The Critical Factor of Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurial Training

What is the critical factor of entrepreneurship? The entrepreneur lives different processes to realize his dreams and, the truth is that few understand how we are entrepreneurs ... almost a strange species!

Today I listen and read stories of people who from a very young age have discovered their inner strength and have managed to turn it into business.

For example, in a meeting in which I was present, I saw how a girl of only ten years of age exposed her entrepreneurship to a group of about twelve people of which we had professionals and entrepreneurs.

I was shocked by the tremendous movement of the girl, who exposed with total security and confidence in front of everyone. Of course her mother was with her, but a corner, just making an appearance.

Entrepreneurship I remember that the girl took her presentation, had put together a business model, was very clear about the reason for her business and how many people it benefited. It was a real deal!

He recycled, gave work to women in a prison that were being rehabilitated, and wanted support to go further with their recyclable products.

All this had been built by a ten year old girl! Questions crossed my mind like why a ten year old girl had such security and confidence? Why other children (most of them) did not have that development? Why did the children I knew not they were like that? On the contrary, most did not even have clarity about their future.

The answer is: The difference is the critical factor.

Obviously, the critical factor of entrepreneurship is "The Training" of the person from childhood. We act according to what we have in our mind, what we have known and know that it is real, that is, our behaviors are the result of our beliefs.

Undoubtedly, the formation of the ten-year-old entrepreneurial girl is very different from that of the common children we know.

Personally, I am in pain with the education system as we know it ... please, what I say is very well understood. I refer to the education system, not the work that teachers and managers do.

As they explain several videos on the internet very well, everything in the world has evolved. Cars, technology, systems, internet, signals, health, even relationships and culture, but, if you look closely, what has never evolved, is the education system adopted by the ministries of education in several countries of the world.

The improvement of the different processes is demonstrated with changes and advances. The education system does not change or progress.

They still force us to learn concepts and "things" that we will never occupy in life ... obsolete things.
This system is vetoing talents, abilities, passions and dreams, making us believe that they are not important and that we will never be "someone important" but we approve the subjects that other people say are important.

Today, few are those who understand that training from childhood is a critical aspect for personal success and development as a person who occupies a space in this world.

That's why I love business. Not only are they a channel to develop the talents and skills of entrepreneurs, but they are creating ways to help many people, the team, their allies and mainly business customers.

A company comes to solve problems and / or meet the needs of a certain segment of people. But first it must have gone through different processes that do what their end represents.

The original idea is almost not always the final idea. The most important thing is that not only the idea and the project change, but the most important thing is that they are changing - improving - the people who own the ideas. They are TRANSFORMING into better versions of themselves, due to the challenges they face.

That is why it is very important to keep in mind a continuous training and outside the known canons, since until now the traditional educational system gives us more of the same.

I imagine the expression of some traditionalist people! But just look at the talents of the world!

Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Robert Kiyosaky, Jack Ma, Albert Einstein, etc., etc. Big names that their contemporaries considered them crazy, demonized, disengaged, etc.

Some may say that they already have a certain age in which it is not possible to train or educate. Let me tell you that to learn something new, you must unlearn what you know and change what is in your mind. I promise you that it is possible and it is never too late to change.

How is this achieved? With new disciplines that work the person from the inside. We will talk about this on another occasion.

Do you want to undertake? Worry about the critical factor, the Training you have.