How to know if a contact is online thanks to this WhatsApp trick

There is a new procedure to know when a user is online in WhatsApp, a trick that will allow you to gossip those contacts that you think are ignoring you.

In the times of MSN Messenger it was very easy to know if a user was online, because in general, even if it became invisible, it had to be connected before and the system registered user input and outputs. Now in WhatsApp it is much more complicated to know if there is someone using the application and who does not want to read our messages, which would be ignoring you.

Currently there is the old trick of opening any conversation that we expect response, and see if next to the name appears the status of “online”, which is when the other user is using the service and therefore we will know if he is ignoring us or not , in case we have a message to answer.

This last method is quite cumbersome, since it forces us to have to go one by one to each of the conversations and wait for it to appear online, something that can be done eternally.

Now it has been discovered that thanks to the WA Web Plus extension for Google Chrome on the desktop, we can know, at any time, when a user is online using WhatsApp Web.

This trick only works for WhatsApp web, and therefore you need to be using a computer and at the same time the Chrome browser. Simply access Google Chrome, download this extension from the following link, and once downloaded and installed you will already know which of your contacts are currently online on WhatsApp web.

Once with this extension activated, when we are using WhatsApp web we will see that those contacts that have the circle of the avatar in green color are that they are currently online, to give you an idea if that person from whom you expect a message is connected.

There is also an application called WhatsLog: online last seen, which offers detailed statistics on the connections and disconnections of other users. This could also give you an idea of ​​when a contact has connected and the message has not responded.

In any case you should not become obsessed and do not use these functions in bad faith, since each person is totally free to respond or not a message. If someone is ignoring you, they will have their own reasons and you should never take it personally.