9 Best Apps That Let Me Try on Different Haircuts

If you've always had short hair and have been wondering whether long hair would suit you, you needn't wonder anymore. You're probably on the lookout for a swanky haircut but can't zero in on any single one. If you want some help deciding, check out a few apps that will make it easier for you.
Whether you’re male or female, all you need to do is to download the apps you’re interested in and take it from there.

Here are nine apps, each distinctive for its unique features, that you can experiment with for that smart new look:

Apps for Men:

Man HairStyle Photo Editor 

Just a few clicks and your picture can make you look absolutely different. You may click a photo of yourself or choose a pic of you from the gallery. After cropping it, choose the hairstyle you want from the directory of hairstyles and apply it on to your photo.

How do you look with it? If it enhances your face, you need to have it. Save your photo and download the app.

Available on: Android, iPhone

Men Hairstyle set my face 2019

For men who want to look their best always, here are a series of latest hairstyles that may suit you. Choose from the wide selection of hairdos and, as before, choose your photo from the image gallery and top up your head in the image with your hairstyle.

Like it? Go ahead by first saving the picture and then taking it to a hair cutting salon for men.

Available on: Android

Hair Changer Photo Booth

This hairstyle app for men is perhaps one of the best available on the iPhone to give your hair a new look. With it, you can change your hairstyle in a matter of seconds. As with the apps mentioned above, this app too is easy to use. Just select your photo from the image gallery and apply the style you like to it. 

For this, you would need to use the Hair Changer makeup tool. You can also change your mustache style and paste it on your face on-screen. Choose from the many effects available here—Blur, Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Shadows, Focus, Temperature, and Crop.

Once you create your final look, share it on social media networks.

Available on: Apple App Store

Hairstyle Makeover Premium (iOS)

In my search for hairstyle apps, I found that this one is by far the best-designed app I came across. It allows you to add facial hair and haircuts to your photo. If you wish, you can also add filters like tints to your photo.

Apps for Women:

Hairstyle Mirror

This is a great one, where hairstyle apps are concerned. Imagine, it actually transforms your phone into a mirror and allows you to try out the various hairstyles you're interested in. It can also trace your face in real-time and tries to match various hairstyles to your face.

Just keep looking into your phone and watch as a new hairstyle option pops up.

This app also allows you to choose from its directory of hairstyles categorized as a long, short, medium, special, and crazy. To these basic hairstyles, you can also add accessories like flowers, butterflies, glitter, etc.

Available on: Play Store

Crazy Hair Salon-Girl Makeover

True to its name, this app is really crazy. It’s great for girls who want to try out many styles before settling for one. You can see the selection of hairstyles on your smartphone. It also gives ideas for curly hair here as it offers tools like a steam curling iron, blow dryer, scissors, etc.

With this app, you can color, curl, cut, or keep your hair straight while you change your hairstyle.

Available on: iOS and Android

Hairstyle Wizard

Here's one app with a difference: it doesn't require you to use your photo, and it's sharable on Facebook. The iTunes store gives it a big thumbs up, so you're sure to have a good time experimenting with your look here. 

Available on: App Store


With 3D technology, you can take a photo of yourself and then add just about anything you wish to your hair. You can also buy some extra haircuts. There are several interesting ideas in this app, so why not give it a shot?

Available on: iOS

Hairstyle Makeover

With an easy to use interface, this app allows you to blend hairstyles with your photo to get the best look. You can experiment with your look all you want, according to styles and hair lengths. And, your photo is sharable on social media platforms.

Available on:App Store


So, these are some interesting apps related to hairstyles that you can try out and use your creativity to make up a new look for yourself. Go ahead and explore a new hairstyle that will give your face a different dimension.