This Android app could be charging you money without you noticing

A new malicious application has been discovered on Android that could be installed on your device and you should delete it right away. We tell you what the incipient danger is and what it is.

Malicious applications on Android are the order of the day, and if we recently told you about a few that used adware for your device to click on the ads in the background, now researchers have given the notice of an application that could be charging you without you noticing.

Now the British security company Upstream has discovered an Android application that has 40 million users, and has been making suspicious transactions. The application, called Snaptube, allows users to download any YouTube video so they can watch it offline. At the moment the Upstream Secure-D platform has blocked more than 70 million fraudulent transactions originated by this app in the last six months.

In addition to charging users for a premium service that they have not requested, this application is also of the adware type and clicks on the ads in the background, consuming all the resources and battery of the device.

Upstream CEO, Guy Krief, notes that "we block new threats every day and advise anyone using the Snaptube application to carefully monitor their telephone bills and inform their operator of any charges they have not authorized."

Apparently, Snaptube contains the same software code for developers called Mango SDK, used by a popular video application in China called Vidmate. Both Vidmate and Snaptube have similar URLs, domains and traffic patterns.

Before you put your hands to your head, the Snaptube app only exists in third-party app stores and is not available in the Google Play Store. This way if you have never installed an external APK you should not have any problems.

Snaptube has come out to defend itself by stating that "they have been victims", and that "they did not realize that the Mango SDK was engaging in advertising fraud." They noted that once users started complaining about the malicious behavior of the Mango SDK, they responded quickly and finished all operations with them.

The best thing you can do is search your mobile device, and if you have this application delete it. Then see if you have had any fraudulent charges on your card in recent times.