User-Engagement

Videos can be descriptive and show your products and services in action giving people more of a reason to buy your product. Customers can easily analyze the product and how it works and buy it accordingly. You can use videos to highlight the main features your product offers.

Videos being easier to access, watch and understand engross more people. It can be useful for people who are not very good at language too. They improve user-engagement and if targeted at the correct audience, can help you get great business.

  • Videos empower conversions and sales

Studies show that people are three times more likely to watch product videos on Youtube before buying the product. Nobody wants to read long product descriptions and waste time when they can actually see the product in action.

The fact that videos more engaging gives them the power to influence the customer’s decisions. You can use it to your advantage by embedding youtube channel to your landing pages or product pages, this will definitely help you increase your conversions and sales.

How to embed youtube channel on your website?

Youtube itself also provides you with a feature where you can embed your videos on your website. It is the cheapest and easiest way to embed your Youtube videos. It allows you to generate an embed code for your website with just one click. However, it allows you to embed only one video at a time. 
This makes it difficult for the website owners that want to embed their entire channel. 

If you want to embed Youtube Channel on website, you can use social media aggregator tool like Taggbox.

It allows you to embed youtube channel on your website with minimal efforts. It provides you with amazing features to customize your wall as your requirements. Some of the major features include-

Personalization Panel: This panel lets you design and curate your wall as you want it to, with its multiple themes, colours and fonts. 

Moderation Panel: This panel gives you the authority to filter your content. You can decide what to post and what not to post on the website.

Analytics: Analytics tool lets you track your videos and how people are perceiving it. This can help you manage and improve your user experience.

Once you’re done customizing, you can simply generate an embed code and paste it to your website code. 

Over to you

A Youtube Channel will not only help you with your website but it can expand your exposure over Youtube also. Videos have the power to draw people’s attention and you can use that to enhance your user experience.

You can use user-generated content, promotional videos, product tutorials and many more for your Youtube channel and embed them on your website. You yourself will be able to see the results.

So what are you still waiting for?