More and more Europeans prefer to pay with PayPal

PayPal earns integers in many Eurozone countries as a payment method with respect to the bank card. For example, people prefer it today to perform their transactions online.

PayPal is an online payment method that allows millions of users to buy quickly and safely. It stands out for its armored security and its simple and intuitive use: it is only necessary to create an account with your email and a password, link the bank account and / or card and thereafter, pay with email and credential, without having to re-enter bank information nowhere.

According to data from July 2019, PayPal can now claim to have 286 million active accounts open, compared to 244 million in the same period of 2018 and 87 million in that month in 2010. The company closed the previous year with revenue of 15.45 million US dollars, 18% more than in 2017, when it pocketed 13.09 million. A high percentage of such income comes from the commission paid by the clients, which consists of a percentage of the transfer.

And how has PayPal's penetration in major European markets evolved? Based on the information collected by an August 2018 survey of the French Institute of Public Opinion, more and more users are inclined to use PayPal to shop online.

Although in the Gallic country the adoption of this means of payment is low compared to other regions of the EU -21% prefer it compared to 67% who advocate for their credit or debit card-, in Spain and elsewhere Like Italy, there are already more people with PayPal as a favorite online payment system. Your comfort, ease and high levels of safety are responsible for this success that has been cooking over the past few years.