GPS Vehicle monitoring System-Web-Based GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution

GPS vehicle tracking system Managing and your fleet may be a tall order, however having an intuitive GPS automobile monitoring solution, at your finger suggestions, could make your job an awful lot less difficult.

Why a web-primarily based GPS vehicle tracking answer is a should:

The management and safety of your fleet is a process that never sleeps. Having access to car statistics and signals always is a should a web-primarily based GPS automobile tracking solution will warn you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere you've got cellular or net access.
Alerts can be set to inform you about: excessive idling, scheduled automobile preservation, unauthorized use of a vehicle and plenty greater. Reporting also can be accessed at every time making vital information, dating returned as far as three years, available to you around the clock.

Theft Prevention & Vehicle Recovery:

In addition to assisting you manipulate and reveal your fleet, a GPS vehicle tracking device proves very effective inside the case of a car robbery. Having actual-time statistics on the proper area of the car makes it simply not possible for a thief to be successful. Alerts can be set to tell you at once if a robbery has to occur, permitting you to mitigate the problem speedily.

Unauthorized Use Alerts:

Unauthorized automobile use happens most usually in off-hours. A net-based GPS automobile monitoring answer can warn you of such abuses in real-time. By making use of this feature you may dispose of the occurrence of unauthorized car use.

Remote Management:

Even if you are not on the web site, an internet-primarily based GPS car tracking machine enables you to access the entire interface from any internet connection. Rest assured that even whilst you aren't at paintings you could correctly control your fleet.

Customer Sites:

Many GPS vehicle tracking solutions offer patron interfaces that permit your customers to login and decide the vicinity of their deliveries and while they can expect them to reach. This generation is not the most effective precious for your clients however it saves you time and assets using decreasing customer support calls.

Implementing a web-primarily based GPS car tracking answer will assist you in virtually every vicinity of your fleet control duties. The web-based interface will allow you to rest confident that your automobiles are cozy, your fleet is working correctly and your clients are satisfied, regardless of in which you are.

Looking for greater records on how GPS tracking can save you cash and improve your fleet operations?


The net-primarily based monitoring machine is a gadget designed the use of a combination of several contemporary data and communications technologies. The gadget comprises of car-mounted monitoring devices, a vital server system, and an internet-based software. Through the device, customers may have the power of monitoring the vicinity graphically and other relevant information of the car.

This system is designed to serve corporations with a vast quantity of cars and complicated utilization requirements. The web-primarily based gadget permits the person to browse location track on map via evolved internet utility embed Google Map and interact with database server for motors music info.

Using the internet-based machine permits users with distinctive working gadget structures to effortlessly attain the demanded details through the existence of net get entry to.

Shows a top-level view of a typical net-based automobile monitoring device:

The area is acquisition ed from satellite tv for pc the usage of GPS receiver location coordination sent through GPRS, the GSM community will bypass the data to the destination server as HTTP packet. And Through the net the clients can browse tune on the electronic map the use of motive designed web utility on website.

Web-Based Vehicle Tracking System Overview :


Interplay between the system additives which can be:
1. Quad-band SIM908 GSM-GPS module
2. Web utility and purpose-designed database
3. Desktop application


Quad-Band SIM908 module is used which mixes GPS era for satellite tv for pc navigation with international acknowledged generation GSM. This module is configured to hook up with navigation satellite tv for pc and receives GPS location at predetermined intervals and sends this fact to web utility through GPRS carrier furnished through GSM.

The GSM/GPRS engine works on frequencies GSM 850MHz; EGSM 900MHz, DCS 1800MHz and PCS

1900MHz. SIM908 helps the GPRS coding schemes CS-1, CS-2, CS-3 and CS-4. The GPS solution gives nice- in-elegance acquisition and tracking sensitivity, Time-To-First-Fix TTFF, and accuracy. With a tiny configuration of 30*30*three.2mm, the tool can meet nearly all of the area necessities in consumer packages and is designed with a power-saving technique so that the contemporary intake is as little as 1.0mA in sleep mode. Figure 2 shows the SIM908 GSM/GPS module board in which principal components are indicated.

The normal capability and usage eased the use of numerous web utility improvement languages wherein the interplay among numerous functions designed programs resulted in a complete included device that allows the customers to attain and gain the system. The normal layout desires of

The internet application may be summarized in the following:

1. Define and manage all consumer accounts data by gadget administrator.
2. Define, manage and browse all dealers money owed data and tracking statistics via clients.
3. Receive and identify tracking statistics from every tool unit.
4. Store monitoring statistics acquired from the monitoring tools to the related agent within the database.
5. Display track places on the digital maps through the usage of several browsing kinds.

Web pages formatted using HTML factors:

Appearances and text layout formatted using. HTML functions and provides results at the behavior of HTML pages. JavaScript performs all background operations and functions together with login checking, information validation, and paging feature; also JavaScript embeds Google Map API at the internet web page, the usage of key and Google maps class supplied by way of Google in which car places coordination are offered. Administration of debts applied the use of PHP capabilities; PHP instructions may be embedded without delay in the HTML supply report in preference to calling outside file to manner information.

The administration capabilities encompass adding, modifying, deleting, browsing customers and retailers bills, and formatting that money owed into tables. PHP used on the server facet to keep the acquired GPS information in bureaucracy that's less difficult to study and take a look at relevant elements of obtained information.

Detailed reports of dealers car tracking system also generated using PHP characteristic where the relevant facts are supplied into desk carries agent primary facts and particular music which include actual time and vicinity coordination.


The database was responsible for storing all gadget records together with personal login credentials, customer facts, agent facts, and tracking statistics. Databases additionally put in force statistics integrity with the aid of making sure that statistics is accrued and offered using a steady layout. For the device to be usable, it needs to retrieve statistics successfully. The want for efficiency has led to apply complex statistics structures to represent statistics inside the database.

The database structure consists of the subsequent layers:

1. Presentation layer: This is the topmost stage of software. The presentation layer presentations records associated offerings. The presentation layer communicates with different ranges by outputting consequences to the browser/client tier and all different degrees in the network. 

2. Business Logic Layer, Data Access Layer (or the presentation layer and, as its very own layer; it controls an application’s functionality by using acting targeted processing. Another in-between layer introduced to make benefit of the reusable set of capabilities performing database operations, this is the DB Worker Layer.

 Here the facts are stored and retrieved. This keeps data neutral and impartial from utility servers or business good judgment. Giving information its tier additionally improves scalability and performance.
gift the database architecture indicating all database layers.

Database Architecture Layers :


The entity-courting E-R facts version makes use of a collection of simple objects, called entities, and relationships among these objects. System database consists of 3 tables which are accounts table that holds all the essential account information consisting of credentials and gets in touch with information.

The agent info desk holds more records related to the agent account. The music table holds the tracking information this is obtained from GPS modules and reference to marketers the song records belong.

Bills desk has Type column which identifies account type of person which is administrator, purchaser, or agent. The track desk has a foreign key relationship to the accounts desk to link agent account to the Vehicle tracking system statistics in the music table. The agent info table has a foreign key courting to the bills table to hyperlink every agent account to the patron account accountable for defining the agent.

Entity-Relationship Database :

 As inside the diagram, agent info table has two overseas key relationships to Account ID in bills desk, in which Account ID and Client Account ID in agent info desk are each overseas key to Account ID in the accounts table.