How to start an online store

In this digital era, everything is being done over the internet. Be it marketing of a known business or a startup of any new brand. Have you been dreaming of owning an online store that could lead to a successful one? Having an online store can be beneficial by having no rent to pay for the location and easy to approach your targeted customers.

You can come up with your own online store by following the below mentioned ways. For an inspiration, you can check out Drive Jacket, which has a variety of Michael Jackson Costumes on display. By having an online store, you can gradually excel in your field and compete with your existing competitors through smart strategies and tips. All you have to do, is come up a classic product to start with.Check out the ways that would help you in starting an online store:

Pick your niche

Before starting an online store, you need to come up with your niche. By niche, we mean that what are you deciding on selling on your platform and who will be your targeted audience. This is the basic step which holds major importance as you start your own online store. Decide a niche that is strategic and could be of interest to people.

The products that you are about to sell to your audience, mustn’t hold a pricy tag, because in that case your audience will be quite limited. Invest your time in deciding the niche of your online store, so that you do not regret afterwards. You can break down your niche into, parts, cost, targeted audience and marketing opportunity. Do effective market research and then finalize your niche.

Register a domain name

The domain name that you choose for your online store, is very important. When you pick a name for your business ensure that the name is easy to pronounce and spell. While deciding on a domain, make sure to relate it to your business. People must get the idea of your business through your domain.
Secondly, do not replicate the name of an existing brand. Try to be innovative and original. You must choose the domain with an ending of .com. Remember not to go with a domain name which is long and descriptive. People get irritated if the name is too long or hard to understand. Be creative with your domain, as it is going to decide the success factor for your online store.

Choose among drop shipping or holding your own products

While starting an online store, you have to choose between drop shipping or holding your own products.

Drop shipping means, that your customer will view a product on your side and order it. You will further, forward the order to the supplier and they will deliver it to the customer. By going along with drop shipping, you will not have to worry about your inventory, warehousing cost or delivering service.

Whereas, if you choose to hold your own products, the best thing will be that you will be the owner of all the products. But with this astounding feeling, you will have a burden of warehousing cost, delivering service and much more. You can also avail better profit margins.

Decide the products that you want to sell

Once you are done with setting up a domain name, decide what products are going to sell on your online store. According to your niche, you will choose the products to display on your side for the targeted audience. While deciding the type of products, keep a certain things mind:

  • Try to avoid the brand name of the products.
  • Manage the price of the products between a range of $50-$100.
  • Look for the products that you can give an opinion about.
  • If you are drop shipping, then choose your vendors.

Get your website ready

Now is the time to design your website. People nowadays, focus on the detailing and designing of the website of an online store. You must have a user-friendly and an attractive user interface, where people can easily find what they are looking for. As per your niche and targeted audience, choose the color theme for your online store.

Ensure to display your contact details in a clear and an obvious pattern, so that people can easily approach you. Your website can be an effective approach of promoting your online store. It will increase the number of your customers as well.

Avail a sales tax ID

As you start your own online store, you are supposed to be a separate business entity. You are supposed to be a separate identity from your business, that is, you are not liable for anything that happens to your business. You have to pay sales tax for every purchase which is made by the customers.

Before starting to collect sales tax in your country, you have to get a sales tax ID. As you have your ID, the government will let you know when and how are you due to pay the tax.

Start marketing your online store

Your online store is all set – all you have to do now, is marketize it! You can follow the following ways to marketize your online store:
  • Content Marketing

SEO is amazing and effective. Write high-quality content for your online store with appropriate keywords and let people know about your online store.
  • Social Marketing

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the platforms where you can marketize your online store for effective customers. People approach brands and business as they see on socialplatforms.
  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to popularize your product. Contact the targeted audience via emails and build connections.


Having an online store that you own by yourself, is one of the big achievements that you can have in life. Go for it and experience the competitive world with passion and hard work. We hope that the above-mentioned ways have been useful for you. Good luck!