6 Tips to Update Lighting Fixture before Home Staging

If you're getting ready to sell and home staging will be part of your selling process, the way you see a room is a very important element. Setting the scene for selling your home includes many things, but room lighting is the most important way of creating an ambiance that sells homes. 

The sellers should call the best electrician like electrician North Shore, and had the new lighting installed in a matter of days to make their house sell fast. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various ideas to update lighting fixtures at your home.

1. Overhead Lighting to Lit-up Entire Space

It is an important part of home staging and gives the overall general ability to see around the room. Many homes were not built with overhead fixtures in living rooms or bedrooms. This comes with knowing that there are several areas within a room, which have their special viewing needs. The most common and up-to-date of these fixtures are recessed lights, which may be offered with a dimmer switch to accommodate varying preferences.

Another option is the chandelier. This is something we usually see in dining rooms and now bedrooms and master bathrooms. Chandeliers add a decorating element as well as a functional element to the room. If you want to install an overhead lighting system at your home, search for the best electrician in your area.

If you are living in North Shore, then go online and search North Shore electrician near me. These are great for rooms that will be used for socializing or for rooms in which you want to set a more relaxed mood. Again, these can be set on a dimmer switch, which allows for exactly the right amount of light.

2. Low Voltage Track Lighting Accents

This lighting fixture allows for specific lighting within multiple areas of a room. This is particularly attractive in a room that has a wall-to-wall shelving area or some art that is nice to emphasize. It can be directed to several areas and shed additional ability to see in task-oriented areas such as game areas or reading areas. Track lighting is usually used in conjunction with other sources such as lamps. If any lighting system goes wrong, then do not try to fix it yourself, call the best electrician like emergency North Shore electrician. Mixing it up adds interest to a room by emphasizing room features as well as providing visual clarity to functional areas.

3. Portable Lighting to Increase Functionality

It is the bread and butter of lighting for home staging companies. It is probably the most well-known source, which includes various types of lamps. Among these varying types are table lamps that sit on end tables or nightstands and used to light a room in general.

Another type is task lighting lamps, which include both table and floor lamps. This type of lamp comes with a swivel feature in order to direct the light to where it is most needed. We often see these used at a desk in an office or near a chair that is designated for reading.

4. Different Color Bulbs for Different Rooms

Did you know that light bulbs come in different color temperatures? Knowing what type to use for which task is important. Warm bulbs are best used for reading, while game areas and hard task activities are best lit with cool bulbs. But, if you are staging your home to sell, it is best to stay with warm color bulbs. This gives the viewer a good overall feeling for a room as well as showing a more pleasant tone on the colors in a room.

5. Install Round Flush Mount Lights

A small flush-mounted light along with white rim should be installed in the house, while a larger version should be installed in the kitchen. Round flush-mount lights are popular again. They come in a variety of colors and finishes and can make the ceilings feel higher. The previous kitchen fan hung too low and made the room feel oppressive. Now the room feels lighter and larger; no one is afraid they'll bump their head!

6. Replace Old Fixtures with Modern One

When you're preparing to sell your house, be sure to budget for repairs and some updates. Overhead lighting is not something we think about every day. So take a minute to look up and consider updating your fixtures if they're older than five years. Flush-mount lights with the oil-rubbed bronze on the rims are popular again and should be installed in the first-floor master bedroom and living room. Matching sconces replaced the shiny brass ones on either side of the fireplace.

To install an old fixture with the new one at your home, call the best electrician like Sydney North Shore electrician. The modern chandelier replaced the earlier fixture. Keeping many of the metal finishes consistent creates good flow through the house while updating the appearance. Knowing what type of lighting to infuse into a room is every bit as important as how you place the furnishings within a room. Highlighting the placement of everything in the room and layering the lighting gives the best overall feeling about a room. Getting it right is critical!