Tips that will help you choose the perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Getting the perfect diamond engagement ring for the person you love can be one of the most important and exciting purchases you make in your life.

For some this process can be overwhelming, since there are any number of diamonds, that all you want is to impress your favorite person.

On the other hand, there is the uncertainty of how to choose a real diamond and not be deceived. But do not worry, in this article we will reveal in detail some tips from the experts, who will help you find the ideal diamond ring for your fiancee and also for your pocket.

Here are tips that will help you choose the ideal diamond engagement ring:

1. Know the parts of the ring

To buy the perfect engagement ring you must be intimately familiar with each of its parts.

It is important that you take some time to evaluate the anatomy of the ring and thus be able to speak the same language as the experts in the industry.

In essence the diamond ring has 3 parts:

  • Central stone: it is the jewel that is the most valuable part. It is the focal point of the ring and is traditionally a diamond. However, it can also be some other type of gem or a birthstone.
  • Configuration: technically, a ring is composed of two parts: the body and the head or gallery that is the metal that places the diamond in its place. The configuration is important, because it provides more security for the diamond. You can choose between several styles such as Channel, bevel, pavement and micro pavement, invisible, among others. In addition, you can count on unique designs, such as a collection of smaller diamonds, side stones, or as simple as 4 points that hold a diamond.
  • Band: it is the circular part that surrounds the finger and its is determined by its size. Generally, the metals used are gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum.

2. Understand the basic principles of diamond

Having a solid compression on each area of ​​the diamond will help you make a wise decision. These are some of the main areas of the diamond: cut, color, clarity.

Once you have chosen among these areas, choose the largest carat that fits your budget. Here we give you a general recommendation for each of these areas.

  • Cut: choosing the perfect cut will guarantee the diamond shine effect. This feature is the most important to choose, because it gives beauty to the stone. A diamond with perfect color and clarity, but with a poor cut can make it look dull.
  • Color: opt for a colorless diamond. To get the best value, choose a colorless or almost colorless diamond grades D-J. If you opt for a diamond in the almost colorless range of G-I, it is cheaper.
  • Clarity: diamonds free of internal defects or inclusions are very rare and highly valued. The best value in diamond clarity is that it has no visible inclusions.
  • Carat: Since larger diamonds are rarer than smaller ones, the value of the diamond increases exponentially with the carat weight.
However, because beauty and brightness are the most important thing, if you choose the cut, color and clarity of the diamond well, you can balance it with the size.