How to get the Best Discounts Buying Online

Buying online means having access to innovative products, at good prices and the convenience of buying from anywhere and at any time.

However, there are ways to make your online shopping experience from Chile even better and allow you to access better prices. A few days ago we already told you how you can be an expert buyer.

So the next time you're vitrine and online apply some of this data (or all) and get the best discounts.

Leave your shopping cart for a while

Register at the store where you want to buy and select the products you like. Leave them in the shopping cart, close your navigation window and wait a while.

Online shops often offer coupons and extra discounts to encourage you to finish your purchase.

Compare prices automatically

Download a price comparison tool like Invisible Hand or Priceblink onto your computer or phone. They are a bar that is installed in your browser and shows you the price of the product you are seeing in other stores.

When you're looking for good prices, make sure you meet the store. You can search, before buying, if the trade is safe and has a good reputation.

Incognito purchase

Many stores raise prices or give you fewer discounts if you have already bought before or if you have already seen the product several times. The next time you're shopping, make sure you do it in an incognito window.

Be sure to also compare shipping costs

Do not be fooled by the price of the product. Also, check that the shipping price is competitive when you are calculating which store to buy.

Search coupons

If you already know what store you want to buy and are ready to enter your card details, do a quick Google search for discount coupons. Many times you can get coupons for 10% or free shipping.