What is a Lead? Because I need it in my Business

If you are in the world of entrepreneurs it is necessary that you know that it is a lead since it is a term that you will be using constantly.

Whether you are in the digital world or in the offline world. Lead is an English term that means advancing or taking the lead.

What does lead mean in the business world? Lead is the name of a person or company that is giving your information to generate contact with it.

If we move to the digital world a lead means that a person has entered your website and has given their data and to become your database with which you can be interacting.

This happens through filling the information on a form, this term is very common in sales and marketing teams to refer to a person or company.

Traditionally, sellers could be heard talking about different types of lead according to their intention to buy.

Quality lead: A person who provides us with your data and is within our target audience, potential customer, ideal market or our client's avatar.

Unqualified lead or poor quality lead: a lead that does not fit our ideal client profile or avatar

Cold Lead: it is a lead that fits with our target audience but is not prepared to buy, so it requires evaluating the solutions I need or your problem or it requires feeling more secure about your action.

Hot lead or qualified lead: this is a lead that is in the final part of a buying or decision making process.

There are different ways to get lead and it is very important for your business or venture that you have a constant source of quality lead, and hot lead so that the flow of your sales is constant.

You can even have a constant flow of cold lead but if it is the case you have to be doing a constant communication work to convert them from cold to hot.

How to get leads in a traditional way

  • Fairs
  • Networking
  • Events
  • Tele-concentration
  • How to get leads digitally

Thanks to digital marketing you can get leads in a very efficient and quality way through for example Landing page or landing page.

You can also do it using a lead magnet, so we recommend you read this article: What is a lead magnet and how to create a very professional and free of charge

This is a page to obtain the data of a person through a form.

Because I need lead generation

The leads are the first step of the sale, based on the type of lead (mentioned above) is the percentage of conversion to sale.

That is, when you have 100 leads and get 5 sales, it means that the% conversion is 5%.

Having this information at hand and being constantly monitored will allow you to take the necessary actions to correct and increase the conversion numbers.

One way to have a constant lead generation and transform them is through inbound marketing, so we recommend that you read this article: What is inbound marketing ?, know the 3 fundamentals that compose it