How can we improve access to clean water around the world?

Water plays a vital role in every aspect of our lives. From food production to health and hygiene, water is essential to fulfil our needs as human. There are more than 663 million people who still don’t have access to clean water around the world. People are thriving to drink a single sip of clean water to survive. Water facility is essential for human, but sadly, more than 40% of the population of well-known countries still lack the access to clean water. Check out the mens brown cafe racer leather jacket on Abbraci.

The water crisis is real and severe. The water agenda is surely on the top of the list of International agenda but we as individuals, can take steps to improve the access to clean water. We have listed below a few ways that we can adapt to improve access to clean water around the world. If we work together with the aim to do so, we can do it. Give it a read:

Be attentive with your water usage

As you are aware of the crisis of clean water all around the world, you can challenge and change your habit of using excessive water to save clean water. Start implementing change from your own self. There are a couple of aspects that you can focus on and reduce onto, to save clean water.
  • Fix the leakage of your house

According to research, 2,000 to 20,000 gallons of water is lost because of household leakage. Save some water to make it accessible for the ones who need it.
  • Save water while showering

Act smart while you are showering. Remember, a 10-minute shower uses about 25 gallons of water. Oh, yes! Start saving water by having a quick shower.
  • Reduce appliance consumption of water

Though dishwashers and washing machines are useful and convenient to perform essential chores, but be smart about the consumption of water.

Support Organizations which are working to deal with water crisis

There are several organizations which are working to deal with the global issue of water crisis. The least you can do is support these organizations with their cause of improving the access of clean water to the world. For instance, is working along with local partners to play a major role in the development of water sources. The organization is working to improve the access of clean water with proper hygiene. UNICEF is another big organization, working with 100 countries to provide clean water with sanitation facilities.

Support development of clean water innovations

Innovations are required to work through the water crisis around the globe. As an individual, you can support such organizations which are taking innovative to work for the global issue. For instance, LifeStraw is purification system which is straw-like. By purchasing, you can contribute in the large-scale water purifiers that are funded to schools in need. Similarly, WATER is LIFE has a drinkable book, which is all ready to aware people with the concept of regional water safety through books that are printed on usable filter paper.

Help those who are the most impacted

Women are highly impacted by water crises all over the world. The water points are usually located in such areas where women go through sexual harassment and assaults. In women, illness because of unhygienic sanitation is a common concern. Water collecting has been a literal chore for women, for which many of the girls have to quit school as well. There are certain organizations which are taking initiative of helping women by training them to assemble and repair sanitation facilities along with water collection mechanism. Women must stand for their rights and raise their voices to be heard by the governmental settings.

Understand that water crises are a global issue

1 person in every 100 people is affected by the contaminants in the water. Clean water is hardly accessible in the world. The water quality must be checked before allowing the brands to release their batch of clean water. There are multiple organizations that are taking initiative of checking the water quality and efficiency. People should be aware of the impact of changing climate on water.


If we aim to adapt these ways, we are certain to improve access to clean water around the world. Bring the change by saving water as an individual. Play your role and save several lives. Water crisis is real and drastic. It’s time to work for humanity!