How to Earn Additional Income Easily Using White Label SEO Services

Are you dissatisfied with the amount of your income? Do you feel it is inadequate to meet your present and future needs? Are you having a family and need to look after them and prepare for their future?

If your answers are “yes” to the above questions, then you seriously need to look at alternative ways to augment your income. One easy way to do this is by using White Label Seo Services.

Do I need any specific industry background?

These services will suit you very well especially if you are in any one of the following industry trades:
  • - Advertising agency.
  • - Software consultancy or software development services
  • - Content marketing agency
  • - Web design agency
  • - Freelance services

Do I need any specific training?

No, you don’t require any training to learn SEO techniques. You only require an understanding of what SEO is so that you can pitch SEO services to your existing and potential clients.

What happens when I receive an inquiry?

You need to simply pass the inquiry to the SEO services provider who will scrutinize the inquiry and prepare a proposal. You job is to send this proposal to your prospect. If any questions come up, then your SEO services provider will be there to answer the same and provide clarifications. Your SEO services provider will help you negotiate and sign the deal with your prospect.

What happens when the deal is signed?

The SEO services provider will start the project and will carry out all the activities related to the project. The first task will be to audit the website of the customer and prepare a report containing status of the site, defects & shortcomings and recommended action. Based on the recommendations, SEO activities will be planned for the short and medium term. All these details will be professionally written as an SEO strategy and submitted to you by the SEO services provider so that you can forward them to your customer. Once the customer provides approval, the SEO services provider starts implementation of strategy.

How is the work distributed?

All the day-to-day project related SEO activities are performed by an SEO team that is set up by the SEO services provider. The team comprises an experienced and certified SEO expert, a content writer cum editor, a web designer cum UI expert, and a web developer. The team works in tandem towards achieving the goals set up in the SEO strategy.

The front-end interaction with the customer will continue to be done by you.

How does the regular communication happen?

The SEO services provider will submit you a weekly, fortnightly or monthly (as the case may be) report of the work done and milestones achieved. Your job will simply be to forward this report to the customer and seek feedback. If there are any questions put forward by the customers, or clarifications sought, then the SEO services provider will handle the same on your behalf.

Routine communication is handled through email, phone, Skype or other online tools.

How are the reports labeled and branded?

All the reports, although prepared by the SEO services provide are white labeled and carry your name & branding and the logo of your organization. You function as the front end and forward the reports to your customer as if they were your own reports.

How do I and the SEO services provider get paid?

The invoice is raised directly by you on your customer for the services rendered. The customer will pay you directly into your account. When you have received the money, you can pay the SEO services provider for their invoice which they will raise on you.

How much money can I earn and are there long term gains?

White label SEO services offer immense earning potential. It really depends upon how much efforts you can put in to pitch to prospects within your network and outside it.

The SEO industry is growing and there are long term gains guaranteed.

When can I get started?

You can get started immediately. TechIndia Software offers white label SEO services and you can start engaging with them right away.