The Best Apps and Websites to Calculate Currency Exchange

If you plan to travel abroad or carry out an international operation, you will be interested to know the various alternatives of applications and web pages designed for currency exchange.

If you are simply going to make a punctual trip, you are going to move to a country with another currency different from the current one or for whatever reason, you need to know the exchange rate or calculate the currency exchange from one country to another, the market of Applications and web pages puts a wide range of alternatives at your disposal.

Whether you prefer to calculate directly from an application on your smartphone or if your preference is to do it from a web page, you can count on all the following options.

  • XE Currency: It is the most famous and perhaps the best currency converter that exists today, exceeding 14 million downloads. You can get the exchange rate of the main currencies and precious metals in real time, since it cools every minute. In addition, it has more than 30,000 graphics with historical quotes and allows up to 10 conversions at the same time on the same screen. You can download it from Google Play or from the App Store.
  • OANDA: With a web version and applications at your disposal, this award-winning platform is regulated worldwide, with a large amount of resources around currency exchange, customer service and business solutions. One of the most complete possibilities in the market.
  • Global Exchange: This company has an extensive network of 200 offices in 19 countries spread over airports, hotel complexes and shopping centers. They offer various services such as online or telephone currency booking or direct currency exchange at their different points of service.
  • Currency converter: Unlike some of the above, whose range of functions is much more complete, this simple free tool is a calculator designed for travelers who need to know the currency exchange in different countries. It facilitates the possibility of converting in up to 150 different types of currencies, including the new bitcoin digital currency. One of its biggest advantages is that it works without the need for data connection. You can download it from Google Play
  • ConvertMe: The main asset of this app is that it not only converts currencies and currencies -up to 150-, but is capable of converting a total of 150 different indicators such as volume, force, speed, distances, or temperature. Includes calculator, option to save favorites and exchange rates are updated automatically by shaking the phone.
  • Unit Converter: This application for Android is one of the most downloaded and best rated Google Play. In addition to currencies, you can convert any type of unit, such as time, distance or temperature. It stands out for the clarity of its interface and its ease of use.
  • Easy Currency Converter: This very useful application is characterized by its great usability and its simple minimalist menu. You will only have to choose the currency to which you want to convert it, enter the amount, and get the result instantly. It also has other complementary tools such as graphics that inform the evolution of currency exchange.
  • Unit Converter Ultimate: This unit converter is also generic, although it stands out for its high configuration levels, being able to set parameters such as how many decimals you want to see in the results. The screen will show two columns with all the conversion possibilities within a theme and you will only have to activate the corresponding boxes and enter a value.