Flyer Fashion: 5 Ways to Add More to Your Flyer Design

Flyers are a perfect hand-to-hand means of business promotion. But flyers, for the most part, carry the typical rectangular shape which the audience is fed-up with and disregards without any second thought. No matter how attractive flyers are, their shape and innovative content play a significant role in the effectiveness.

A different shaped unique flyer makes your business stand out from your competitors. Flyer printing online lets you choose from a variety of flyer shapes which can add more to your business’s identity. Give your flyers the perfect shape and content which reflects your brand’s personality the best as this will certainly bring in more customers to your doorstep.

Here are a few ideas for a unique flyer which you can use:

  • Opt for a different Shape

Flyer printing online gives you the ability to give your flyers a different shape rather than going for the usual boring rectangular shape. For example, if your company sells musical instruments, you can customize your flyers to have the shape of a guitar. Or if it is an event, you can give them the shape of a crowd partying (A few people with their hands in the air).

 Some online printing services also provide folded flyers which allow you to add more information. Use an effective shape that tells your audience about your brand and what they should expect from it even before they begin going through the details.

  • Providing Images

Mere texts cannot interest the audience. Opt for attractive images pertaining to your services or products which will help the audience have a better idea about your company. The image quality should be very high as they will be seen at an arm’s length. A bad image quality hampers professionalism and brings down the reputation of your brand.

Services of flyer printing online provide high-quality finishes like gloss and matte which further add to your brand’s personality.

  • Offering a discount

Flyers can really be effective in promoting offers and discounts. Since they have a short-reaction time, a discount can easily grab the attention of the viewer and can certainly have a positive effect on him or her. Use a contrasting color for the discount offer or the buy one/get one tag so that it stands out among the other info provided. Let it be known to them that the offer is worth their choice.

  • Providing an event calendar

If you have an event coming up, be sure to incorporate it into your flyer. This certainly attracts new customers. Moreover, if you have many events coming up (which, itself, is a good strategy of business promotion), be sure to add an events calendar, preferably at the back of your flyers. This enables your customer to look forward to the next event in case he or she has missed the last one or will be missing the upcoming one. This has a positive effect and further brings more customers, both old and new.

  • Providing QR codes

QR codes are the latest trends in business promotion. And adding a unique QR code to your flyer is an added advantage. Create a QR Code that allows the viewers to interact with the flyer and links to your company website. You can even add a mobile coupon if you want. This will increase the interest of the customer. This is a great way to attach your flyers with your online presence which gives the audience more sorted and in-depth info about your services or products.

No matter what promotional means you use, opting for innovative design is what sets you apart from your competitors. Affordable Printing Services Providers manufacture print materials, like flyers, etc at attractive wholesale prices. This further enables you invest in the design and thus have a higher customer acquisition and greater sales.