What is Gram, the Telegram cryptocurrency that will be released soon?

The messaging application founded by businessman Pavel Durov has plans to take out his virtual currency in the coming months, as reported by media such as the New York Times. These are Telegram's plans.

Telegram would be finalizing all the preparations to launch its virtual currency Gram, which could be enjoyed by the more than 200 million users who use this messaging app across the globe.

Recently, Telegram would have announced to its investors the desired initiative to send the first Gram items to a small segment of users as the first trial.

In 2018 and far from the media, Telegram would have raised $ 1.7 billion from multiple investors, including powerful Silicon Valley venture capital companies, to finance their token, which can be used to buy and sell other Telegram products . He also plans to launch an Open Network to host various kinds of digital apps, to place bets on events or to tip for the valuation of his comments.

Gram would be more similar to Bitcoin than Facebook's cryptocurrency, known as Libra, since its value would not be backed by traditional money but its value will depend strictly on what users are willing to pay for it. It will operate with a decentralized structure protected by blockchain technology and the company itself will not have control of said money.

At the moment, this position is rejected by both the European Union and the United States, who believe that Gram could be a breeding ground to become a means of paying irregular transactions, tax evasion and illegal financing.