The best online collaborative tools of 2020

The tools of collaborative software and task management online have not stopped gaining popularity throughout the planet in recent times. We review some of the most relevant in this year 2020.

Collaborative software tools allow you to decentralize work, simplify processes, save money, achieve instant and fluid communication, optimize projects or promote better time organization. All advantages for a global world where remote workers proliferate, freelance hiring is booming and the Internet overcomes geographical and temporary barriers.

We review what are currently some of the best collaborative software tools currently available to companies and remote workers around the world.

The best collaborative software tools

  • ProofHub: Currently it is one of the most advanced software that exists in terms of online collaboration and tasks, so thousands of companies use it to manage their business and boost labor productivity. Teams can share ideas effortlessly, compile files and organize schedules and projects.
  • G Suite: It is integrated with Google AI technology to share business documents, task management, email, calendar, chat and video. With G Suite, you get everything in one package: create, access, connect and control. You can enjoy video calls, phone calls and free messages. In addition, G Suite includes Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar and much more. The basic edition has 30 GB of online storage per user.
  • Slack: It has revolutionized the market as the best instant messaging application for companies, guaranteeing team communication, customization and great search functions. It allows online chat, voice and video calls, integrated file sharing (drag and drop PDF files, images , videos) and many more.
  • Zoho Projects: It is intended for companies that bill customers and need to track the time spent on projects. Thus, it provides a set of project collaboration tools to unite team members, plan, collaborate and optimize time management. It allows brainstorming, discussing projects in forums, offering problem management, Gantt diagrams for visual representation and sharing a calendar of projects to increase productivity.